The best Robin van Persie own goal jokes after header against the Czechs

Dutch striker blunders with disastrous header against Czech Republic in Euro qualifier.

It's the Robin van Persie own-goal that's sweeping the nation, and it was scored by this guy
VAN WORSE-IE? Robin (Image: Florian K)

Come have a look at the best Robin van Persie own goal jokes to be found in the wake of the Dutch striker’s disastrous header against Czech Republic.

Holland’s 2-3 defeat rubber-stamped their non-qualification for Euro 2016, a somewhat ignominious state of affairs and one that was amplified by the former Arsenal and Man Utd hit man’s blunder.

Naturally, Twitter was awash with Robin van Persie own goal jokes…

Brilliant header by Van Persie now has 50 goals for Holland

— Rodney Marsh (@RodneyMarsh10) October 13, 2015

And then they said Van Persie can't score..

— Troll Football (@Troll__Football) October 13, 2015

Such is Robin Van Persie's current career trajectory, he'll be retired by midnight and managing Sunderland by Thursday.

— Adam Hurrey (@FootballCliches) October 13, 2015

Robin Van Persie's personal humiliation is reaching Partridge levels.

— Sachin Nakrani (@SachinNakrani) October 13, 2015

What was that behind Van Persie? Oh it was his international career

— RICHARD (@R_GOONER) October 13, 2015

I'd like to think that Aaron Ramsey is at least entertaining the idea of sending van Persie a text about now.

— WestStandTone (@WestStandTone) October 13, 2015

Oh dear Dutch..What a Krul fate..Van Persie must be Blind to put the ball in his own net,they've shown no Klass and they gat Depay the Price

— Nathan Hillz (@NathanHillz_OG) October 13, 2015

Last night Fabregas missed a penalty. Today Van Persie scored an own goal. 😂🐍 pic.twitter.com/kcd00aMKvB

— Football Trolls (@Footballltrolls) October 13, 2015

The Dutch are flying straight out of the European Qualifiers… #nedtsj #NEDCZE #Netherlands #VanPersie pic.twitter.com/53uTsHzVqI

— Stefanography (@Stefanography) October 13, 2015

remember when Van Persie left Utd to guarantee a starting spot in Euro 16? #awkward

— Desk (@GeneralFallout) October 13, 2015

Why score against against your opponents, when scoring against your own team is easier lol 😂😂 – Van persie pic.twitter.com/0pVJIp5wGy

— MÖ11 (@mohamed4577) October 13, 2015

Which Robin van Persie header was better? RT Vs Czech Republic Or Fav Vs Spain. pic.twitter.com/zCg5mMdteI

— Limpar33 (@Limpar33) October 13, 2015

Can we all please turn this Van Persie stance into a meme? Ta. #COYG pic.twitter.com/AqHeMGeqaQ

— Joe Battimelli (@joebattimelli) October 13, 2015

Van Persie hitting down, down-forward, forward + punch pic.twitter.com/qhV33FEjJi

— Joe Battimelli (@joebattimelli) October 13, 2015

[Housemate starts laughing hysterically downstairs] Me (upstairs): Van Persie? Him: [muffled] yeah https://t.co/h6IKLgxXhS

— Max Nixon (@mxnxn88) October 13, 2015

The way he wrong-footed the keeper was vintage van Persie. https://t.co/me5fDS4cEG

— Paul Johnson (@pjcjohnson) October 13, 2015

I hate Van Persie but I have got a great deal of respect for him. He did try to force Ramsey out of the club after all.

— Ollie (@AFCOllieJD) October 13, 2015

YES, You are back with a classy header! https://t.co/WTNG1yr60P

— Krunal Shah (@krunal_shah22) October 13, 2015

Van Persie's own goal is funnier than your fave joke. EVER.

— Shabba (@__NAGz) October 13, 2015

Whoever cursed van Persie definitely is the same that messed up Torres

— Kenyan Playboy (@martrotich) October 13, 2015

I'm telling you all RVP needs is support. If he keeps getting service like this he'll be banging them in regularly https://t.co/qzt6olHfQ1

— Gooner JDK (@GoonerJDK) October 13, 2015