The best Rio Ferdinand ‘your mum’ joke jokes after FA charge for ‘sket’ jibe

FA misconduct charge is believed to relate to his use of the term "sket" to describe a critic's mum in a tweet.

Rio Ferdinand 'your mum' joke jokes were cracked on Twitter after details of the FA misconduct charge, believed to relate to his use of the term 'sket' in a tweet, were revealed
NEVER TOO OLD FOR A ‘YOUR MUM’ JOKE: Rio Ferdinand (Image: Adjamy Souza)

After he was charged with misconduct by the Football Association for using an offensive term (thought to be ‘sket’) to describe a critic’s mother in a tweet, these are the best Rio Ferdinand ‘your mum’ joke jokes.

The 35-year-old father of three was replying to a tweet sent by someone almost twice his age that suggested Queens Park Rangers manager Harry Redknapp replace him with a new defender.

The former England international responded with a cheap ‘your mum’ jibe alongside a hashtag featuring the slur:

Rio Ferdinand in September tweeted the word "sket" pic.twitter.com/U08hHt7LRv

— Rob Harris (@RobHarris) October 14, 2014

An FA statement said:

It is alleged the comment posted on his Twitter account was abusive and/or indecent and/or insulting and/or improper.

Collins English Dictionary defines ‘sket’ as:

A promiscuous girl or woman.

Don’t miss the best Rio Ferdinand ‘your mum’ joke jokes as the QPR centre-back is charged by the FA:

Rio Ferdinand fails FA's "fit and proper banter" test.

— John Brewin (@JohnBrewinESPN) October 14, 2014

Rio Ferdinand got fined for calling someone's Mum a Sket http://t.co/MnPsUby3i6

— Ca'rlton (@_CarltonCole9) October 14, 2014

Thanks to @rioferdy5 I've just learnt a new word. The most surprising aspect of this charge is that the FA knew what a 'sket' was.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) October 14, 2014

Poor Rio https://t.co/f5QFnMm6Wi

— Simply Spurs (@Simply_Spurs) October 14, 2014

It's a shame @rioferdy5 has been charged by the FA for a very fine "your mum" joke pic.twitter.com/SR6ZHbs1Yc

— James Buckley (@James_Buckley) October 14, 2014

A frozen yoghurt that could get @rioferdy5 in a lot of trouble. pic.twitter.com/8AKcPZbwHh

— Rory Smith (@RorySmithTimes) October 14, 2014

@RorySmithTimes @rioferdy5 that tweets a bit SKET-chy Rory.

— Daniel Shepherd (@liverpooldeep) October 14, 2014

Rio Ferdinand, father of three, goes for the "your mum" riposte to someone born in 1956. This season is proving quite the coda for him.

— John Brewin (@JohnBrewinESPN) October 14, 2014

Putting one of those daft '5' hats on a drone and flying it into Rio Ferdinand's face for QPR away.

— Macca (@The_Paris_Angel) October 14, 2014