The best Neymar transfer jokes after £200m move from Barcelona to PSG

Brazilian becomes world's most expensive player.

There were loads of Neymar transfer jokes after his £200m move from Barcelona to PSG was confirmed
(Image: Alex Fau)

These are the best of the Neymar transfer jokes following the Brazilian’s high-profile move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for a fee in the region of £200m (€222m).

The forward becomes the world’s most expensive player by quite some distance after the controversial, convoluted deal was eventually confirmed on Thursday and is set to earn over £40m per year in salary.

With debate surrounding the enormous numbers involved set to continue, here are the best Neymar transfer jokes so far:

£198m for this Neymar lad. World's gone mad. He's got the skills but not the grit of a proper English player like Mark Albrighton

— bob (@oldbob1944) August 2, 2017

When you hear that Neymar is going to be earning £520k/week when he gets to PSG pic.twitter.com/WMAKz1tGbE

— NETA (@_emmzie) August 1, 2017

Which is more outrageous?

LIKE – Neymar for €222,000,000

RT – Paying 5p for a shopping bag pic.twitter.com/9t1l5BIwLH

— Ellis – AwayDays (@ellis_platten) August 2, 2017

Get ready. We're in for a months worth of Neymar/Freddo comparisons.

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) August 2, 2017

TBF to Neymar, he's done well for a lad that once died during a World Cup and was publicly mourned by his team-mates pic.twitter.com/aFflazbaHN

— Steve O'Rourke (@steveohrourke) August 2, 2017

If Neymar dropped a £2 coin, it literally wouldn't be worth his time picking it up, because in France they use Euros, not Pounds.

— OnlyAnEBT (@OnlyAnExcuse) August 2, 2017

But I think PSG wanted someone to play left wing, not on the right…

— tombot 3000 (@Tom_Sheedy) August 2, 2017

When your Dad hears Neymar's transfer deal and sees you guessing his phone security code. pic.twitter.com/UUv8pK17iy

— Josh (@sire_liljosh) August 2, 2017

Neymar may be costing £450million but could you throw a brick at him and he'd head the fucker back?

Didn't think so. #lufc

— Mr Geldard (@MrJGeldard) August 2, 2017

For the price of Neymar, PSG could've bought Spotify Premium for the entire of Romania.

Vlad Chiriches can play the bangers 24/7. pic.twitter.com/IbefIpw752

— SundayLeagueHipster (@HipsterManager) August 2, 2017

As Ronnie Barker once said of Rockefeller: if I was as rich as Neymar I'd be richer than Neymar. Cos I'd do some window cleaning on the side

— Patrick Kidd (@patrick_kidd) August 2, 2017

Throwing out Neymar's jerseys like pic.twitter.com/L0eiBLwKBA

— barcastuff (@barcasstuff) August 2, 2017

Neymar is mad player, one minute he's playing for your team the next minute he's playing with your heart….. 😂 😂 I swear men are scum

— Khal•OK3 (@la_OK3) August 2, 2017

Me discussing Neymar to PSG over a pint of Catalan tears pic.twitter.com/GG3q5hCoSl

— Kick Arse (@kickarseHD) August 2, 2017

so neymar, how did you become the most expensive player in history?

neymar: pic.twitter.com/njMEFIsAPm

— Joseph Mahfood (@DontEatMahfood) August 2, 2017

Big fan of the Neymar transfer. These are €220m that won't go towards jihad.

— Sugar Daddy (@Sugar_Daddy35) July 31, 2017

£198m for Neymar

To put that into context, that's a week's stay for a family of five at Center Parcs with 3 kids who want to do everything

— Sam Roberts (@samrobertsrugby) August 2, 2017

For the price of one Neymar, PSG could've bought 5,842 James Coppingers.
Their fans must be livid. pic.twitter.com/CCBSpCAZWP

— popularSTAND fanzine (@vivarovers) August 2, 2017

When your Dad saw how much Neymar will be earning in a week and remember that he used to beat you 4 playing football pic.twitter.com/eLnYHHtxyo

— Obidon 🌍 (@Ph_Obidon) August 3, 2017

£200m for a footballer. I think that's roughly what the Millenium Stadium cost and I'm pretty sure Neymar doesn't have a retractable roof.

— Stuart Murphy (@stuart_murphy) August 3, 2017

For £198M yeah, Neymar better win PSG the bloody World Cup.

— Toboré (@toboreeee) August 3, 2017

If Neymar is worth £198m just imagine how much Jordan Cook is worth.

Yep, probably still a free transfer.

— Aggro Nathan Jones (@cocopops_wasp) August 3, 2017

In the end, Messi will kiss our 6th Champions League trophy, while Neymar will kiss his sister on top of the Eiffel Tower. Levels.

— Cruyffista (@BusquetsLegacy) August 3, 2017

Surprised Neymar chose PSG over Billericay tbh.

— Against League 3 (@AgainstLeague3) August 2, 2017

As you pull out today, ask yourself, what if that's my Neymar.

