The best Liverpool 4-0 Everton jokes

Liverpool 4-0 Everton jokes after the Merseyside derby at Anfield was decidedly one-sided.

Luis Suárez played his role in inspiring the best Liverpool 4-0 Everton jokes
WINNER: Suárez (Image: Ruaraidh Gillies)

After the Merseyside derby was decidedly one-sided, here are the resultant Liverpool 4-0 Everton jokes from the big win at Anfield last night.

Everton fans and neutrals were left disappointed as The Reds ran riot in the eagerly anticipated Premier League clash between two local rivals in good form.

But, at least there’s still the best Liverpool 4-0 Everton jokes to look forward to:

It seems that it's actually quite easy to 'Escape from Alcaraz' #LFC #EFC

— Dan Walker (@mrdanwalker) January 28, 2014

#Everton fans tonight… @AnfieldIndex @liverpool #LFC #LFCFamily #YNWA pic.twitter.com/efxbpFtEjo

— TippingMate (@TippingMate) January 28, 2014

Shankly is also happy with the results! #YNWA pic.twitter.com/i6tsHJFeaM

— Hollie Cavanagh (@CavanaghAI11) January 28, 2014

Grounds men at anfield just found this on pitch ! Says it all ha ha #YNWA #LFC pic.twitter.com/86SeWKBndp"

— Jon Pollock (@jon_pollock09) January 28, 2014

Says it all!! Night all #LFCvEFC #lfc pic.twitter.com/EWp2eS24Ng

— Scouserella (@l1nd4_l1verp00l) January 28, 2014

A Liverpool banner at the game tonight. pic.twitter.com/DdJPSGzBBO

— Football Away Days (@awaydays_) January 28, 2014

Am I the only one who noticed this Everton fan? Wouldn't mind cheering her up after the game pic.twitter.com/4jxncnM6Sn

— Daniel Donaldson (@danieldon28) January 28, 2014


— RobinLFC (@Robish13) January 28, 2014

Liverpool fans celebrating already. Scandinavian morale not been this high since Volvo's new model. pic.twitter.com/4Fl4qxzG3B

— EvertonTony (@EvertonTony) January 28, 2014

Everton are doing this for Liverpool basically pic.twitter.com/47jSWAymui

— (@AlmightyUncle_) January 28, 2014

Roberto Martinez in the Everton dressing room at full-time.. #efc #liverpool pic.twitter.com/Qy2Is3hjEW

— Liam Edwards (@EddieisNo1) January 28, 2014

Everton were picked apart. #MerseysideDerby #LFC pic.twitter.com/DmZr2dQ9xr

— Connor (@ConnorWells92) January 28, 2014

Is anyone else's Twitter playing up?! We keep getting this… #MerseysideDerby pic.twitter.com/RAmOZFZn6v

— Sky Bet (@SkyBet) January 28, 2014

A quick look at Everton's highlights for tonight. pic.twitter.com/GcDTDqEllt

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) January 28, 2014

Liverpool fans tomorrow at school/work. pic.twitter.com/ypTtgXfUl1

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) January 28, 2014

you all clearly disagree but this is the only "fit bird" I saw tonight #YNWA pic.twitter.com/Xy27L6Cx4X

— alicesuarez (@Alice_LFC) January 28, 2014

"@Everton: Club Statement" pic.twitter.com/GfuktdXn8a

— Jock (@GOT_bluejock) January 28, 2014

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