The best Sepp Blatter jokes as Swiss prosecutors open criminal investigation

Swiss prosecutors start criminal proceedings against the FIFA president.

More Sepp Blatter jokes arrived as Swiss prosecutors open a criminal investigation into the FIFA president
INVESTIGATED: Blatter (Image: Marcello Casal Jr./ABr)

All the best Sepp Blatter jokes as Swiss prosecutors start criminal proceedings against the FIFA president.

Yesterday’s scheduled press conference was cancelled at short notice while the main man was reportedly questioned by representatives of the attorney general and had his office sealed off.

These are the best Sepp Blatter jokes as the slow but perhaps inevitable legal process begins:

#FIFA president @SeppBlatter being questioned by Swiss Attorney General in Zurich right now (per @richard_conway) pic.twitter.com/bjf08fd2gX

— Sam's Army (@BarstoolSam) September 25, 2015

Twitter reacting to the Blatter news right now is terrific. pic.twitter.com/XmxmDytabT

— KICKTV (@KICKTV) September 25, 2015

Criminal proceedings opened against Sepp Blatter, the FIFA President has had this to say: https://t.co/xpUJ8zAlvz

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) September 25, 2015

"Anyone seen him?"…"I think he's in his office.." #FIFA pic.twitter.com/ZAC2ijTwyz

— Kyle Martino (@kylemartino) September 25, 2015

The Swiss attorney general with the criminal proceedings against Sepp Blatter OUTTA NOWHERE https://t.co/1JZJX2kJOi

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) September 25, 2015

Innocent until proven really really guilty. #FIFA

— Kyle Martino (@kylemartino) September 25, 2015

Meanwhile at FIFA HQ…#FIFA #Blatter pic.twitter.com/Qi14haNQDP

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) September 25, 2015

Meanwhile at #FIFApic.twitter.com/QwVoukEBqK

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) September 25, 2015

Sepp be like…… #fifa https://t.co/Nftx5r8Daf

— 90thMin ⚽️ (@90thMin) September 25, 2015

Breaking: Swiss police have searched under Sepp Blatter's bed. pic.twitter.com/d85098TVbp

— Danny Kelly (@dannykellywords) September 25, 2015

There is not a person on planet earth surprised to hear of criminal proceedings involving Sepp Blatter. #FIFA

— Mike Greenberg (@Espngreeny) September 25, 2015

#FIFA, step by Sepp

— Nicolas Vilas (@nicolas_vilas) September 25, 2015

Donald Trump for next #FIFA President. Make Soccer Great Again.

— Daniel Nyari (@danielnyari) September 25, 2015

I'm shocked that the Swiss prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into Sepp Blatter. Shocked that it's taken so long.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) September 25, 2015

INT. BLATTER'S OFFICE – NIGHT SEPP is hunched over his laptop. His fat fingers slowly tap the keys. Close on screen: HOW TO FAKE DEMENTIA

— Nick Murphy (@nickmurftweets) September 25, 2015

Blatter cartoon in the Swiss papers this morning… pic.twitter.com/xssIZ9dIZN

— enda brady (@SkyEnda) September 26, 2015