The best jokes from World Cup draw 2018 that puts England in Group G

Star-studded event.

Hopefully Putin can smile at the jokes from the World Cup draw 2018 in Russia
IN RUSSIA: Draw (Image: President of Russia)

England were selected in Group G alongside Belgium, Tunisia and Panama in the World Cup draw 2018 that took place in the Kremlin’s State Palace in Russia on Friday.

Diego Maradona selected England’s ball in the slightly delayed coverage of the star-studded event attended by Vladimir Putin himself.

If the country progresses out of the group, we can expect to face Poland, Senegal, Japan or Colombia in the last 16 ahead of a potential quarter final against either Brazil or Germany.

These were the best jokes as the nation watched the World Cup draw 2018 that put England in Group G in Russia next summer:

A smiling Putin said he was keen to see exactly how his specially-chosen draw would turn out. #WorldCupDraw pic.twitter.com/NzZ8Tp5xh3

— SportsJOE (@SportsJOE_UK) December 1, 2017

Putin when the wrong team is drawn #WorldCupDraw pic.twitter.com/SU66g3XTeq

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) December 1, 2017



When your #WorldCupDraw suddenly becomes The Fifth Element pic.twitter.com/nlPfLuPnO4

— Trevor H (@HeyHayward) December 1, 2017

Definitely they should be in the same pot lol#WorldCupDraw pic.twitter.com/chYQAY8FBx

— Ali Ibrahim (@alibob223) December 1, 2017

Showing everyone at the pub your tweet which did 30 RTs. pic.twitter.com/t4cRBMTd98

— Andy Ha (@_AndyHa) December 1, 2017



Fixing the #WorldCupDraw to get Egypt & Saudi Arabia in your group pic.twitter.com/XF1u6HuU7u

— ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) December 1, 2017

Panama should be an emotional game as the England footballers come face-to-face for the first time with their accountants.

— Dave Cohen (@DaveCohencomedy) December 1, 2017

Sam Allardyce trying to decide whether to support England or offshore tax haven Panama #WorldCupDraw pic.twitter.com/H31Idtxzbh

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) December 1, 2017


England 0-2 Panama | Why Was Harry Kane on Corner Kicks? (DT explicit rant) pic.twitter.com/0SUy24oNNq

— Jas (@JasAFC) December 1, 2017

A glimpse into the future. #WorldCupDraw pic.twitter.com/5CayZKgq6v

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) December 1, 2017

When hazard and de bruyne sees smalling and John stones #WorldCupDraw pic.twitter.com/FMxWGQ6rei

— The notorious big D (@JeshaunC) December 1, 2017

Nikehedonia: pleasure in the anticipation of victory. Pregret: knowledge that something you feel or do will come back to haunt you. #WorldCupDraw

— Susie Dent (@susie_dent) December 1, 2017


Panama is way too small a country to beat us at football. It’s so tiny it’s literally only 12 times bigger than Iceland.

— Richard Osman (@richardosman) December 1, 2017

Imagine if Panama played the canoe conman John Darwin up front against England

— McQueer (@ChrisMcQueer) December 1, 2017

England 1-0 tunisia last minute
England 0-0 Panama
England 0-1 Belgium

England go through second place level on points with panama but better goal difference

England lose in 1/8 against S. Korea

FA sack Southgate
FA appoint Pardew
Repeat#thefuture#ThreeLions #WorldCupDraw

— Geoffroy Fisher (@MarvelManUtd) December 1, 2017


3 things assured to happen to Nigerians

– Death
– Politicians looting money
– Nigeria vs Argentina football fixture #WorldCupDraw #FanLiveNG pic.twitter.com/BdkpogAOss

— Based on Logistics (@Iam_Abdulaxis) December 1, 2017

Plenty of derbies in this #WorldCupDraw:

Spain Vs Portugal: Iberian Derby
Brazil Vs Costa Rica: Delicious Coffee Derby
Russia Vs Saudi Arabia: Human Rights Abuses Derby

— Will Wardrop (@willwardropp) December 1, 2017

Group L has been leaked! #WorldCupDraw 


— GK16 (@GolazoLeo) December 1, 2017

I can already taste England’s 1-0 loss to Panama, 0-0 draw with Tunisia and 2-1 loss to Belgium, and I cannot wait

— nonagon infinity opens the door, wooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (@RoryMeep) December 1, 2017