— Uglinist (@zzyzx91) August 3, 2017

Has Your Dad tweeted asking why PSG aren't spending Neymar's wages on the NHS yet?

— Connor (@CS_CFC) August 4, 2017

Going out to buy a small football.

Inspired by the neymar transfer

Who knows God's will ?

— kenna (@kennagq) August 3, 2017

Goodbye Neymar (Right)👋🏻 pic.twitter.com/1qN58ZRY2h

— ༓αδιλ༓ (@Barzaboy) August 3, 2017

Neymar's lawyers walked into the Nou Camp with €222,000,000 in cash to buy out his contract and people think the beautiful game is dead?

— S (@attwood10) August 3, 2017

If Football Manager has taught me anything, Neymar will break his ankle on the first day of the season and be ruled out for 4-5 months.

— Benjamin Wills (@_BenWills) August 3, 2017

Man from Qatar buys gold pen from PSG shop for €221,999,999. That is FFP sorted. #neymar

— Billy Rice (@dangerrice) August 3, 2017

According to Forbes, the cost of human cloning is around £1.29 million. Why spend £198,000,000 on Neymar when you can clone him for less?

— Ben (@ClassOfMesut) August 2, 2017

Neymar with a new saying:

"Even if you can beat them, still join them… If they're offering you more money" pic.twitter.com/p16PNclHfh

— MANÈ LIKE SALAH™ (@TCharis_DRO) August 3, 2017

As a PSG fan since August 3rd 2017 I can't explain how happy I am that we have just signed Neymar 😭

— Pedro (@danskin1886) August 3, 2017

You think #Neymar is expensive? I once accidentally used the Premium Unleaded pump instead of regular Unleaded. Still paying that debt off.

— Mark Johnson (@Testwood) August 3, 2017

Am I the only Chelsea fan who thinks Neymar is better than Hazard? It's debatable but Thorgan still has a long way to go.

— Brian (@Luizesque) August 3, 2017

What we have learnt from this Neymar transfer saga is that Gerard Pique is a rubbish ITK!

— Transfer News (@TrustyTransfers) August 3, 2017

Biggest winner in world football is Neymar's dad.

— #Everyday (@MrCotidie) August 3, 2017

Don't listen to Sky Sports News.

Listen to me.

The Neymar deal is off.

— Djspecsgonzalez (@djspecsgonzalez) August 3, 2017

Mad Neymar getting 50 quid a minute😂😂😂 probably one of they cunts that say they need to go to the bank when you're in a taxi tae

— Anton Phinn (@antonphinn11) August 3, 2017

Neymar earning 99p a second, mad!Could have rounded it up

— Smiv (@smivadee) August 3, 2017

The lady who dumped Neymar cos he was broke 😂😂😂💰💰💰 pic.twitter.com/dCAwP7odS5

— NEYMAR DKB Jnr 💰😂 (@dkbghana) August 3, 2017

"That's right Neymar, when you're the worlds most expensive player, you even get criticism for having your hair cut" pic.twitter.com/945lBlZyV9

— Josh (@Martialized) August 3, 2017

Neymar fanboys after his transfer to psg… pic.twitter.com/IAVVaWaI5z

— Johnny (@johnny__avila) August 3, 2017

In a few years Neymar will look cheap as £200 million is what a Freddo will cost.

— Sam Homewood (@SamHomewood) August 4, 2017

They say pressure of price tag for neymar will be tough know how he feels I went from Ekn Town to Omagh for £200 then cheque bounced💪😁😁😁

— Gary beckett (@Garybeckett121) August 4, 2017

Neymar's entourage after his £200m move to PSG pic.twitter.com/RPx2tSKG1W

— ARYAN (@theunitedmanc) August 4, 2017

Picture: The moment Neymar told the MSN he was joining PSG. Suarez bit him shortly thereafter. pic.twitter.com/iJo3qXwWKW

— Soccer Memes (@SoccerMemes) August 4, 2017

Does this make sense??

— Dan MUFC (@Dangrimes2kx) August 4, 2017

Your CEO's annual salary is what Neymar will be earning in a week. Chai. Football over school. pic.twitter.com/bDjmhNKT2z

— Ricky Sharks. (@Twickta) August 4, 2017

Breaking: #Neymar transfer to #PSG cancelled because Linda in finance thinks it's a disgrace and that the €222m should go to the NHS.

— Ryan Hemmings (@RyanHemmings) August 3, 2017

Neymar's father had to work 3 jobs to feed his children but Paul from Portsmouth thinks he's a cynic for making money

— Tommy Hendrix🇳🇬 (@Taden90) August 2, 2017

Neymar might be earning ten billion a minute, but Aboubakar Kamara has picked squad number 47 for Fulham, so he can be AK47.

He wins.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) August 4, 2017

Neymar: "Siri, who's the best striker on the planet?"

Siri: "Chris Wood" pic.twitter.com/nT6kWhpHIJ

— bet365 (@bet365) August 6, 2017