The best jokes from Soccer Aid 2019

Piers Morgan's World XI lift trophy after penalties win in Unicef charity match.

Winners Piers Morgan and Harry Redknapp can enjoy the funny tweets and jokes from Soccer Aid 2019
(Image: YouTube/Soccer Aid)

Soccer Aid 2019 took place at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge on Sunday evening.

The annual charity match to raise money for Unicef saw a World XI managed by Piers Morgan beat England on penalties after a 2-2 draw in ninety minutes.

Piers Morgan getting booed at #SoccerAid makes everything better pic.twitter.com/dBbMpuOVr4

— Mehdi Juma (@MehdiJuma) June 16, 2019

A host of former players joined celebrities, musicians and TV stars on both sides to battle it out in an entertaining match broadcast live on ITV.

Tom Hanks made an appearance before kick-off and Lee Mack was the one who missed England’s final penalty.


The comedian misses a penalty for the second year in a row and also received some stick after blasting a late chance over the bar.

These were the best jokes and tweets from Soccer Aid 2019:


"There will be no bent free kicks in my team let me tell you" @martin_compston #socceraid pic.twitter.com/DG3Mrr5ScP

— Dan Baker (@Dan_Baker4) June 16, 2019

4 women football legends on the field at kick off.
With John Terry#SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/rEb3tT6g6d

— L JD (@8LAD35) June 16, 2019

Tom Hanks placing the ball for kick off #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/o1nNDTWBKs

— Kenny Jones (@kaj1981) June 16, 2019

Some guy from Love Island turning John Terry inside out before bending one into the far corner. Soccer Aid is ace. #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/E3hO4oo7Nq

— Ben Hyde (@henbyde) June 16, 2019




John Terry waiting for Rita Ora to finish her half time show at #SoccerAid: pic.twitter.com/QkQsrjxRVG

— Mehdi Juma (@MehdiJuma) June 16, 2019

The state of poor Rita Ora after just 30 seconds alone in the company of John Terry.#SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/wPYQmSFHfw

— Gene McGurk (@magawk) June 16, 2019

Tom Hanks reveals his fee for a 3 minute appearance #SoccerAid pic.twitter.com/Y2xZJPFriw

— Simon Taylor (@sottyuk) June 16, 2019




Lee Mack – in tribute to Bolt – has his own 100 metres PB of 95.80 on his shirt. #SoccerAid2019 pic.twitter.com/vwrmanL133

— Chris Hall (@chrishallitv) June 16, 2019


Lee Mack. Not Going In.#Sitters

— Mr Fixit's Tips (@mrfixitstips) June 16, 2019


Piers Morgan tactical masterclass

— Rhys (@rhysd30) June 16, 2019