The best Marcelo acting jokes after dive against Wolfsburg in UCL quarter-final first leg

Theatrics secured a booking for Max Arnold as Real Madrid lose 2-0 in Germany.

He may be reconsidering his acting after seeing the Marcelo acting jokes and memes after his dive against Wolfsburg in the UCL quarter-final first leg that ended 2-0
GOT AWAY WITH IT: Marcelo (Image: Майоров Владимир/soccer.ru)

Here are all the best Marcelo acting jokes and memes after the Real Madrid player’s theatrical dive secured a booking for Wolsburg’s Max Arnold as the two teams met in Germany for a Champions League quarter-final first leg.

The home side recorded a shock 2-0 win over Zinedine Zidane’s Spanish giants but the major talking point was when the Brazilian fell to the floor while holding his face after appearing to hit his head on Arnold’s stomach.

These are the best of the Marcelo acting jokes after his “shocking”, “embarrassing” and “disgraceful” dive that earnt goalscorer Max Arnold a yellow card during Wolfsburg 2-0 Real Madrid on Wednesday night.

And the Oscar goes to….Marcelo!#WOBRMA

— Tina (@Tina__3588) April 6, 2016

Hahahaha Marcelo with a Zidane headbutt followed by a dive like he was the one assaulted. At least Zidane owned up to it :D

— adil (@Barca19stats) April 6, 2016

Marcelo scuffles with Arnold, bends down to pick up ball, rests head on Arnold's belly, falls back as if he's taken a blow to the face.

— AS English (@English_AS) April 6, 2016

Marcelo there with his face suspiciously located on his body when it comes to physical contact. #vflrma #UCL pic.twitter.com/wnc5i768EM

— Onefootball (@Onefootball) April 6, 2016

Marcelo just gave DiCaprio high quality acting lessons

— Mourinho FC (@TarekTamo) April 6, 2016

Zidane been having his effect on Marcelo. #Headbutt https://t.co/B4IRU2JHsy

— Maha +7 (@ElDonIniesta) April 6, 2016

Marcelo fell down harder than a confidence of a Barca player when the tax authorities visit.

— Paul (@Kolology) April 6, 2016

Marcelo -> Hollywood. pic.twitter.com/IzN0LvNadi #UCLfi

— NordicBet Suomi (@NordicBetSuomi) April 6, 2016

OMG Marcelo stabbed in the face https://t.co/Q5p9Cqzcba

— WeAreChelseaFC (@WeAreChelseaFC) April 6, 2016

Oscar winning acting from Marcelo in this game. pic.twitter.com/kYSHYgggdl

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) April 6, 2016

Hope Marcelo's OK https://t.co/OMp3cPW5oS

— James Dart (@James_Dart) April 6, 2016

Marcelo might need to go into concussion protocol after that… https://t.co/UjmDMpN4NZ

— Dax McCarty (@DaxMcCarty11) April 6, 2016

Real Madrid may have lost but at least Marcelo won his first Oscar!.. pic.twitter.com/ffEpuPNe0j

— Football Stuff (@FootbalIStuff) April 6, 2016

estas comparant Will Smith am marcelo?@3gerardpique

— DOC (@DoctorCule) April 6, 2016

Can only hope Zidane teaches Marcelo that if he's going to headbutt someone in the chest in a big game, he may as well do it properly

— Sam Wallace (@SamWallaceTel) April 6, 2016

On the bright side, Marcelo won an Oscar for his amazing dive. pic.twitter.com/BZ9g0wT9o4

— Barca World (@FCBarcelonaHome) April 6, 2016

Marcelo should retire after that nonsense tonight. Embarrassing

— Andrew Munro (@AMunro92) April 6, 2016

Marcelo should become an actor instead of a football player. 10/10 for acting

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) April 6, 2016

Marcelo saw trailer of Pele
Realized "Marcelo" will never be made.
Shows acting skill instead. Be like Marcelo #LOL https://t.co/OKgOnBqMxD

— Aniket Rai (@Tell1Tale) April 7, 2016

Real Madrid’s Marcelo about 5 weeks too late to win Best Actor award…https://t.co/xlkzQFgswR

— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) April 7, 2016

We hope Marcelo is recovering well this morning. https://t.co/ty0ltsRYiq

— Football Tips (@footballtips) April 7, 2016

After a vicious assault to the face by Wolfburg's Max Arnold, Marcelo is recuperating in hospital. Great to see. pic.twitter.com/tzXsj0t2UL

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 7, 2016

Marcelo v David Luiz having a Brazilian dive-off last night….https://t.co/YQArQzioP8

— FootballFanCast.com (@FootballFanCast) April 7, 2016

Mascherano : Look I'm Marcelo! pic.twitter.com/LMtuE5qRpz

— C.C (@ElAficionadofcb) April 7, 2016

Marcelo did not dive!!! It has just been revealed that Max Arnold was wearing this under his shirt. #marcelo #diving pic.twitter.com/orFTMAGv0q

— Mick Ferry (@MickFerry) April 7, 2016

Anyone heard about the condition of Marcelo? I've not seen any update, really hope he's ok.

— Adam Powley (@adampowley) April 7, 2016

Why is everyone after Marcelo?? He could have died you know!!

— wilsheres right foot (@SBeurling) April 7, 2016