The best Raheem Sterling jokes as Man City agree £49m deal

Suárez beneficiary clinches megabucks move.

Raheem Sterling jokes are in the main concerning this chap
POUNDS: Sterling (Image: Kamran Hussain)

Dig the best Raheem Sterling jokes that Twitter had to offer as emerging superpower Manchester City agreed a £49m deal with Liverpool for the England star.


Sterling shot to prominence as the country’s outstanding beneficiary of Luis Suárez, the pair combining with Daniel Sturridge to propel the Reds to within a Gerrard’s slip of Premier League title success.

Now he’s flying the Anfield nest, it goes without saying that there has been an abundance of Raheem Sterling jokes. Here, as they say, are some of them…

When Man City agreed to buy Sterling for £49million.. http://t.co/NY9SIORSqE

— LegendFootball (@LegendFootbaII) July 12, 2015

Always thought City would get Sterling for less than £50m – and so did they

— James Robson (@JamesRobsonMEN) July 12, 2015

Before: £49 million got you Zinedine Zidane. Now: £49 million gets you Raheem Sterling. pic.twitter.com/Fy33BYsIST

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) July 12, 2015

City's owner is worth £17billion on his own. As if he's arsed that Martin, 21 from Shrewsbury thinks he paid too much for Raheem Sterling.

— Tom Atkinson (@TomAtkinsonMCFC) July 12, 2015

The only reason City have signed Sterling is so his kids can fill up the remaining 22 academy places.

— Charlie says.. (@jonmikesav8) July 12, 2015

Press will convert the £49M Sterling fee to €69M to make it look bigger. It will then be labelled as pounds only to be reconverted to €97M.

— Dave Birty (@BirtyDave) July 12, 2015

The only part of this Sterling deal that I'm outraged about is that they didn't just round it up to 50m. Disrespectful imo

— Matt Schwartz (@Matt_Schwarm4) July 12, 2015

Sterling – £49,000,000. That would keep our team going for 2,450 years

— Forest Green R LFC (@FGRLFC) July 12, 2015

There is absolutely no way #Sterling is 49 times better than Trevor Francis. Never. #nffc

— The13east (@BuntingsWorld) July 13, 2015

Raheem Sterling's agent pops into his local bank to check his cut of the transfer to Man City. https://t.co/JId7K00BFU #Liverpool

— OLBG (@OLBG) July 13, 2015