The best Spain jokes as World Cup holders crash out

Almost unbelievably, the best Spain jokes after the current World Cup holders failed to progress past the group stage of Brazil 2014.

These Spanish fans will not be happy with the Spain jokes after their side failed to progress past the group stage at Brazil 2014
Fans… Presumably not happy like this one (Image: Wolfgang H. Wögerer, Wien)

Almost unbelievably, this is a collection of the best Spain jokes after the current World Cup holders lost their first 2 games of Brazil 2014 and will now not progress to the last-16.

A dramatic 5-1 collapse against Holland followed by a 2-0 defeat to Chile on Wednesday put an end to Vicente del Bosque’s side’s hopes in the competition.

These are the best Spain jokes after their disappointing exit.

Spain's defence be like.. pic.twitter.com/Xosql6WbwO

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) June 18, 2014

Breaking: Diego Costa wants to play for Germany

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) June 18, 2014

That awkward moment when £80m worth of #CFC strikers are kept quiet by a Cardiff midfielder and a journeyman Notts Forest centre-half.

— The Special John (@bainesyDiego10) June 18, 2014

The reason behind Spain failure.. pic.twitter.com/g4Ec8kBJpQ

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) June 18, 2014

Del Bosque. pic.twitter.com/9Oehhc8VQX

— Hans G Andersson (@hans_g) June 18, 2014

Says it all #Costa #Spain #Brazil #WC2014 pic.twitter.com/IwYOfJMFNc

— vaz malhotra (@vaz03) June 18, 2014

The Spain campaign stayed mainly on the plane.

— Charlotte Hamilton (@charlottepeachy) June 18, 2014

Spain ready to fly back home. pic.twitter.com/nWREy6JFqT

— Moe (@MoeHDGaming) June 18, 2014

Spain trying to save their World Cup hopes pic.twitter.com/C5W8OudpRt

— FAT AMY (@RelatableQuote) June 18, 2014

Bye Spain! Rest in Peace ! pic.twitter.com/nibTSEhfyW

— Football Tweets (@FutballTweets) June 18, 2014

Spain with a silent S…..

— Sydney Leroux (@sydneyleroux) June 18, 2014

Spain pic.twitter.com/I8aLKSdSt9

— Iago Aspas corners (@Sennesation) June 18, 2014

But Spain had possession…

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) June 18, 2014

Here's the full Spain-Chile game condensed to one GIF http://t.co/T03xZu4eXt

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) June 18, 2014

The ones who had their money on Spain http://t.co/IXe9ZpwxAN

— Football Vines (@FootballVines) June 18, 2014

Two Titanic defeats for Spain. #ESP pic.twitter.com/vHGBNruwaG

— Duncan Castles (@DuncanCastles) June 18, 2014

Text from Prince Harry: “Yes, Spain are out of the World Cup, but Pique goes home with Shakira. Who is the real winner?”. #SpainvsChile

— Prince Charles (@Charles_HRH) June 18, 2014

In the 16th century, Spain colonized Chile. Now Chile has colonized Spain.

— Hall of Fame (@HOFSportsTalk) June 18, 2014

Spain was looking hot in 2010 but now they're looking chile!

— Football Trolls (@Footballltrolls) June 18, 2014

Spain players right now.. http://t.co/Q7OFBATcMJ

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) June 18, 2014

Recipe of the day: Take Spain, Add Chile, Beat for 90 minutes

— New Football Jokes (@FootyBull) June 18, 2014

Spain's chances in the World Cup ended quicker than Kim Kardashian's marriage.

— Italy! ?? (@i_speak_futbol) June 18, 2014

Well, as they say in Spain, au revoir.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 18, 2014

…and some words of comfort for Spain. pic.twitter.com/qrtXi11vKM

— Russian Market (@russian_market) June 18, 2014

Spain be like.. | pic.twitter.com/3Rq0ubCA0Q

— 2014 World Cup (@2014WorIdCup) June 18, 2014

Spain are out of the World Cup. REACTION > http://t.co/TUzfPNwChP ????????????????????

— Football Trolls (@Footballltrolls) June 18, 2014


— Fútbol (@Futbool_Fotos) June 18, 2014

Spain during this World Cup #WorldCup2014 pic.twitter.com/wAA9ZWgAH3

— Not Girly Things (@NotGirIyThings) June 18, 2014

That was worse than our defence of the title under Moyes! #Spain

— Busby MUFC (@BusbyMUFC) June 18, 2014

Spain needed this guy tonight Lmao pic.twitter.com/ywcfsuKnFV

— (@MadeManJama) June 18, 2014

"Breaking: Spain have just discovered someone had changed their controls from Classic to Alternative this tournament" Cheers Geoff

— Cheers Geoff (@Cheers_geoff) June 18, 2014

Just hold on Spain. @ItsFranciscooo pic.twitter.com/VbsxefAeWh

— Strictly Fútbol (@_StrictlySoccer) June 18, 2014

Spain are blaming their loss this evening on the weather. Apparently it was 2 Chile.

— Benjani (@ChunkyKitKat_) June 18, 2014

OMG who made this, I don't have problems with Spain but lmao ?? pic.twitter.com/CFTT9kXD1H

— ??? (@bizzlempire) June 18, 2014

When Spain's coach asked Fernando Torres to sub in #Spainvschile pic.twitter.com/KeACcAiPpL

— fezzzzz (@Ninja_Studge) June 19, 2014

Good try Spain! Maybe next time. #ESP pic.twitter.com/GVy97CU5qz

— Soccer Tweets™ (@SoccerTweetsHQ) June 19, 2014

Spain Fans! pic.twitter.com/0sVEvFqjqT

— Football Trolls (@Footballltrolls) June 19, 2014

Spain was looking hot in 2010 but now they're looking chile pic.twitter.com/woDXUmv9eN

— World Cup 2014 (@FifaWorIdCup_14) June 19, 2014