The best Phil Jones jokes after England midfield role against Italy

Twitter reacts to the Phil Jones experiment.

Phil Jones jokes were a feature of England's 1-1 friendly draw with Italy after he played in midfield
ATTACKED: Midfielder (Image: Ian C)

As soon as it emerged that he would be playing in midfield, the Phil Jones jokes became an inevitable feature of England’s 1-1 friendly draw with Italy on Tuesday night.

The experiment was deemed a humorous failure before it had even begun and matters were made worse when big defender Giorgio Chiellini was easily able to get past him early in the game.

These are all the best Phil Jones jokes after he started in midfield for England against Italy:

Phil Jones playing the Pirlo role tonight

— Vik (@IconicNumber7) March 31, 2015

Phil Jones: "What's so funny lads? Who's at No.8?" pic.twitter.com/0VAQho11OS

— Football Tips (@footballtips) March 31, 2015

Phil Jones in training this morning #EngVItaly pic.twitter.com/AyZEeeKmWv

— Mr. M (@FredJackson200) March 31, 2015

Bonucci: “Why they let, ah, this man, Phil Jones, play the football, eh?" pic.twitter.com/kXJQdsRbso

— Miriti Murungi (@NutmegRadio) March 31, 2015

All those of you abusing Phil Jones just remember how hurtful it can be not just to him but his family too #ITAvENG pic.twitter.com/TZ5RNGb3rD

— The Naked Leeds Fan (@nakedleedsfan) March 31, 2015

Phil Jones. A danger to himself and others.

— Phil McNulty (@philmcnulty) March 31, 2015

@DanWynne19: Phil Jones is world class” pic.twitter.com/oSkIPAC5H1

— West Ham Central (@WestHam_Central) March 31, 2015

I've seen milk turn quicker than Phil Jones

— NoArtificialColours (@nacsmusic) March 31, 2015

Who said Phil Jones defends like a dog chasing after a ball you've only pretended to throw? That, anyway.

— A.J. O'Toole (@AJoToole) March 31, 2015

If phil Jones was born 50 years earlier he'd be out delivering coal

— Nomis (@simonsaysyow) March 31, 2015

Hope Phil Jones doesn't get injured, we need him for the derby

— YourMCFC (@YourMCFC) March 31, 2015

When you realise Phil Jones is back in defence….where he's also s**t. http://t.co/iQJwQDGF2W

— Football Tips (@footballtips) March 31, 2015

If you think Phil Jones is a midfielder, it's not Phil Jones' fault when he does something wrong. It's yours.

— Graham Ruthven (@grahamruthven) March 31, 2015

http://t.co/e4SB8VPU8l petition for Phil Jones to donate his knees to Owen Hargreaves.

— Jonny Gabriel (@JonnyGabriel) March 31, 2015

Up until the age of 14, Phil Jones thought his name started with an F.

— Darren Montgomery (@DarrenJohnMont) March 31, 2015

Phil Jones' heat map pic.twitter.com/oRaasM8gsq

— Kenney (@sam_kenney) March 31, 2015

Phil jones looks like every Ibiza holiday rep

— Babbstar OVO (@Babbstar11) March 31, 2015

@JNorthcroft Contrarily, you get the feeling you could include Phil Jones in the organising of his own surprise party, and he'd be surprised

— Michael Rathmichael (@TheMerseyEminem) March 31, 2015

This Phil Jones experiment is inhumane and must be stopped.

— Dean Mears (@DeanMears) March 31, 2015