The best jokes from Iran v Nigeria, the first 0-0 of Brazil 2014

The best tweets and jokes from Iran v Nigeria, the first 0-0 stalemate of Brazil 2014.

A fan who would have enjoyed the jokes from Iran v Nigeria more than the game
FAN: Looking forward to hearing the jokes after the game (Image: geisagholian)

The best tweets and jokes from Iran v Nigeria, the first 0-0 stalemate of Brazil 2014.

Despite the scoreline, avid World Cup fans found plenty of amusement in the clash of the underdogs in Group F yesterday.

The game may have bored you, but these jokes from Iran v Nigeria surely won’t!

See below.

My set up for today's victory! LETS GO NIGERIA! #GoSuperEagles pic.twitter.com/Cn3T3J0Gqn

— Shay (@urkelace) June 16, 2014

I like Emmanuel Emenike but I much prefer Emmanuel Emeadidas. Thank you and make sure to tell your friends to follow me on twitter dot com.

— James Busher (@JamesBusher) June 16, 2014

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to red cards #IRANvsNIGERIA

— Darth Vader (@DepressedDarth) June 16, 2014

People of Nigeria share their wealth with random people on Internet. Least you all ungrateful folks can do is support them #NGA

— Joy (@Joydas) June 16, 2014

Carlos Queiroz caught red-handed about to pick his nose. #IRN pic.twitter.com/derJDNSLvK

— Squawka Football (@Squawka) June 16, 2014

No women in the team. Typical Iran. #nigeriavsiran

— Boothby Graffoe (@boobygraffoe) June 16, 2014


— Beijing Red 4 Lyf (@Beijingcasuals) June 16, 2014

Note on BBC commentator's desk: "Don't say Iran's secret weapon. Don't say Iran's secret weapon. Don't say Iran's secret weapon." #IRN #NGR

— Ian Hyland (@HylandIan) June 16, 2014

All I'm hearing is 'MASHALLAAAAA' after every pass. #IRN

— ????? ???? (@kas_riz) June 16, 2014

???????????? we need it #WorldCup2014 #SuperEagles pic.twitter.com/xZPzACRTqL

— A K U N N A Y A (@cherryMama_Ava) June 16, 2014

Vincent Enyeama, the Nigerian goalkeeper, stopping goals like our politicians are stopping Nigeria from progressing. God bless him.

— Wasiin Bae (@WalleLawal) June 16, 2014

Seyi Olofinjana and mate wearing the greatest jackets of all time? #NGR #IRN http://t.co/T7dxz9m5mJ pic.twitter.com/fitec8fjIY

— MailOnline Sport (@MailSport) June 16, 2014

No matter what the result, the real winner of today's game will be this hair: pic.twitter.com/wIGkJ5oQgS #IRN #TeamMelli

— Sidewalk Lyrics (@pedestrian) June 16, 2014

I fear half-time might be the best part of this match. #NGA #IRN

— Miles Jacobson (@milesSI) June 16, 2014

#Haghighi #IRN #IRAN #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/ynlzsfjFMh

— Agnieszka Karoluk (@huliganjetta48) June 16, 2014

"Is this the moment the game changes? Victor Moses with the corner.." I'm going to stop you right there. It's probably not, no. #BrazilNuts

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 16, 2014

Victor Moses joins Wayne Rooney at the Iago Aspas school of corners

— The Lu Shwareh (@ThoseScouseLads) June 16, 2014

Shola Ameobi on for Victor Moses. This is it people, the goals have arrived.

— Betfair (@Betfair) June 16, 2014

Watching the #IRN v #NGA game pic.twitter.com/GTR1zRXMyL

— Footy Away Days (@FootyAwayDays_) June 16, 2014

#IRN vs #NGA right now. pic.twitter.com/X1fXVTPVJH

— Evil Football (@EvilFootball) June 16, 2014

Sending on Shola Ameobi on to win a game is like sending Stevie Wonder to look for Madeleine McCann.

— TheSportsHangout (@Sports_Hangout) June 16, 2014

Nigeria have attempted 20 crosses, but not a single one has found a target yet. Over to you, David Moyes…. #NGA pic.twitter.com/TjL1TZmwjr

— Squawka Football (@Squawka) June 16, 2014

Can SOMEBODY ELSE please take set pieces please!!!!! Azeez cannot deliver a pizza let alone a half decent ball into the box #nigeriavsiran

— Victor Ebuwa (@VicEbuwaSlick) June 16, 2014

After turning up at Germany's training ground in attempt to change nationalities, Peter Odemwingie admits defeat and comes on for Nigeria

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) June 16, 2014

Odemwingie comes on for #nga. Proof that good things happen to people who have their own transport and are prepared to travel. #BrazilNuts

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 16, 2014

#IRN vs #NGA, waiting for someone to score like pic.twitter.com/lQx7TXwNAe

— La Albiceleste – Ebi (@BarcaSnacks) June 16, 2014

Everyone who is watching the #nigeriavsiran game #WorldCup2014 pic.twitter.com/NioB6Lesnk

— IG : DIA_DAILY (@OnYoMindDaily) June 16, 2014

Thank God Victor Moses isn't the Moses in the bible……Israel for still dey Egypt

— Risk Taker (@UNCLE_AJALA) June 16, 2014

What a shame. Michael Schumacher just watched 5 minutes of this and slipped back into a coma :( #nigeriavsiran

— Iain Davidson (@SnideRogue) June 16, 2014

The most exciting moment of #IRN#NGA game. They already have a facebook fan page called "those two who kissed"!! pic.twitter.com/HkjHL5vrcW

— Kaveh Gharib (@Kavelicious) June 16, 2014

Man of the match is John Obi Mikel??? Lololol man of the match should be the person who watched the 90 minutes…

— Akbarinho (@ChefBeyardee) June 16, 2014

Aftermath of #nigeriavsiran pic.twitter.com/xWSAFMXI7G

— ?MIDEY? (@Hollu_Midey) June 16, 2014

We all saw dz guy na,, Na hin be d Man of d match #NigeriavsIran pic.twitter.com/lkJlrc1AAs

— ?ladeSHITTU IV (@autoGIGGz) June 16, 2014