The best jokes about the Old Trafford protests against the Glazer family’s ownership

The first time a Premier League match has been postponed due to fan dissent.

There were lots of tweets and jokes from the Old Trafford protest
(Image: YouTube/Sky News)

Around 200 Manchester United fans managed to break into Old Trafford to protest against the Glazer family’s ownership of the club after plans for the side’s involvement in a mooted European Super League.

Man Utd’s game against Liverpool in the Premier League was postponed on Sunday after the club failed to control the uprising which caused concerns over the spread of COVID-19.

Two police officers were reportedly injured in clashes with supporters after a large gathering outside the ground before a number managed to make it onto the pitch.

These were the best tweets and jokes from the Old Trafford protest:

Say what you want about Solskaer, but today he’s gone for the unconventional 24-45-59 formation #MANLIV #ManchesterUnited #MUFCLIV pic.twitter.com/3WN3gXjFZg

— James Billington (@bilge1979) May 2, 2021

and then i told the fans they should invade the pitch so the game get’s called off. city won‘t be crowned champions today and we can get the glazers out. #MUNLIV #MUFCLIV pic.twitter.com/YYjY3lvygl

— LiverpoolRoyalty (@liverpoolroyal) May 2, 2021

Uniteds revised lineup for tonight #mufc #MUFC_FAMILY #MUFCLIV pic.twitter.com/T7HMnDfxXD

— Dan Adams (@DJDanAdams) May 2, 2021

BREAKING: Decision to postpone fixture heavily influenced by players from both sides wanting to be able to watch the Line of Duty finale #MUFCLIV

— Ste* (@screechyboy79) May 2, 2021

“You can clearly see those fans who got on to the Old Trafford pitch, diving in the box. It’s what they do at United every week” pic.twitter.com/WIrrxaqxsJ

— Jay Motty (@JayMotty) May 2, 2021

More ugly scenes at Old Trafford pic.twitter.com/9I50VJ5cmy

— Oddball * (@joneeley) May 2, 2021


Old Trafford security never stood a chance pic.twitter.com/t2ZkC4oEl5

— Banter FC (@BanterFC5) May 2, 2021

This man at Old Trafford has more assists than Thiago this season. #MUFC pic.twitter.com/FbWCF8WLco

— Asolo (@AsoloMufc) May 2, 2021

This man has more iconic moments at Old Trafford than Martial… pic.twitter.com/zggHSzJcVw

— Der Kaiser™️ (@DerKaiserBM) May 2, 2021

Dave 37 from Salford has had more minutes on the pitch at Old Trafford this season than Donny van de Beek pic.twitter.com/LRVksraL1y

— The Football Centre (@footballcentreT) May 2, 2021

"The stadium is now secure"

20mins into the game and from under the seat covering#MUNLIV#OldTrafford pic.twitter.com/A5ngWLy3OK

— Andrew Stean (@AndyStean) May 2, 2021


Reports say that Marcus Rashford has head to Old Trafford, it is said that he wants to meet some of the protestors, to say 'yo protestors want food innit?'. #MUFC

— Pomodoro (@PomodoroNews) May 2, 2021

The pictures coming out of Old Trafford today are crazy pic.twitter.com/EhRMwJp2Xo

— WengersDOC (@DocWengers) May 2, 2021

Heat map from this afternoon's big clash at #oldtrafford ….. #mufc #MANLIV pic.twitter.com/lFLkhUNMAK

— James Moran (@Jpjm1964) May 2, 2021


This protest at Old Trafford could have been stopped when they boarded the train at Euston!#MANLIV

— Dolbs (@MillwallDolbs3) May 2, 2021

Can someone send Michael Doyle to Old Trafford please? #pusb pic.twitter.com/OoaPjCpR05

— Rob O’Malley (@RobOMalley8) May 2, 2021

Timo Werner among rioters at old Trafford. #ManUtd pic.twitter.com/LWX5RJi93e

— Andrew again (@ndrreww) May 2, 2021


Not this week.#oldtrafford #MUNLIV pic.twitter.com/SlSF0tf5X7

— Wael Shiha (@Wael_Shiha) May 2, 2021


Just a humble police officer, tearing up at all of the loving, passionate, peaceful protesting going on at Old Trafford today. pic.twitter.com/w5S1OhhNl9

— YNWA (@DMLFC96) May 2, 2021


And you say they broke into Old Trafford? pic.twitter.com/PmYDTvWOpZ

— Jon (@Water_Pistolero) May 2, 2021


Mo Salah after being told the diving at Old Trafford will be delayed#GlazersOut #MUNLIV pic.twitter.com/bZJsLuZyF0

— 2wice Kenyan (@2wiceWise) May 2, 2021

Old Trafford Security Today : pic.twitter.com/o3dLX4MYGL

— ' (@TheShowtimeReds) May 2, 2021

John O'Shea > Tampa Bay.

Today's Old Trafford protests summed up perfectly pic.twitter.com/NgHA5OU362

— YBIG (@YouBoysInGreen) May 2, 2021

Gf: "Hey babe, I'm alone at home"
Me: "Sorry luv, can't right now. Old Trafford needs me" #MUNLIV pic.twitter.com/rsVErkBr8u

— kavin (@kaizer_sigma) May 2, 2021