The best Liverpool Europa League final jokes after 3-1 defeat to Sevilla

Threw away half-time lead in Switzerland.

We collected the inevitable Liverpool Europa League final jokes after their 3-1 defeat to Sevilla
NOT ADDED TO: Liverpool’s trophy cabinet (Image: Sanjiva Persad)

These were all the best Liverpool Europa League final jokes from their 3-1 defeat to Sevilla that saw the English side throw away a 1-0 lead at half-time.

A second-half capitulation from Jürgen Klopp’s men meant Sevilla lifted the trophy for the third season in a row and Liverpool will not be competing in a European competition next season.

As rival fans react with glee and photos of fans fighting are shared on social media, here are the best Liverpool Europa League final jokes as they lose 3-1 to Sevilla at St. Jakob-Park in Switzerland:

Liverpool wont be needing their parade bus again this year lol pic.twitter.com/QcDhcGvtBp

— Ken Philburn (@kenbo0133) 18 May 2016

All is not lost, you can still have an open top celebration In Liverpool tomorrow for £9.99 🙄 pic.twitter.com/yHNm6j5e5o

— Cont stable (@EFCcyberpolice) 18 May 2016

Liverpool players not so keen to be filmed, if only it were the same when they're clutching bottles of moisturiser.

— The Huddleboard (@huddleboard) 18 May 2016

Don't worry Liverpool, next year is your year 😂 #EuropaLeagueFinalhttps://t.co/XZeCbf8Gl5

— United Peoples TV (@UnitedPeoplesTV) 18 May 2016

Liverpool just sent this to Sevillapic.twitter.com/pC36iMwZwt

— S. (@lmaosimon) 18 May 2016

Not much marmalade will be eaten in Liverpool for quite a while

— Paul Lagan (@CFCJourno) 18 May 2016

Sevilla celebrating as if they have just drawn 2-2 with West Brom at home… pic.twitter.com/QGI9I5js81

— Josh (@BellerinTouch) May 18, 2016

The glory days of that home draw against West Brom just a distant memory for Liverpool now. pic.twitter.com/AgmLQ5eVDZ

— Republik of Mancunia (@R_o_M) 18 May 2016

How many Liverpool fans do you think had "that was for Hillsborough" ready to tweet if they won 😂

— Joe Donnelly (@Joe_Donnelly8) 18 May 2016

Liverpool can focus on winning the league next season now⚽😂💪

— Dylan (@DylanRUFC) 18 May 2016

Liverpool fans right nowpic.twitter.com/j6Rq1QZ9qk

— El Loco Goose (@CrazyGoose) 18 May 2016

Another upset Liverpool fan 😂https://t.co/zOmhNMbcdX

— Devils Latest (@Devils_Latest) 18 May 2016

Liverpool fans walking in to school/work tomorrow .😂😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/v4dPmqZ1kC

— kiyaawe flava (@Kiyaawe) 18 May 2016

When a Liverpool fan tries to talk about football at the moment pic.twitter.com/Q7qR0QqQFt

— Gitz (@iGitz_) 18 May 2016

Liverpool fans scrambling to leave the TL Like pic.twitter.com/wccXnlz9VF

— Young Pablo (@AdamMaina_) 18 May 2016

Liverpool couldn't have gotten this far if Sakho wasn't on drugs.

— Danny Welbeck (@WelBeast) 18 May 2016

If we lose the FA Cup final I'm going to be attacked by Liverpool fans😂

— Aidan Walsh (@AidanMUFC_) 18 May 2016

I would say bare ppl would be calling in sick in Liverpool tomorrow but none of them have jobs

— :-) (@_LatrellJordan) 18 May 2016

Highlights of Liverpool's Europa League campaign pic.twitter.com/fdJfX191bE

— Darren (@thedevilstweets) 18 May 2016

Being a Liverpool fan is like jumping out of the way of a car and as you're celebrating it swerves into you and kills your hopes of survival

— Indigo (@IndigoLFC) 18 May 2016

Breaking : Liverpool sign sponsorship deal with Viagra … For all those times you get past the semi and flop at the last

— Blain (@BlainAllinson96) 18 May 2016

free nudes for all Liverpool fans that are feeling down right now

— alis (@ManLikeAlice) 18 May 2016

Part of the Liverpool captain job description is kissing cameras, then shoving them away whilst one of your team mates balls his eyes out

— Mike (@MikeLUHG) 18 May 2016

Liverpool were signing Gotze this morning & talking Champions league

The closest they'll get to Europe now is Bournemouth#MUFC

— The United Stand (@UnitedStandMUFC) 18 May 2016

Lots of unhappy Liverpool fans tonight. I'd say plenty of them won't renew the batteries on their remote controls next season.

— Eoghan Rice (@rice_e) 18 May 2016

Liverpool secure automatic qualification for the second round of the Capital One Cup.

