The best Simon Mignolet contract jokes as he signs new five-year Liverpool deal

Under-fire goalkeeper gets contract extension to dismay of fans.

Simon Mignolet contract jokes were many fans' response to the announcement that the Liverpool goalkeeper had signed a new five-year deal
FIVE MORE YEARS: Mignolet (Image: vagueonthehow)

These are the best Simon Mignolet contract jokes after Liverpool announced that the under-fire goalkeeper had been given a new long-term deal at the club, to the dismay of many fans.

#LFC can confirm that @SMignolet has signed a contract extension with the club: https://t.co/ezqcC6yh6x pic.twitter.com/Hs4oOJmDHv

— Liverpool FC (@LFC) January 18, 2016

Often criticised this season, some supporters were keen to the see the error-prone stopper quickly replaced as new manager Jürgen Klopp’s squad began to take shape and the news was not greeted warmly.

We’ve collected all the best Simon Mignolet contract jokes as he signs a new five-year deal at Liverpool:


— Liverpool GFN (@LiverpoolGFN) January 18, 2016

@LFC pic.twitter.com/7KC46GRw1A

— MB (@MrBoywunder) January 18, 2016

@LFC @SMignolet Surprised he didn't drop the pen tbh.

— Rishi (@Rishi_LFC) January 18, 2016

.@LFC @SMignolet pic.twitter.com/wn4X9pjAaZ

— Suarezinhø (@Suarezismo) January 18, 2016

"@LFC: #LFC can confirm that @SMignolet has signed a contract extension with the club" https://t.co/bBoygK60D9

— TSBible are virgins. (@JoshWoogs) January 18, 2016

How to steal a living, by Simon Mignolet.

— Transfer Sources (@TransferSources) January 18, 2016

@LFC @charleswnma @SMignolet a fine reward after Sunday's blunder

— Richard Lander (@richardlander) January 18, 2016

Me: 'Hi Dad, Simon Mignolet has just been given a new 5-year deal at Liverpool" Dad… https://t.co/VwocISYZSN

— Sunday League FC (@SundayLeagueFC) January 18, 2016

Early Footage Of Simon Mignolet signing his contact #LFC pic.twitter.com/xDNqLaBO3d

— Raj Lyall (@lyallr) January 18, 2016

Liverpool football club is neither delighted nor pleased to announce Mignolet's contract extension. pic.twitter.com/4eAdsPhIZX

— Paul (@Kolology) January 18, 2016

When asked to "dot the i's and cross the t's," Mignolet immediately panicked at the thought of a cross.

— James Tyler (@JamesTylerESPN) January 18, 2016

8 – It took Simon Mignolet 8 hours to sign his contract extension as he couldn't hold on to the pen long enough. Fumble.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) January 18, 2016

Who's the better goalkeeper? RT for Big Phil Like for Simon Mignolet pic.twitter.com/4PmOWPZ7oQ

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) January 18, 2016

Just caught my better half reading '7 Signs He's Not a Keeper' on Cosmopolitan site and a picture of Simon Mignolet featured.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 18, 2016

Front page of the Daily Mirror tomorrow after Simon Mignolet signs a new contract at Liverpool pic.twitter.com/k0iCBPsGHI

— Football Burp (@FootballBurp) January 18, 2016

Got to give Mignolet credit for signing that contract. I thought he'd leave the responsibility to his centre backs.

— Karl (@TheCenci) January 18, 2016

Liverpool fans take to the streets to celebrate Simon Mignolet signing a new 5-year contract #LFC pic.twitter.com/6I9ymC1Bk3

— i-Pools (@i__Pools) January 18, 2016

While Simon Mignolet signs a new contract, his sister makes her league debut pic.twitter.com/nDPH4oyXCI

— Football Mumble (@FootballMumble) January 18, 2016

When you find out Simon Mignolet had the Most Premier League clean sheets in 2015… pic.twitter.com/iZEKTsNi4w

— TheFootballRepublic (@TheFootballRep) January 18, 2016

Turns out Mignolet's new contract isn't true. Liverpool sent a contract to his house for him to sign but he had no idea where his post was.

— Tim Bolton (@timbolton1) January 18, 2016

Just packed an inform Simon Mignolet. So excited. pic.twitter.com/MdM9raLJ50

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) January 18, 2016

PLUS! A quick Paddy Power Q&A:

Simon Mignolet has signed a new 5 year contract, but which is better? pic.twitter.com/f7nEuTNB21

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 18, 2016

@paddypower trick question, you're fucked with both of them

— Marc McGoldrick (@marcmcgoldrick) January 18, 2016

@paddypower the dildo would defo handle more balls

— Reidmiester (@Reidmiester1) January 18, 2016