The best Louis van Gaal jokes after Manchester United 0-1 Southampton

Campaign to force him out of the club gathers pace.

There were lots of Louis van Gaal jokes from unhappy fans after Manchester United 0-1 Southampton
LOST AGAIN: van Gaal (Image: Congres in Beeld)

As the campaign to force him out of the club gathers pace following Manchester United’s 0-1 defeat to Southampton at Old Trafford on Saturday, these are all the best Louis van Gaal jokes.

The Dutchman’s side once again failed to score and many fans made their feelings clear regarding the manager’s tactical philosophy and team selection.

With rumours of resignation offers and sackings abound, these are the best Louis van Gaal jokes from the days after Man Utd 0-1 Southampton:

There’s nothing happening. Literally nothing. How are United currently in 5th? How is this football keeping LvG in a job? So many questions.

— Liam (@OffsideLiam) January 23, 2016

Someone just said put LVG in charge of ISIS if u want to stop them attacking 😭😭😭

— Davo (@DavoHowarth) January 23, 2016

LvG doesn't conduct the training, doesn't conduct the team talks, doesn't come off his seat, what exactly does he do?

— Utd. (@SimplyUtd) January 23, 2016

Austin punishes Louis Van Gaal for his crimes against football.

— Rafael Hernández (@RafaelH117) January 23, 2016

This is Ladi Ladi doesn't watch manutd game no more since van gaal is still in charge Ladi is smart Be like Ladi

— Bobola (@__ladi) January 23, 2016

How Man Utd play football under Van Gaal pic.twitter.com/hvrrX9mh37

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) January 23, 2016

Louis Van Gaal: "We are still title contenders" pic.twitter.com/Ml9pnFwvLa

— Spion Klopp (@Jay_78_) January 23, 2016

It has now reached a point where the person in charge of sacking the person in charge of sacking Van Gaal, needs to be sacked.

— Barry (@newdless) January 23, 2016

Please don't sack Van Gaal @ManUtd

— Arsenal News (@__arsenalnews_) January 23, 2016

Today was the 47th time we've failed to score under Van Gaal. #VanGaalOut

— Van Gaal Out Club (@VanGaalOutMU) January 23, 2016

Louis van Gaal: Making a Mess. pic.twitter.com/KSC3C8dIjW

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) January 23, 2016

When you have the chance to appoint a world class manager but decide to stick with Van Gaal. pic.twitter.com/PLQLBiAGKi

— David. (@Rooney_esque) January 23, 2016

Louis Van Gaal and Steven Avery's mum from Making a Murderer. Never seen them in the same room is all I'm saying. pic.twitter.com/1UbqTDjzB5

— Ryan Bailey (@RyanJayBailey) January 23, 2016

People shouldn't call Van Gaal, the Dutch Hitler, Hitler was good at attacking. So the comparison should not be made.

— Hashbrown (@hesham786) January 23, 2016

Van Gaal has got an head like someone has filled a condom full of kebab meat

— Crocky Red (@Crocky_Red) January 23, 2016

Even @RachelRileyRR wants LVG OUT 👏🏼 Top red her 👌🏼 pic.twitter.com/wVzJiXK7ZY

— Patrick (Pa) Ward (@Pa_Ward1) January 23, 2016

Breaking: Paul Gascoigne has arrived at Carrington claiming he is a friend of Louis Van Gaal

— Chris Watson (@cwatto77) January 24, 2016

Spotted @manairport T3 departures this morning…. Taxi for LVG! #MCFC #MCFC pic.twitter.com/X8AIh9Psqm

— Laura Wolfe (@laurawolfe) January 24, 2016

Don't be like LVG pic.twitter.com/aO032fBaMF

— telandbenjie (@telandbenjie) January 24, 2016

Man Utd under Moyes (£60m spent) – 40 points in 23 games. Man Utd under LVG (£250m spent) – 37 points in 23 games. pic.twitter.com/PqntJdNQPf

— Football__Tweet (@Football__Tweet) January 24, 2016

For those asking, these are Van Gaal's full quotes pic.twitter.com/hRt99aZR4R

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) January 24, 2016

Rumours Van Gaal will walk tomorrow. It clears his head and is also good exercise

— manutd23 (@manutd24) January 24, 2016