The best Liverpool title jokes as Manchester City crowned Champions

The best Liverpool title jokes as Manchester City are crowned champions of the Premier League.

The Premier League trophy, won by Manchester City, the cause of the Liverpool title jokes
Trophy… Not won (Image: 藍獨)

The best Liverpool title jokes, in what must surely be the last collection for this season, as Manchester City are crowned champions of the Premier League.

Manuel Pellegrini’s side clinched first place after a convincing win against West Ham at the Etihad, but in truth the Scousers’ chance slipped away over their past couple of games.

Who knows what the summer and next season will bring, so… the best Liverpool title jokes!

Don't worry Liverpool fans, West Ham have brought on Carlton Cole!

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) May 11, 2014

There goes Andy Carroll’s perhaps last chance to be worth 35m to Liverpool.

— Futhead (@futheadsite) May 11, 2014

Thanks Liverpool! pic.twitter.com/tJT1WEHZtg

— (@MUFC_FAMILY) May 11, 2014

Are liverpool going to win the league even if they are winning? pic.twitter.com/1V32qkbFwe

— Solo Loan Mejor™ (@Clemo89efc) May 11, 2014

BREAKING: Thousands of Liverpool fans demand a refund. pic.twitter.com/Y2mIsCjuzZ

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) May 11, 2014

Before you #LFC fans start talking about how proud you are etc. Just remember what Liverpool legend Shankley said pic.twitter.com/lV0ydzw5X8

— EFC Shaun (@EFCsst) May 11, 2014

Liverpool have spent 250+ million in 5 seasons and won just the Carling Cup.

— l3ahpar (@l3ahpar) May 11, 2014

'WELL DONE FOR NOT BEING LIVERPOOL': United fan @BeardedGenius joins the City party. https://t.co/lEPErzOsIc pic.twitter.com/u0agZxRl8w

— Eurosport.com EN (@EurosportCom_EN) May 11, 2014

Always next year Liverpool fans. https://t.co/1EBpfFiWAp

— Jay Bucks (@TheMasterBucks) May 11, 2014

It's not all bad Liverpool, there's some accolades they can't take away from you. pic.twitter.com/zHNQjqH99T

— (via @JonnyGabriel) (@JonnyGabriel) May 11, 2014

Roll on 2038 … Liverpool's next title challenge

— SLADE (@srslade) May 11, 2014

At least now we can go back to hating City and laughing at Liverpool. Normality.

— Jon (@JonWilmot44) May 11, 2014

My managers of the the season 1st Pulis 2nd Poyet 3rd Mourinho for parking the bus that stopped Liverpool winning the league

— Mickey T (@therealMickeyT) May 11, 2014

Liverpool fans wait for Steven Gerrard to lift the Premier League trophy pic.twitter.com/5AtU1HBywV

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) May 11, 2014

It's official : Liverpool have let it slip

— Diarmuid Gillingham (@Diarmuidii_mufc) May 11, 2014

LIVERPOOL FANS AT WOK TOMORROW…. oh wait they didn't win the league And they don't have jobs either. pic.twitter.com/Jisp3ViLUj

— LM (@Mattinho_) May 11, 2014

City fan trolls Liverpool. pic.twitter.com/soSOYwXdsY

— 9GAG Troll Football (@9trollfootball) May 11, 2014

LIVE pic outside anfield ! Liverpool's open top bus parade :v pic.twitter.com/cShfh5h3Bc

— Wicky (@Wicknes007) May 11, 2014

The reason Liverpool lost the league. pic.twitter.com/afkySyBYiC

— Eden Hazard Fans (@Hazard_Eden_Fan) May 11, 2014

Guess who ruined Liverpool's chances. pic.twitter.com/4gRvX9EblG

— Ashley Cole (@ChelsLad95) May 11, 2014

Irony, thy name is Liverpool pic.twitter.com/yWYH9Vk7qG

— Tent101 (@Tent101) May 11, 2014

Liverpool fans. pic.twitter.com/GvrMX4M7rC

— Sunday League (@SundayShoutsFC) May 11, 2014

I feel bad for thinking that Liverpool fans would have been banging on if they won the title. Turns out they can do that as runners up too.

— Römesh Ranganathan (@RomeshRanga) May 11, 2014

Liverpool fans on the way home from the match https://t.co/gjUPwo4r7d

— Gemini (@GeminiSaysSo) May 11, 2014

Liverpool have been brilliant this season but unfortunately their season will only be remembered for this pic.twitter.com/qfbuOiqmpb

— EPL Stat Man (@EPLStatman) May 11, 2014

Hey Liverpool…… #UNITED pic.twitter.com/v9j68rJMJH

— Uniteds RedArmy (@UnitedsRedArmy) May 11, 2014

Liverpool fans seem to love a comparison picture. Here you go lads. pic.twitter.com/zopbIolnE6

— ManCityPhotos (@ManCityPhotos) May 11, 2014

LMAO-#Gerrard #ManchesterCity #Liverpool pic.twitter.com/bpI8cvIEEZ

— Mark Robinson (@robboma3) May 11, 2014

Quick question "Hands up who cost Liverpool the League?" pic.twitter.com/kk8mCh4TUE

— The Red 7 (@The_Red_7) May 11, 2014

RT to annoy Liverpool fans pic.twitter.com/Mg3AhyWaso

— Silly Football (@SillyFootball) May 11, 2014