The best Leicester appoint Ranieri jokes as Tinkerman returns

Foxes replace Pearson with man whose Greece side were no match for Faroe Islands.

New Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri
TINKERS: Man (Image: Roberto Vicario)

Come see the best Leicester appoint Ranieri jokes that Twitter had to offer as those crazy Foxes brought the Tinkerman back to the Premier League after, let’s face it, too long.

Yes, that’s the news that gently eccentric former Chelsea boss Claudio Ranieri will succeed Nigel Pearson having recently been sacked by Greece for presiding over a disastrous spell which included a 0-1 defeat at home to the Faroe Islands.

As defeats go, the scale of that one is hard to overstate. If you can imagine such a thing, it’s a bit like Arsenal losing at home to your mum.

Now on with the best Leicester appoint Ranieri jokes, where even former Charlton and Ipswich midfielder Matt Holland was getting in on the act…

Ranieri in at Leicester and likely to go straight to the top of the odds to be the next premier league manager sacked.

— Matt Holland (@mattholland8) July 13, 2015

Can't wait to see Ranieri try the Robert-Huth-at-right-wing-back experiment again, more than a decade after its first, glorious unveiling.

— Football Clichés (@FootballCliches) July 13, 2015

Get your money on Leicester to finish second in something this season. #tinkerman

— Paul Sarahs (@PaulSarahs) July 13, 2015

Ranieri used to be known as 'Tinkerman'. I'm not a big fan of those daft superhero films but listen, if he wants to wear spandex, let him.

— Kevin Keegan (@GalacticKeegan) July 13, 2015

Leicester City had to go and appoint the one manager who resembles an Ostrich didn't they pic.twitter.com/d61wKQ8wl7

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) July 13, 2015