— Marc Benamram (@MarcBenamram) 18 May 2016

Like 4 weeks this wey Liverpool start dey rest players for today. But them play the second half like them dey carry coconuts in demma pocket

— Abuburo Nkosua (@lordtee) 18 May 2016

Be funny if 5th placed Southampton raid 8th placed Liverpool for loads of players this summer.

— PrestwichBlue (@PrestwichBlue) 18 May 2016

Who's ringing Liverpool FC tomorrow to see what time the open top bus parade is going through town then?

— Dan (@EvertonDan19) 18 May 2016

Being a Liverpool fan is the equivalent to when you find a £50 note on the pavement and when you're about to pick it up it blows away.

— Paddy (@BallerCoutinho) 18 May 2016

Yep, defo sending this to every Liverpool fan I know https://t.co/rqMtjTT7Jp

— Luka (@Mxdric) 18 May 2016

I was listening to music & my neighbour knocked at my door & said "can u please turn that off, Liverpool lost and I'm upset'' 😩 idek anymore

— yas (@yasminperezzzzo) 18 May 2016

Crazy when you think it's only 2 years since Liverpool won the league

— It's happened again (@gunnerpunner) 18 May 2016

I wonder when Liverpool are gonna come out for the second half, been waiting ages.

— Ryan Barlow (@LFC_Ryan27) 18 May 2016

European Hierarchy according to Michael Owen:

1. Barcelona
2. Real Madrid
3. Liverpool pic.twitter.com/1hRbf9Acrd

— K (@CechsMagicHat) 18 May 2016

Liverpool fans, I would have won that.

— Alan Pardew (@APardewCPFC) 18 May 2016

Not mine but ever so funny – liverpool's new shirt sponsor pic.twitter.com/eDuwigzHjZ

— Paul Lagan (@CFCJourno) 18 May 2016

The whole Liverpool squad have just been given drinking straws, apparently they can't lift cups. #saintsfc

— Saints Mike (@Mike7167) 18 May 2016

What's red and goes beep, beep, beep? The Liverpool double decker parade bus reversing back into the garage 🚍😂 @Tomcromwell8 @Ross_paskin

— Chris Bloomfield (@CSBloomfield) 18 May 2016

Now for a nice relaxing bath after the Liverpool game pic.twitter.com/FpARlz3vqi

— lee (@FightFoleyFight) 18 May 2016

Wondering what happened to Liverpool in the second half pic.twitter.com/FEUVzj7OHw

— Jay Coppack (@jay_coppack) 18 May 2016

Don't spoil it for me just watching the highlights now 😳 I think it's Liverpool year pic.twitter.com/nFdiL27IWQ

— Harrywood (@Harrywoodyy) 18 May 2016

Missing…anyone seen any Liverpool fans tonight..very urgent 😉😉😉😉

— StephenPay (@stephenpay444) 18 May 2016

If you can't support Liverpool when we lose 3-1 don't support us when we lose 3-2

— Adil (@adil786123) 18 May 2016

"Congrats to Everton for winnin the liverpool gettin beat trophy"

You mean we get a trophy as well? Limbs

— Tom (@0ASlS) 18 May 2016

Liverpool's evening in 3 pictures pic.twitter.com/k9WOIuV20s

— Danny (@Dan1el_San) 18 May 2016

when I fell asleep on the sofa, Liverpool were winning 1-0… 👀😩

— annie (@annie_rebeccaa) 18 May 2016

My dad bought a cake for the final thinking Liverpool would win but not one for my birthday 😒😒

— Yasmin (@Yxsmin97) 18 May 2016

Is that Twitter police ?

"People keep tweeting bad things about Liverpool". pic.twitter.com/LkqTSZSfCN

— Patrick (Pa) Ward (@Pa_Ward1) 18 May 2016

Looool look at this liverpool fan getting bruk down by a Spanish frodo pic.twitter.com/uCq76rPdfl

— Kid Curry (@Chana9MUFC) 18 May 2016

Liverpool have given a lot of pleasure to a lot of people tonight. Mainly people outside Liverpool.

— Duleep Allirajah (@DuleepOffside) 18 May 2016

Our condolences go out to our @VillasArmyPHX brothers and sisters. We know a lot of them are Liverpool fans. pic.twitter.com/pIeC7e1lol

— PVA NYC (@PVANYC) 18 May 2016

There's something great about watching Liverpool lose

— Eli (@elitrobe) 18 May 2016

"Unlucky tonight Liverpool" said no non Liverpool fan ever

— Jamie Richardson (@JamieRich93) 18 May 2016

A Liverpool fan on Talksport just called for the whole team to be sold. pic.twitter.com/eyBvZtuylX

— Andy Ha (@_AndyHa) 18 May 2016

Exclusive interviews post Liverpool match: pic.twitter.com/d9vOafutPm

— Viraj Juneja (@Viraj_Juneja) 18 May 2016