The best LVG “law of Murphy” jokes as Man Utd boss tries new excuse

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" is the gist of van Gaal's latest offering.

It's the Louis van Gaal Murphy's law excuse that's sweeping the nation
UNLUCKY: Louis (Image: ING Nederland)

These were the best Louis van Gaal “law of Murphy” jokes in response to the Man United manager’s latest excuse, mustered after the 2-1 Europa League defeat to FC Midtjylland.

It’s an excuse that rang hollow for the majority of United fans as their consistently misfiring side slumped to an embarrassing result in Denmark.

Murphy’s law is defined as:

“An adage or epigram that is typically stated as: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”

This explanation however is unlikely to pacify an increasingly restless Old Trafford faithful.

On the bright side, there was no shortage of LVG law of Murphy jokes:

LvG blaming Murphy's Law. He genuinely thinks this is Interstellar

— Hasan (@fantastlsco) February 18, 2016

The good news is I've learned what Murphy's Law is tonight.

— Adam Crafton (@AdamCrafton_) February 18, 2016

Van Gaal dejected on the team bus pic.twitter.com/qmWRrY653b

— WOT A MORON (@Wotamoron) February 18, 2016

Murphy's Law? Are the Mancs talking about the one where Danny Murphy scores the winner at Old Trafford every year? #Confused

— Anfield Talk (@Anfield_Talk) February 18, 2016

Van Gaal blaming Murphy's law for the loss. What next? Pythagoras' Theorem? Or is it still Paul Scholes' fault?

— Moe. (@NoLaughingMata) February 18, 2016

LVG's next transfer targets

Murphy's law
Shrödinger's cat
Quantum box
Archimedes' principle
Pandoras Box
Bernoulli's equation

— Anthony Martial (@MartialTheMan) February 18, 2016

Louis rambling about Murphy's law like a mad old man. It'll be Shrödinger's cat next, a United team that is both dead & alive.

— Red Cross fan ManU (@MattSav7) February 18, 2016

When Louis Van Gaal said #MUFC are "making The Europa League a priority," I didn't realise he meant qualifying for it.

— Anthony Davison (@AnthonyCDavison) February 18, 2016

'The Scream' of van Gaal by @omomani pic.twitter.com/nYjNJXiA0i

— Wundergol Art (@wundergol) February 18, 2016

Remember when Louis van Gaal said 'if he lost the fans…'

— Barney @Red News (@barneyrednews) February 18, 2016

Another day at the office for Van Gaal: pic.twitter.com/7jS4dPVNq1

— TacheyDelBosque (@TacheyDelBosque) February 18, 2016

Louis Van Gaal's banter is unbelievable now. Losing to a team none of us can even pronounce #timetogo

— Jimmy James Gray (@essexjim) February 18, 2016