The best ‘Peter Odemwingie deadline day’ jokes

The best 'Peter Odemwingie deadline day' jokes - pictured here after being sent off against Fulham
Peter Odemwingie… Transfer deadline day legend (Image: Nick)

Get your amusement here! It’s Burp’s collection of the best ‘Peter Odemwingie deadline day’ jokes from the footballing community.

The West Brom striker suffered an unfortunate transfer deadline day yesterday as he seemingly drove to QPR without permission from his parent club, apparently under the impression that a deal had been agreed.

In case you missed it, see Football Burp’s full coverage of the Odemwingie transfer deadline day incident.

So, let the hilarity ensue…

‘Peter Odemwingie deadline day’ jokes

Does Odemwingie need a place to stay tonight?

— Alex Ox-Chamberlain (@Alex_OxChambo) January 31, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Peter Odemwingie has been spotted in the QPR club shop buying himself the full home kit.

— Match of the Dave (@MatchOfTheDave) January 31, 2013

I live 10mins from loftus rd, just had a knock at the door, Odemwingie perhaps? I didn’t answer either, didn’t want him seeing me in my pj’s

— Hayley McQueen (@HayleyMcQueen) January 31, 2013

When Odemwingie arrived … twitter.com/Adeyemotelli/s…

— Nasir Adeyemo Jones (@Adeyemotelli) January 31, 2013

Peter Odemwingie has just turned up at my house demanding dinner and saying he’s looking forward to the challenge of eating it.

— arseblog (@arseblog) January 31, 2013

To top off Peter Odemwingie’s day – they’ve just closed the M40 northbound

— chris fletcher (@fletcherchriss) January 31, 2013

Can someone please tell Peter #Odemwingie that #deadlineday window has now shut. twitter.com/Ladbrokes/stat…

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) January 31, 2013

: New song by Odemwingie “Sign Me Maybe”…”Hey, I just drove here. And this is crazy. I’m in your car park. So sign me maybe” hahaha class

— Darron Gibson (@D_gibson4) January 31, 2013

In 5 years time Tom Hanks will play in a film called The CarPark. A true story about a footballer called Odemwingie, who got stranded

— Jan Aage Fjortoft (@JanAageFjortoft) January 31, 2013

Job getting you down? Not a fan of the location or the company? Why not do an Odemwingie and turn up somewhere you would like to work.

— Jamie Darlison (@jdarlison) January 31, 2013

This could be another Bossman rule. I’m moving on an Odemwingie in the summer!

— Cillian Sheridan (@CillianSheridan) January 31, 2013

Get odemwingie a Red and White woolly jumper and hat and some glasses and it will be #Where‘sWallyWingie

— darrenbyfield (@darrenbyfield) January 31, 2013

He drove to QPR, they left him in his car. #Odemwingie

— Frank Lampard UK (@FrankLampardUK) January 31, 2013

@jacquioatley BREAKING NEWS Peter Odemwinge on arrival at QPR is claiming George Boyd drove him there…

— Paul Robinson (@Tigerfan11) January 31, 2013

Odemwingie just turned up at my door …i didn’t let him in either #WBA

— Didi Hamann (@DietmarHamann) January 31, 2013

Think everyone can relate with odemwingie turning up and not getting into a place…normally it’s the pub “mr Kean we’ve told you before”

— jake kean (@JakeKean_) January 31, 2013

Odemwingie is getting desperate now… twitter.com/The_ShLong/sta…

— NOT Shane Long (@The_ShLong) January 31, 2013

Peter Odemwingie’s agent is still on the phone to Harry, trying to work out a deal. twitter.com/The_ShLong/sta…

— NOT Shane Long (@The_ShLong) January 31, 2013

BREAKING: Odemwingie has signed a contract with QPR he is just waiting for QPR to sign it.

— FlittsTheGooner (@FlittsTheGooner) January 31, 2013

THIS JUST IN! Gazza has turned up at Loftus Road with a box of chicken, a can of beer and a fishing rod. #Odemwingie

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 31, 2013

Jesus, Odemwingie came back. You know what he was looking for? About tree-fiddy.

— arseblog (@arseblog) January 31, 2013

I quite like this Odemwingie approach – so despite being married, I’m driving round to Holly Willoughby’s place

— Betfair Sports (@BetfairSports) January 31, 2013

Odemwingie is currently doing the footballing equivalent of Alan Partridge driving barefoot stuffing his face with Toblerone.

— Macca (@The_Paris_Angel) January 31, 2013

BREAKING.Harry Redknapp making sure no more problems with players wanting to join QPR without permission.twitpic.com/bzulf7

— Stan Collymore (@StanCollymore) January 31, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Peter Odemwingie has gained access into Loftus Road! twitter.com/FootyHumour/st…

— FootyHumour (@FootyHumour) January 31, 2013

Odemwingie transfer deadline day morning-after awkwardness…

Odemwingie at training tomorrow… twitter.com/ThePiratesTale…

— The Pirates’ Tale (@ThePiratesTale) January 31, 2013

Wow Odemwingie how awkward is this last hour for him!Probably won’t be as Awkward as walking back in2 his old dressing room 2morrow! #eeekk

— Noel hunt (@boyhunt) January 31, 2013

On odemwingie.. I can see laps for him tomorrow… Leave the boots,Get your spikes on son

— Robbie Fowler (@Robbie9Fowler) January 31, 2013