The best #PoundForCR7 tweets – Manchester United fans want Ronaldo back

Manchester United fans want to buy back Ronaldo - the best #PoundForCR7 tweets
“Come back” (Image: Ray Booysen)

Fans of Manchester United, reportedly the richest club in the world, are spreading the Twitter hashtag #PoundForCR7 encouraging fellow supporters to contribute a pound to help the club buy back Cristiano Ronaldo.

It’s going to be an expensive purchase, so Manchester United fans want to do their bit and give a pound each.

Some people, though, are not impressed and the hashtag has been hijacked by jokers – as is traditional in such situations.

Check out the best jokes and funny tweets below:

@littlejohnson86 ahahahahahahaha oh dear

— Matt (@matt94mcfc) February 25, 2013

#PoundForCR7 Manciniii twitter.com/DarioWard/stat…

— Dario (@DarioWard) February 25, 2013

Fergie has taken the #PoundforCR7 money & fucked off to Spain. Not to buy Ronaldo. He’s getting sloshed off sangria & laughing at you all.

— Lauren (@fateiskind) February 26, 2013

WTF Ronaldo is in the starting line up for Real Madrid tonight? I want my £1 back! #PoundForCR7

— Cockney Fred the Red (@notagloryhunter) February 26, 2013

Lest we forget: #PoundforCR7

— Matt (@MattSavage7) February 26, 2013

@mufcexchange Hope you’ve chipped in son ?#PoundForCR7 #PoundForClaytonBlackmore

— CityNeil69 (@CityNeil69) February 26, 2013

How about getting @martinslewis to sort this #poundforCR7 thing? He’ll get a cracking deal too….

— Nathan Green (@nathangreen101) February 25, 2013

#PoundForCR7 twitter.com/OrtusUK/status…

— Tom M (@OrtusUK) February 25, 2013

#PoundforCR7 twitter.com/StefanPopovic/…

— Stefan Popovic (@StefanPopovic) February 25, 2013

Wonder if Fergie took that bag of pound coins with him tonight? #PoundForCR7

— Phil R (@Kinkladzeee) February 26, 2013

“Hi Real Madrid. We’ve got … £54.73 and a chocolate button. No, hang on, I ate the button. What’s your Paypal plz?” #PoundforCR7

— Andrew Thomas (@Twisted_Blood) February 25, 2013

#Poundforcr7 twitter.com/DarioWard/stat…

— Dario (@DarioWard) February 25, 2013

This #Poundforcr7 idea is genius. How about #TombolaForShola? We have a raffle, all the money goes towards buying a new hat for Shola.

— Ali Grey (@NotAliGrey) February 25, 2013

I’m a wealthy businessman from Nigeria, could whoever is running #PoundforCR7 send me their bank details and i’ll deposit £5billion? Cheers.

— Captain Bastard (@sjmcp83) February 25, 2013

Put me down for an aldi bag for life and a twix #PoundForCR7

— Elliot (@MCFC_EW) February 25, 2013

Foreign United fans are the twitter football equivalent to beliebers. #PoundForCR7

— James (@McfcJames16) February 25, 2013

The team running #Poundforcr7 are asking for bucket collectors at the next FC United of Manchester game.Please bring your own crash helmet.

— Andy MacNab (@MacNab63) February 25, 2013

Wish I had a spare #PoundforCR7 but….. twitter.com/GHTT_/status/3…

— Sex Drugs&Andy Cole (@GHTT_) February 25, 2013

Hey who knows, if #PoundforCR7 works maybe Pere$ will use it for future deals #1000BiblesforKaka #10MillionRapRecordsforBenz

— Melissa(@melj1213) February 25, 2013

“When shown the #PoundforCR7 hashtag, Gandhi repudiated his previous stance on non-violence. ‘Shoot the fuckers, this has to stop’ he said.”

— Robert Martinez (@elrob) February 25, 2013

@longsightblues haha brilliant.

— Scott Bown (@BownScott) February 26, 2013