The best Juan Mata Man Utd transfer jokes after League Cup defeat

The best Juan Mata Man Utd transfer jokes after United's League Cup semi-final loss to Sunderland on penalties.

Holding boots, the subject of the best Juan Mata Man Utd transfer jokes after United's League Cup semi-final defeat to Sunderland on penalties
Doesn’t know what to do with his boots (Image: Jacobo Payá)

Back with more Juan-based japes after a cruel turn of events for manager David Moyes, we collect the best Juan Mata Man Utd transfer jokes after their League Cup semi-final penalties defeat.


Few would forgive the Spaniard having second thoughts after another disappointing performance from the Premier League champions in the Capital One Cup last night.

Hence – more Juan Mata Man Utd transfer jokes:

Manchester United have reportedly agreed a fee of £37m with Chelsea for Juan Mata. Can't see why they need him, personally.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) January 22, 2014

I say to Moyes, "What if new United Manager no want Mata?" I only asking!

— Evil Kagawa (@evilkagawa) January 22, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Juan Mata turns down Manchester United offer.

— Football Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) January 22, 2014

Mata on his way to Old Trafford. https://t.co/awOg8jthxT

— Football Vines (@FootbalIVines) January 22, 2014

Juan Mata just passed me at Junction 11 (Cannock) on the M6. Going southbound. Fast.

— Stan Collymore (@StanCollymore) January 22, 2014

Mata is sitting at home thinking…… pic.twitter.com/DdeqdLjiFI

— Nick Bright (@NickBrightDJ) January 22, 2014

“David Moyes: 'ok Juan, all set for the medical tomorrow?" "No…no….sorry, Juan no here" pic.twitter.com/dtGX6ju2yc

— John NOT Terry (@BigJohnTerry) January 22, 2014

Mata being told he has to go to United pic.twitter.com/Yj3cjpa945

— The @rsenal (@SHEworeA) January 22, 2014

Juan Mata was signing his Manchester United contract during the penalty shoot-out and then Sunderland won it…. pic.twitter.com/1BAg8o6itD

— Ben (@clockendben) January 22, 2014

Juan Mata speaking to Mourinho on the phone right now… pic.twitter.com/I5eHXTLIiA

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) January 22, 2014

Juan Mata right now… pic.twitter.com/WDzK3nGLLU

— Talking THFC™ (@TalkingTHFC) January 22, 2014

Moyes be like 'QUICK GRAB HIM' pic.twitter.com/AB9q21MZdS

— gooner (@Goonerinho) January 22, 2014

Mata "Ahhhh this is soooo long for man" pic.twitter.com/oQ9RCQVOBX

— Reice Cook (@MrReiceCook) January 22, 2014

Moyes: you ready for your medical tomorrow Juan? Mata; pic.twitter.com/RmZgc6m2Te

— Kodi Lyons-Foster (@Klf6_) January 22, 2014

BREAKING: Live pictures of Juan Mata, as Chelsea agree to sell him to Manchester United for £37million. pic.twitter.com/vI1nbJd8MV

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) January 22, 2014

Awkward when Juan Mata feigns high blood pressure to fail his United medical?

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 22, 2014

Mata is looking at his options like pic.twitter.com/1JjjPggdhF

— Judio Gotze (@Judiniho) January 22, 2014

Mata's just chilling like pic.twitter.com/53CgRp7fVZ

— Edwin (@Eeezus) January 22, 2014

Mata after questions whether he is going to be a Man Utd player pic.twitter.com/iRdrcGf6aT

— The FootballQuandary (@FootyQuandary) January 22, 2014

Juan Mata's reaction to being sold to Man Utd pic.twitter.com/7FdjRR9HyO

— Mersey Reds (@MerseyReds1) January 22, 2014

Mata: I changed my mind cancel that move fam Agent: blood it's too late the paper work has gone Mata: pic.twitter.com/TGatzcGV9M

— Harvey Specter (@MasterAyo) January 22, 2014

BREAKING: Mata spotted turning round on his way back to London. pic.twitter.com/fhGbaFXkYz

— Transfer Talk (@EPLBible) January 22, 2014

Moyes: "So, Juan we just need your signature here…" Mata: pic.twitter.com/KZYyolSU0C

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) January 22, 2014

Juan Mata has just been arrested after trying to perform a u-turn on the M6….:(

— FootballFacts101 (@FootballFact101) January 22, 2014

Moyes: Just sign here Mr Mata or should I call you Juan. Mata: Well the thing is Moy.. Moyes be like… pic.twitter.com/GIdB8UMg5J

— Raphael De La Ghetto (@MoTheComedian) January 22, 2014

BREAKING: Juan Mata has officially handed in a transfer request at Manchester United.

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) January 22, 2014

So I was following Juan Mata on the M1… http://t.co/w2fzIjni7d

— Toby Fair (@TopTopPundit) January 22, 2014

Spare a thought for Juan Mata. If he thinks Mourinho killed his career at Chelsea, just wait until Moyes gets his hands on him.

— FK (@fkhanage) January 22, 2014

#Mata Arrives for his medical at Manchester United pic.twitter.com/n5VcTAtlqZ

— Louis Dixon (@itslouisd) January 23, 2014

@BBCSport #Mata medical and signing appears to be going really well! pic.twitter.com/4xio9mCFcW

— James (@jimmydoris1986) January 23, 2014

#breaking #mata deal being held up until Jones scores from the spot…#longdayahead #ggmu pic.twitter.com/JZb3kyXYKM

— jamie (@JLG_2013) January 23, 2014

Moyes gets his man… #Mata pic.twitter.com/b5Y9iUGUCn

— Coral (@Coral) January 23, 2014

BONUS: Juan Mata Man Utd transfer jokes as star set to arrive by helicopter

I can see the helicopter #mata pic.twitter.com/QjmwAiIpW0

— ?? ? =??+-+ (@JamieFielding) January 23, 2014

Exclusive – Juan Mata lands at carrington #mufc #Mata pic.twitter.com/n7489GWOdS

— Andrew Wood (@AndrewWood247) January 23, 2014

Helicopter seen wiv #Mata at Carrington. Looks pleased with the move. pic.twitter.com/OGWWwxaIPW

— Steven McArdle (@StevenMcArdle07) January 23, 2014

BREAKING: Juan Mata spotted entering Carrington Training Ground, in a helicopter as expected! #MUFC #CFC #Mata pic.twitter.com/M62uvpiXFQ

— Kane (@KaneB28) January 23, 2014