The best jokes from Northern Ireland 0-1 Germany as both teams go through

Choruses of "Will Grigg's on Fire" set to ring out in France for a little longer yet.

Mario Gómez's goal in Northern Ireland 0-1 Germany spared him being the butt of jokes
GOAL-SCORER: Gómez (Image: Steindy)

Here is a selection of the best jokes from Northern Ireland 0-1 Germany as both teams qualified for the knock-out stages of Euro 2016.

Despite the Germans’ domination, they had to rely on Mario Gómez’s first-half strike to finish top of Group C, edging out Poland on goal difference.

As one of the best-performing third place teams, Northern Ireland will also progress to the round of 16 – a remarkable result for a side that had already worked wonders just to qualify for the tournament in the first place.

With choruses of “Will Griggs on Fire” set to ring out in France for a little longer yet, here are the best jokes from Northern Ireland 0-1 Germany:

hope a big verified account misspells the #NIRGER hashtag today

— SM (@SM_0141) 21 June 2016

#NIRGER – The slowest typed hashtag ever.

— Marc Wallace (@MarcJWallace) 21 June 2016

#NIRGER This child is dabbing during the North-Irish anthem pic.twitter.com/lagZzmoi1X

— Maxou Boh (@MaxouBoh) 21 June 2016

100 years to the fortnight since the mighty Ulster Division captured the Schwaben Redoubt on the Somme, there's no way NI can lose#NIRGER

— Dan Snow (@thehistoryguy) 21 June 2016

When your goalkeeper has already had 'the game of his life' after 11 minutes, you know things aren't going great. #NIRGER

— Graham Shearer (@GJShearer) 21 June 2016

More misses than at a beauty pageant. #NIRGER

— (((Luca Gierl))) (@LucaGierl) 21 June 2016

McGovern on fire, your attack is nullified. #NIRGER #GAWA

— Ian McGarry (@garbosj) 21 June 2016

Can we please have a moment's silence for the Northern Ireland keeper's testicles. #NIRGER pic.twitter.com/O6guMQFu50

— Greg Scott (@GregScottTV) 21 June 2016

God said, "You can score the winner in a World Cup final, but then that's the end of your football career, ok?" "Deal," said Götze #NIRGER

— Simon Kuper (@KuperSimon) 21 June 2016

#NIRGER Well, i prefered Neuer in black but now you can atleast see him shine lol -L 🇩🇪

— léon (@paynswodka) 21 June 2016

@hermione_rescue pic.twitter.com/I9uch7tYNE

— El Datavizzardo (@datavizzard) 21 June 2016

Will Griggs on fire, your defence is Terrierfied! #NIRGER pic.twitter.com/zXWZxNudsY

— alf frommer (@siegstyle) 21 June 2016

Kimmich, Kimmich, Kimmich a goal after midnight…#NIRGER

— Eris (@aenea_jr) 21 June 2016

How may I assist you? @MesutOzil1088 #NIRGER #ger pic.twitter.com/RrL3Q7Qx4c

— Rudi Gundersen (@Rudisign) 21 June 2016

Gomez on fire. #NIRGER

— ZEIT ONLINE (@zeitonline) 21 June 2016

someone give neuer a chair so he's more comfortable #NIRGER

— meike (@allegrohowell) 21 June 2016

What's with the shiny black shirts on the German coaching team? They look like an amateur magician trio #NIRGER pic.twitter.com/Pv3w39mihE

— Rebeca ღ (@NativeNoddy) 21 June 2016

Grass swimming #NIRGER pic.twitter.com/2O3oSyZify

— Bayern Central (@bayerncentral) 21 June 2016

Anyone who was using the #NIRGER hashtag is racist

— Danny Robson (@DannyRobsonLFC) 21 June 2016

Hope Michael O'Neill washed his hand after that handshake! #NIRGER

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) 21 June 2016

#NIR are THROUGH to the last 16!!! Somewhere Jimmy Nesbitt is dabbing away in delight.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 21 June 2016

Hi Scotland, can you nip over and feed the fish again, we've decided to stay another week. Many thanks #NIR #GAWA

— Dean (@deanomac54) 21 June 2016