The best Partick Thistle new mascot jokes

Bizarre creature designed by Turner Prize nominated artist David Shrigley.

Here's the new Partick Thistle mascot, Kingsley

Unwind with the best Partick Thistle new mascot jokes that Twitter had to offer in response to this eye-catching effort designed by Turner Prize nominated artist and supporter David Shrigley.

The Scottish Premier League side unveiled the mascot, named Kingsley, as part of a shock new rebranding prompted by the Jags’ new sponsors, investment advisory firm Kingsford Capital Management.

Firm founder Mike Wilkins is a big fan of Shrigley’s work, and was regaled with tell of Partick Thistle when the two met at a dinner in San Francisco several years ago.

The rest, as they say, is terrifying ‘Séamus Coleman as Lisa Simpson’ apparition.

Now chuckle mirthfully along with the best Partick Thistle new mascot jokes…

Worth a second look at Partick Thistle's new mascot, which is also a stark anti-drugs message: pic.twitter.com/aPHjWlVu1C

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 22, 2015

"Now on BBC Alba it's the Partick Thistle game, which may contain scenes of a disturbing nature." pic.twitter.com/35tMlj3q4z

— Scott Reid (@scottreid1980) June 22, 2015

I pray Partick Thistle win points without the Sun God having to be appeased by ritual sacrifice. pic.twitter.com/81vguf2hmA

— Jamie Ross (@JamieRoss7) June 22, 2015

Before and after a season watching Partick Thistle pic.twitter.com/gdE0wA5F2M

— Ian Prior (@ianprior) June 22, 2015

Fixed that Partick Thistle mascot for you pic.twitter.com/v34PN4uRF7

— Tom Chivers (@TomChivers) June 22, 2015

Those rejected Partick Thistle mascots in full pic.twitter.com/MAbTxhcgKB

— Mark McDonald (@markmcdsnp) June 22, 2015

Just remember when you're drifting off to sleep tonight, Partick Thistle's mascot is out there – living, breathing. Plotting.

— Graham Ruthven (@grahamruthven) June 22, 2015