The best Mesut Özil assist jokes after another two against Manchester City

Now has a total of fifteen assists in the Premier League this season, more than double his nearest rival.

Olivier Giroud will be pleased to hear the Mesut Özil assist jokes after another one helped him out against Manchester City in Arsenal's 2-1 win
ASSISTED GIROUD: Özil (Image: Ronnie McDonald)

After their midfield star added another two to his tally against Manchester City in Arsenal’s 2-1 win at the Emirates last night, these are the best Mesut Özil assist jokes.

The German international has now notched a total of fifteen assists in the Premier League this season, more than double his nearest rival.

A running joke that continues to have legs, check out the latest Mesut Özil assist jokes after two more in Arsenal’s 2-1 win over Manchester City.

ANOTHER assist for Ozil! pic.twitter.com/S5pGRJNEjw

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) December 21, 2015

Ozil assist you say? pic.twitter.com/iHCECQtSsF

— N. (@FourFourNyle) December 21, 2015

Mesut Ozil could find the exact date and time Louis Van Gaal will be sacked.

— Danny Welbeck (@WelBeast) December 21, 2015

Ozil could find my dad with a pass and I ain't seen him for 15 years.

— West Ham Central (@WestHam_Central) December 21, 2015

Yaya and Kolo Toure used to be the same person, until they met Özil's assists Ozil 11 games 2 goals 15 assist 🔥🔥🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/O1ZwWq2NBF

— kiyaawe flava (@Kiyaawe) December 21, 2015

2 – By the time you've read this tweet, Mesut Ozil will have set up another 2 goals. Provider.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) December 21, 2015

Oxford dictionary (New Word Alert) Ozil (noun): An assist or a help. Usage: Can I Ozil you? How may I be of Ozil?

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) December 21, 2015

Ozil is an Alien I swear to god. #AssistKing 2-0 to dem @Arsenal dudes 👍🏼😮 pic.twitter.com/BdAnCLw0q8

— Nick (@Nick28T) December 21, 2015

There are three things certain in life: Death Taxes And a Mesut Ozil assist.

— Arsenal News (@__arsenalnews_) December 21, 2015

Mesut Ozil: Eat, Sleep, Assist, Repeat.

— Coral (@Coral) December 21, 2015

Ozil should be a life coach with the way he gets people closer to their goals

— Zito (@_Zeets) December 21, 2015

When you're in the middle of a foursome but you want to see that Ozil assist again pic.twitter.com/6hvG5dsz70

— caasI@Christmas (@dribblesanchez) December 21, 2015

*Doctor's surgery* Patient: "I'm worried about this lump." Doctor: "Don't worry, that's just a cyst from Ozil…"

— JOE.co.uk (@JOE_co_uk) December 21, 2015

Mesut Ozil can find the G-spot with a through ball.

— Azeem Banatwalla (@TheBanat) December 21, 2015

Ozil is the 🔑 dj khaled talks about

— Smxth. (@Damzsmxth) December 21, 2015

Ozil goes off with two assists tonight. He's heading out for a drink tonight, where he'll be wingman for every single lad in the place.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) December 21, 2015

If this is how I die, tell Ozil I loved him.

— Nia Griffiths (@niagriffiths89) December 21, 2015

HT: 2-0 to Arsenal. Ozil's 14th and 15th assists of the season allowing Wenger to dream again… pic.twitter.com/QkD615BQgr

— JOE.co.uk (@JOE_co_uk) December 21, 2015

Arsene Wenger: “Mesut Ozil is like a musician who always plays the right note." 💁 pic.twitter.com/tOdDKMsAQ6

— AM ❤ (@MegzyPainter) December 21, 2015

The king of assists mesut Ozil 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/Ot4OJH9eHI

— arsenal Gooner (@goonergang) December 21, 2015

LVG : is that not ozil, does he have two heads pic.twitter.com/QtBeRDXd3Y

— L•O•R•D•™ (@aWoZy) December 21, 2015

Mesut Ozil never stops assisting pic.twitter.com/ezfEQlJalz

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) December 22, 2015