The best Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea jokes

Last night's tactical Premier League clash retold with Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea jokes.

The Etihad Stadium, where the Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea jokes were conceived
MANCHESTER: Stadium (Image: S Parish)

Not only was last night’s match entertaining on the field, the Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea jokes made the experience fun for on the internet too.

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Amid fears of Chelsea “parking the bus” and Manuel Pellegrini’s selection of Martín Demichelis in midfield, the world was ready for one of the more interesting Premier League match-ups.

Chelsea manager José Mourinho eventually triumphed in a thrilling tactical encounter at the Etihad that saw City lose to a British team at home for the first time this season.

Covering the entire match experience, take a look at this selection of the best Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea jokes:

So apparently people are dubbing our game against Chelsea as "El Cashico". Lol that's actually quite funny. #MCFC #MCICHE

— BertaK (@kevinbertao) January 30, 2014

Terry, Cahill and Ivanovic practicing tactics ahead of tonight's big game. #MCFC #CFC pic.twitter.com/MfIrdvlNM2

— Arsene's Eyes (@Arsenes_Eyes) February 3, 2014

So Demichelis starts in centre mid then. pic.twitter.com/OJhYDM0coM

— Tips Out For TheLads (@TipsOutForLads) February 3, 2014

Cartoon: Mourinho readies #Chelsea bus ahead of Man City showdown #MCFC #Silva #negredo #Dzeko #Terry #Lampard pic.twitter.com/iTdOxNRdnv

— Omar Momani (@omomani) February 3, 2014

Tonight the Arabs take on the Russians. #MCFCvCFC #Oil

— Goonerlogy (@goonerlogy) February 3, 2014

The Bus will shortly arrive in 5 minutes. #MCICHE

— Sanket (@iamsexified) February 3, 2014

I Love John Champion –> "Chelsea arrived by bus. Will they park it?" #MCICHE #SSFootball

— Julius Musya (@jsmusya) February 3, 2014

I do worry sometimes, why would a middle aged man spend time and effort on that? #mcfc #cfc pic.twitter.com/Mck2kU9oZl

— Terrace Life (@TerraceLife_) February 3, 2014

Sneak preview of the new Chelsea kit that they'll be wearing for the game tonight. #19thcenturyfootball #MCFCvCFC pic.twitter.com/nQTny3UiQ7

— Neil Symington (@NeilSymington) February 3, 2014

Matic's mum obviously had no sense of humour. I'd have named him Auto. #MCICHE

— umara (@_umara) February 3, 2014

David Luiz without the mop is not a pretty sight. #Arsenal #MCFCvCFC pic.twitter.com/LxTnDmnii4

— invinciblog (@invinciblog) February 3, 2014

A lesson in 'How not to finish' from Willian #MCFCvCFC pic.twitter.com/1GZkxpbklz

— ESPN.co.uk (@ESPNUK) February 3, 2014

Was that goal celebration taking the piss out of Joe Hart Head & shoulders ad? Funny if it was #MCFCvCFC #cfc pic.twitter.com/HWhhUHWwSI

— John Freeman (@Albionjohn) February 3, 2014

I think that I heard Suarez say "Yummy", when Chelsea scored #MCFCvCFC

— Percy Gumede (@SliqueG) February 3, 2014

Chelsea's tactics for the rest of the game #MCFCvCFC pic.twitter.com/xPpKUL3Ez3

— #JackIsBack (@ItsGeorgeBC) February 3, 2014

Chelsea's bus has been well and truly parked… in City's half… #mcfc #cfc …. 0-1

— Mark Bright (@Mark__Bright) February 3, 2014

This piece of plywood would do a more effective job than Martin Demichelis pic.twitter.com/qgczooXH9A

— B-Mac (@Maccer1988) February 3, 2014

Pellegrini doesn't look happy with his Man City team at half time #MNF #MCFCvCFC pic.twitter.com/86PFRFJq6P

— Gary Wilkinson (@GazWilko86) February 3, 2014

No halftime team talk needed from Pellegrini. Just silently cut Demichelis' ponytail off. Whole team would understand the message.

— Arse2Mouse (@arse2mouse) February 3, 2014

Good heavens! Demichelis has come out for the 2nd half. Certainly never appeared in the first.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) February 3, 2014

Here Comes The Bus Conductor John Obi Mikel. #parkthebus #MCFCvCFC

— Wenger's Daughter (@Mz_Ozil_) February 3, 2014

Someone let matic know he can let yaya out of his back pocket now

— jack (@JackNewman9) February 3, 2014

Manuel Pellegrini's reaction as Man City fail to score at home for the fist time since 2010. #HeartAttack #cfc pic.twitter.com/4084AnXnCe

— Emile Heskey (@Not_EmileHeskey) February 3, 2014

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