The best jokes from Slovenia 0-0 England, bore draw ends dismally

Gareth Southgate's second game in charge is tediously boring World Cup qualifier.

There were lots of jokes from Slovenia 0-0 England, another very boring World Cup qualifier

After another crushingly boring game involving the national team, these are the best jokes from Slovenia 0-0 England.

Gareth Southgate’s second game as caretaker manager turned out to be just as dull as the last, with little in the way of team changes and a tediously slow playing style.

A spat between the two sides over nothing at the end of the game only served to highlight how dismal this World Cup qualifier really was.

Don’t miss the best jokes from Slovenia 0-0 England, another bore draw:

The FA should put the England team in the Checkatrade Trophy to aid with their development

— Ryan Murrant (@ryanmurrant) October 11, 2016

Watching England like pic.twitter.com/A4XDKJY0oJ

— Deluded Brendan (@DeludedBrendan) October 11, 2016

Are you proud of yourself, Gareth? #SLOENG pic.twitter.com/O87x04QVid

— SportsJOE (@SportsJOE_UK) October 11, 2016

SPOTTED: 11 clowns running around on ITV wearing England kits… #SLOENG

— BigSport (@BigSportGB) October 11, 2016

#SLOENG This is embarrassing. We should easily beat a Mickey Mouse team like this. I'm ashamed to be Slovenian…

— Mark Summers (@markysumm) October 11, 2016

Joe Hart sums up the first 10 minutes of #SLOENG pic.twitter.com/oW1Vie7aSR

— TEAMtalk (@TEAMtalk) October 11, 2016

Nice pass there from Sturridge.

Said absolutely no one ever.#SLOENG

— Ashley Shields (@ashleyshields23) October 11, 2016

#SloEng – the match hashtag that illustrates how the Three Lions play

— Benjamin Wills (@_BenWills) October 11, 2016

Hey @WayneRooney, if you're bored watching, flip to #c4locations on your phone to see people actually trying to put a move together. #SLOENG

— Channel 4 (@Channel4) October 11, 2016

"Dier needs to sharpen up a bit" is the biggest understatement since the mayor of Atlantis said "tides a bit high tonight" ️ #SLOENG

— Paul White (@Mcwhitethechubb) October 11, 2016

Every time John Stones gets the ball.. #SLOENG pic.twitter.com/HBK4fwVchA

— UNILAD Football (@UNILADFooty) October 11, 2016

Get Rooney off!!

What? He's on the bench??

Get Rooney on!! #SLOENG

— TheJamesH1 (@TheJamesH1) October 11, 2016

The ref was so bored that he blew for half-time on 44:59#SLOENG

— 101 Great Goals (@101greatgoals) October 11, 2016

Don't know why I still put myself through it, just end up ranting at the telly. #SLOENG

— Lynsey Hipgrave (@lynseyhipgrave1) October 11, 2016

Who do I report this clown sighting to? #SLOENG #Clown pic.twitter.com/zbfD5XZEz8

— James (@JamesLUFC) October 11, 2016



— Andrew (@1andrewfenton) October 11, 2016

England's new national anthem gives me goosebumps. pic.twitter.com/S50nobgWHJ

— Sunday League (@SundayShoutsFC) October 11, 2016

Southgate leaves gameplan on team bus#SLOENG pic.twitter.com/knmTnTRzjB

— Rob Whittle (@HaleFishLtd) October 11, 2016

Starting to think Big Sam set up the "entrapment" sting himself. #SLOENG

— Grant Blackwell (@GrantJBackwell) October 11, 2016

I know what this game is missing, Harry Kane on corners. #SLOENG

— Chris Sumpter (@chrissumpter80) October 11, 2016

Sam Allardyce didn't die for this #SLOENG

— Lewis Bullen (@LewisBullen_93) October 11, 2016

Bobby Charlton's birthday today. Even at 79 he'd probably be the best player in the pitch tonight #SLOENG

— (((Chris Grayling))) (@chrisgrayling) October 11, 2016

For the bantz: we scored more goals than England did tonight! #norSMR

— San Marino (@soccersanmarino) October 11, 2016

Big Sam watches on as he tucks into a pile of sausage and chips with a pint of wine. "100% win record" he mutters. "I am a legend." #SLOENG

— Olly (@WorldOfOlly) October 11, 2016

If ITV don't offer an "If you've been affected…" helpline following this broadcast then they're being irresponsible #SLOENG

— Dominic Jackson (@thedomjackson) October 11, 2016

Overpaid wankers. Keith #SLOENG

— Keith Mallender (@KeithMallender) October 11, 2016

Time for us to stop calling others farmers and accept that it is England who are farmers

— Nicole ΑΩ (@NickiDupre) October 11, 2016

I've got to say, Slovenia vs. England was a fantastic game of football. What a belter, it had everything.

— Boring James Milner (@BoringMilner) October 11, 2016

Slovenia v England extended highlights #SLOENG https://t.co/JuaF41I7xs

— GambleGeek (@Gamble_Geek) October 11, 2016