The best Cristiano Ronaldo moth jokes as insects invade Euro 2016 final

Floodlight left on overnight results in infestation as Portugal beat France 1-0.

This is not the Cristiano Ronaldo moth
MOTM? Moth

These were the best Cristiano Ronaldo moth jokes as thousands of the winged insects invaded the Stade de France, where Portugal beat France 1-0 in the Euro 2016 final.

Ronaldo shed a few tears of despair when he went down with an early injury that eventually forced him off, but just as noteworthy was the arrival on his face of one of the many moths that had been attracted by ground staff leaving a floodlight on overnight.

Predictably, the Ronaldo moth had fifty Twitter accounts set up in its honour by half-time of the match, which was settled in extra time by a long-range strike from former Swansea City bit-part player Éder.

Much more amusing were the following Cristiano Ronaldo moth jokes:

Doctor: "Are you sexually active?"
Man: "I made an account for a moth."
Doctor: "A simple no would've been fine." pic.twitter.com/VezJFYiP3e

— ️️ (@iaudrup) July 10, 2016

Best explanation why there are so many moths at Stade de France: Arsene Wenger opened his wallet xD

— Pål Ødegård (@paalpot75) July 10, 2016

The Moth is rumoured to be going into the next Celebrity Big Brother.

— Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) July 10, 2016

Imagine if the moth swallowed one of Ronaldo's tears he could become the greatest player in insect history x

— noel fielding (@noelfielding11) July 10, 2016

The life-cycle of a moth is 15 days. This is the only game those poor things will EVER see #FRAPOR

— Richard Osman (@richardosman) July 10, 2016

On average a moth lives for 15 days. No moth alive has seen England in this tournament #Euro2016 pic.twitter.com/eAsrZb3Co4

— 90thMin (@90thMin) July 10, 2016

Just remember what happened the last time all was lost and a moth showed up.#Euro2016Final #ronaldo pic.twitter.com/9Pn9nHYwbK

— Matt Moore (@MooreExperience) July 10, 2016

It all makes sense now…the whole #ISL team were killing moths #PORFRA pic.twitter.com/7NpuuF4e9Z

— 90min (@90min_Football) July 10, 2016

Nice to see them get out the house and take a break from chowing down on my cashmere. #moth #eurocup

— alexa chung (@alexa_chung) July 10, 2016

Most memorable things about this tournament have been Will Grigg and that moth. Neither played a minute of football.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 10, 2016

At least I got a selfie with Cristiano's Moth #PORFRA pic.twitter.com/pnJTCr0xQ5

— Charles Gorintin (@Gorintic) July 10, 2016


— Ronaldo's Moth (@ronaldosmoth) July 11, 2016

Thanks everyone for your support tonight during #Euro2016Final #FRAPOR . We enjoyed our time in the limelight! pic.twitter.com/yXLfwoZLQ3

— British Moths (@BritishMoths) July 10, 2016

it is cristiano ronaldo riding through the sky on the back of his moth friend xox pic.twitter.com/Wt1kskYNCV

— Chris SimpsonsArtist (@getbentsaggy) July 10, 2016

How much better would it have been if a big goth instead of a big moth had landed on Ronaldo's face? #por pic.twitter.com/oWapqD3mZe

— mmmns (@Danny_McMoomins) July 10, 2016

@masatostudio RT @JoshTANoble Instead of penalties players should have 2 mins to catch as many moths as possible, Crystal Maze style #FRAPOR

— Frankie (@Francesca1000) July 10, 2016

That moth was just "messi"ng around #Euro2016Final #PORFRA pic.twitter.com/b6ARYNEMVk

— sana jahangir (@sanajayy) July 11, 2016

Fine. I'll be the one to say it. Ronaldo's moth was rubbish. I stand with Rodriguez's grasshopper, World Cup 2014. https://t.co/ocnr1DlDfs

— HannahJane Parkinson (@ladyhaja) July 11, 2016

Ronaldo moth,
Ronaldo moth,
Does whatever a Ronaldo moth doth
Swoops in low on the man in red,
Drinks his tears, from his head,

— TittyBiscuits. (@dawneywawney) July 10, 2016


— Jack Guinness (@Jackguinness) July 10, 2016

How many insects does it take to ruin a football match?
I dunno, I'm no good at moths.#FRAPOR #bbceuro2016

— Roberto (@Robertomorley) July 10, 2016

Now ronaldo will refuse to play without his lucky moth.

— Moose Allain (@MooseAllain) July 10, 2016

Best. Picture. Ever. @RonaldoMoth #moth #Ronaldo pic.twitter.com/GcPt61rEBX

— Nick Hyde (@nickmhyde) July 10, 2016

Somewhere in a parallel universe, moths are tweeting about football and humans and hairgel. #moths #FRAPOR

— James Kopsch (@Jetk_) July 10, 2016

Didn't really care that much about the #PORFRA match last night, I was busy catching #Venomoth! #PokemonGO #POR #FRA pic.twitter.com/FXKK94BlUT

— Jordan McDonnell (@jordanmcd) July 11, 2016

it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the Payet again @Cristiano Ronaldo #porfra #moth pic.twitter.com/KMEeaIKxGo

— Fergus O'Reilly (@fergusj) July 11, 2016

…and the winners are @Cristiano and the moth! What a tournament! #Euro2016Final #ronaldosmoth pic.twitter.com/DDyLYifUek

— Ross Powles Design (@rpowlesdesign) July 10, 2016

Adding insult to injury, Deschamps now has a moth on his balls. #MothBalled pic.twitter.com/dQfHb2dtJY

— Off The Ball (@offtheball) July 10, 2016

RIP Ronaldo's Moth. The world's most famous footballing insect has died after a long and illustrious career. He was 6 weeks old.

— Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) July 10, 2016

The Ronaldo moth has just been subject of a £50m bid from Chinese Club Guangzhou Evergrande.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 10, 2016

The last couple of days on Twitter summed up. #Leadsom #moth pic.twitter.com/3A21uBDneZ

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) July 10, 2016