The best Mo Salah statue jokes as figurine is revealed at World Youth Forum 2018

Amusing lookalikes cited.

There were lots of Mo Salah statue jokes when it was revealed at the World Youth Forum 2018
(Image: Дмитрий Голубович/soccer.ru)

A dodgy Mohamed Salah statue was displayed at the World Youth Forum in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, on Sunday and has since come in for merciless ridicule.

Egyptian sculptor Mia Abdel Allah says she accepts criticism of her artwork, telling the state-run Al-Ahram Online “bronze did not do it justice”.

In scenes reminiscent of the Cristiano Ronaldo statue unveiling at Madeira airport, Twitter wags came out in force.

Enjoy this selection of the best Mo Salah statue jokes:

the new mo salah statue #mosalah pic.twitter.com/CPsiVM5WLh

— Z❣️ (@zadddylonglegs) November 4, 2018

Uncanny pic.twitter.com/9esOAhgQ5C

— . (@_Wash99) November 4, 2018


Hello pic.twitter.com/Nyx9vZt8Ax

— Loaded Hook (@loaded_hook) November 5, 2018


That new statue of Mo Salah looks familiar pic.twitter.com/W84D1nMZIk

— Jamés (@utdsupreme) November 4, 2018

Why does this statue of Mo Salah look like Leo Sayer? pic.twitter.com/J3XZSMDe7m

— Naby Katy (@whatkatydid_nxt) November 4, 2018

All I’m seeing is this….. pic.twitter.com/bS0CAE0ejr

— Dave Smith (@dave_smith78) November 4, 2018

Well, he is a one man band …….

— Paul D (@PaulDee9) November 4, 2018

Retweet so Mo Salah's statue can see the good tweet above. pic.twitter.com/X5MjNVn78e

— Same Hold Arsenal (@MkhiMcCarthy) November 4, 2018

Mo Salah Mo Salah running down the wing pic.twitter.com/CLhuyI343f

— LF (@liamfaircioud) November 4, 2018



— Chris Hall (@chrizzal) November 4, 2018


— Jack Stanworth (@JackStannyy) November 4, 2018




Saved by the bell pic.twitter.com/VanPEYuPVh

— Lee (@Crosby71) November 4, 2018

That's Councilman Jeremy Jamm pic.twitter.com/5kptSFfsXV

— Quad-A Player (@QuadAplayer) November 4, 2018

Perhaps a little harshly, but… pic.twitter.com/7WCfkDJnyw

— Dave Smith (@dave_smith78) November 4, 2018

Does its head wobble when you shake it ?

— C.S (@chrissouthall) November 4, 2018