The best Blatter resigns jokes as he announces intention to go

Finally proceeding with plans for his exit.

The Sepp Blatter resigns jokes were mean but many following his celebrated FIFA press conference announcement that he was stepping down
STARING INTO THE FUTURE: Blatter (Image: Roosewelt Pinheiro/Abr)

It has finally happened, perhaps a little sooner than some were expecting but nevertheless here are all the best Sepp Blatter resigns jokes after he announced his intention to stand down as president of FIFA.


Twitter rejoiced as news of the organisation’s hastily arranged press conference quickly filtered through to the social network.

Don’t miss this giant collection of all the best Sepp Blatter resigns jokes after his announcement on Tuesday:

I reckon Blatter is going to announce he's pregnant.

— Andrew Allen (@AAllenSport) June 2, 2015

this was Sepp Blatter just one week ago. How things change. pic.twitter.com/FzyvgxDzAs

— Mike Tunison (@xmasape) June 2, 2015

US think tanks warn that Islamists will fill the void left by Sepp Blatter resignation

— Max Fisher (@Max_Fisher) June 2, 2015

"Nigel? It's Sepp Blatter here. I need some advice…" pic.twitter.com/ayet8hrag7

— Jamie Ross (@JamieRoss7) June 2, 2015

Sepp Blatter at the next election, presumably pic.twitter.com/cA1CD0V4Yv

— Matt Brown (@MattBrownCFB) June 2, 2015

Sepp Blatter steps down with a severe case of Redknapp's Knee

— Wile E Kouyaté (@tomvictor) June 2, 2015

FINALLY SEPP BLATTER has done something good for Football. #resign

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) June 2, 2015

I guess Sepp Blatter wanted to spend more time accepting bribes from his family.

— Philip Michaels (@PhilipMichaels) June 2, 2015

"I'm now the president of everybody." — Sepp Blatter, Friday "I'm now the president of nobody." — Sepp Blatter, Tuesday

— Don Van Natta Jr. (@DVNJr) June 2, 2015

Blatter resigns. Twitter tributes pour in.

— HaveIGotNewsForYou (@haveigotnews) June 2, 2015

Big question now is whether Qatar will grant Blatter asylum

— Alberto Nardelli (@AlbertoNardelli) June 2, 2015

Got bin Laden, got Blatter. NBD. pic.twitter.com/hhknCp02OG

— Matthew Doyle (@MLSAnalyst) June 2, 2015

an election to pick sepp blatter's successor could be held as soon as four days ago.

— Kyle Koster (@KyleKoster) June 2, 2015

BREAKING: Footage of Loretta Lynch taking on Sepp Blatter pic.twitter.com/wJU5CviK6n

— Hayes Brown (@HayesBrown) June 2, 2015

The last person Blatter spoke to before he resigned!!!! pic.twitter.com/6snGUReY63

— Darren Fletcher (@DFletcherSport) June 2, 2015

When you find out Blatter has resigned as FIFA President. https://t.co/xXTE8fMtzE

— FootyHumour (@FootyHumour) June 2, 2015

Winning a crucial internal vote and then resigning. Don't know where Blatter got that idea from…

— Jim Murphy (@JimForScotland) June 2, 2015

With Blatter gone hopefully FIFA will fix price ranges

— Harry (@wroetoshaw) June 2, 2015

Love that Blatter says he'll now push to introduce term limits for presidents. Basically: 'I must never be allowed to happen again.'

— Adam Bate (@ghostgoal) June 2, 2015

So, Blatter, Depardieu and Snowden walk into a bar…

— Oliver Bullough (@OliverBullough) June 2, 2015

While Blatter distracts the media out the front the lads are working overtime out back pic.twitter.com/guTTyzD386

— NiallHarbison (@NiallHarbison) June 2, 2015

Spontaneous 'end of Blatter reign' parties are breaking out in households across the country pic.twitter.com/nLXHfVorKr

— The Poke (@ThePoke) June 2, 2015

It's Sepp Blatter's turn to #BreakTheInternet pic.twitter.com/eCkVodPVqP

— JOE.co.uk (@JOE_co_uk) June 2, 2015

#Blatter "I'd have got away with it, if it wasn't for those pesky English…" pic.twitter.com/Lu03WnBqFk

— Funny Tweets (@FunnyThingsUK) June 2, 2015


— FA Cup Gentleman (@ArsenalGent) June 2, 2015

#Blatter: "I'm 79. It just struck me that I ought to be spending more time with my lawyers. Did I say lawyers? I meant grandchildren."

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) June 2, 2015

BUSINESS NEWS: manufacturers of brown envelopes suffer a shock share price drop on news of Blatter resignation.

— Michael Moran (@TheMichaelMoran) June 2, 2015

Benefits blatter pic.twitter.com/B0BE7g79bv

— seppblatter_not (@Seppblatter_not) June 2, 2015

Number One watching Blatter, murmuring, "What is this 'resign' of which he speaks?"

— Tom Eaton (@TomEatonSA) June 2, 2015

'to Blatter' To outstay one's welcome. Example: "We invited him for lunch but he blattered and didn't leave till after dinner."

— Ellie (@ellieornot) June 2, 2015

Sepp Blatter is retiring to spend more time with his money.

— God (@TheTweetOfGod) June 2, 2015

The only reason #Blatter resigned was because he's off on World Tour to promote his new film. Have you heard about? ?? pic.twitter.com/okXkuHuFnR

— Top Corner (@HITCtopcorner) June 2, 2015

FIFA Begins Accepting Bids To Host Sepp Blatter's Retirement Party

— Onion Sports Network (@OnionSports) June 2, 2015

Really didn’t think day would come when Sepp Blatter would give up his empire, but he finally did. Soccer wins today: pic.twitter.com/xfJEV2G4IX

— Ives Galarcep (@SoccerByIves) June 2, 2015

It shows the level of Blatter's power crazed madness that he will only let himself get rid of himself.

— David Morrissey (@davemorrissey64) June 2, 2015

That's right, Mr. Blatter, just head towards the light. pic.twitter.com/DFjTGVFDGk

— FootyHumour (@FootyHumour) June 2, 2015

What Blatter's resignation shows everyone is that crime only pays for 39 years.

— Matthew Tomaszewicz (@shinguardian) June 2, 2015

Taken from us too soon #Blatter https://t.co/bVhlQ2Tmh9

— Billie (@Billie_T) June 2, 2015

People who voted Blatter in have now seen him forced out. They're not going to say, oh ok then, let's have a reformer. Let's have Pat Nevin

— Barney Ronay (@barneyronay) June 2, 2015

Sepp Blatter saying goodbye to his preeeciousssss… https://t.co/RwlanNCuot

— JOE.co.uk (@JOE_co_uk) June 2, 2015

Blatter’s secret message to the media embedded in his resignation letter. pic.twitter.com/0s9BCjuc0J

— Fascinating Pictures (@Fascinatingpics) June 2, 2015

Sepp Blatter on the phone. Says he's resigning as FIFA President to "spend more time with the family, and his shredder".

— Prince Charles (@Charles_HRH) June 2, 2015

Blatter resigning is no surprise really. After all, he did vow to clean up the corruption a few days ago.

— Titus O'Reily (@TitusOReily) June 2, 2015