The best jokes from France 2-0 Albania as hosts reach Euro 2016 knockout stage

More late goals from the French eventually secure win.

The flags will be flying as we hear the French hear the jokes from France 2-0 Albania as they qualify for the Euro 2016 knockout stage
FLYING HIGH: French flag

These were the best jokes from France 2-0 Albania as the French become the first team to qualify from their group at Euro 2016 and reach the knockout stage of the competition.

A late win was eventually secured against a brave and organised Albanian side thanks to a couple of very late goals from substitute Antoine Griezmann and France’s star of the tournament so far, Dimitri Payet.

The best jokes from France 2-0 Albania as the hosts qualify from Group A:

OK now whatever you do just don't look at the camera. #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/Qln3t8vLZs

— James Coker (@JamesWCoker) 15 June 2016

Clive: He played for Chelsea, who was he with before then?

Glenn: Well, in a previous life..

Clive: Got to stop you there. #FRAALB

— Bozwonk (@lolwarlol) 15 June 2016

Hang on, I thought Albanians were all white with pink eyes?? #FRAALB

— Capt. Dan (@GrainPirateDan) 15 June 2016

That moment when the #EURO2016 commentator keeps talking about a yeti and you realise he's saying Albania's Ajeti. #FRAALB

— Ryan Bailey (@RyanJayBailey) 15 June 2016

This guy. #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/uR4Ei2DSxn

— 8 Troll Football (@8TrollFootball) 15 June 2016

Give the cameraman a medal. #ALB #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/2WHdOqWiNz

— Footy Girls (@Footy___Girls) 15 June 2016

BREAKING: Thierry Henry has fallen out the box office after being caught staring at a Albanian female, he's in critical condition. #FRAALB

— Ajeet Singh (@AjeetSinghFTA) 15 June 2016

Close enough. #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/FSQIDNXvxi

— Halbzeit3 (@Halbzeit3) 15 June 2016

"And he's only got Sudoku ahead of him." hope it's an easy one. #FRAALB

— Callum (@Panayisalad) 15 June 2016

How come Sadiku is playing with No. 10 on his back? I thought you only used numbers 1 to 9#bbceuro2016 #FRAALB

— FA Cup Factfile (@FACupFactfile) 15 June 2016

When you have a shower and cold water hits your back #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/SI6BowvUfu

— JaySánchez (@jamiet7_) 15 June 2016

And our 12 points go to.. ALBANIAAA ! #FRAALB

— Kimeon (@Kimeon92) 15 June 2016

frank Ribery wishing he was playing tonight rather than manning reception at the local leisure centre #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/r6SOevmqO5

— Chris addison (@Addo1878) 15 June 2016

'He's football crazy, he's football mad,
but watching football every night,
Has made me very sad… : [#FRAALB #football

— fatgirlrunning (@fatgirljogging) 15 June 2016

These must be the only eleven Albanian men that Liam Neeson didn't kill. #FRAALB

— Ryan Murray (@Ryan_Murray_2) 15 June 2016

That and if all men went down as much as these players do there would be more women with smiles on their faces… #FRAALB

— Jemma Cox (@jemmacox) 15 June 2016

"OH WATCH OUT WATCH OUT !" #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/fX9pHH0qt3

— Cams (@CamsMrrt) 15 June 2016

Slaven Bilic's turn on the comedy trousers. #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/DvJYhlO3Ml

— Jonathan Hilditch (@unseatedbook) 15 June 2016

I'm bored. Someone fly a Serbian flag with a drone into the stadium please. #FRAALB

— Red Army! (@MYMUFC1) 15 June 2016

Is #FRA on strike? #FRAALB

— Ralf Reski (@ReskiLab) 15 June 2016


— #ALB (@AlbaImeraj) 15 June 2016

5-year-old Olivier Giroud… #FRA pic.twitter.com/2eoFT9eDLN

— The Sun Football (@TheSunFootball) 15 June 2016

The Look on Martial's face 😂😂😂 #fra #FRAALB #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/ZpnYI03jz8

— Nataly Antar (@Nataly_Antar) 15 June 2016

When you finally get to play at a major tournament but get taken off after 45 minutes… #Martial #FRA pic.twitter.com/5eqyMDkzyC

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) 15 June 2016

Look who's coming on #fra pic.twitter.com/klxWwiMwY8

— Zwë (@ZwebackHD) 15 June 2016

On his way to save the day!!!! #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/KSVTwFvBv9

— #HalaMadrid (@RMadrid75) 15 June 2016

How many pretty boy strikers does it take for France to score a goal? #FRAALB

— #PatRiley4President (@JCarrollV) 15 June 2016

Benzema: There's more movement in my bank account than in France's attack… #FRA #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/6ZwRWtEDjH

— Free Bets (@freebetscouk) 15 June 2016

People have lost more money on this game than the Wallstreet crash #FRAALB #EURO2016

— Glenn Carroll (@GlennCarroll1) 15 June 2016


— Thomas Pitcher (@thomasbvb1909) 15 June 2016

#Antoine will be the most popular #FRA name in 2017

— JP (@airjapesfifa) 15 June 2016

Mood #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/yynXVB2JsT

— Sami (@Zetto_Senshi) 15 June 2016

Not in my name. #FRAALB #EURO2016 https://t.co/k3kEyyUTEs

— Benjamin Pierret (@unechemise) 15 June 2016

Clearly the #Albania assistant coach was responsible for marking on balls into the box. #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/txAPaowFsr

— PaulMWhite75 (@PaulMWhite75) 15 June 2016

Bilic acts like Payets dad 😂😂😂 #FRA

— Ryan (@rday_) 15 June 2016

Don't cry .. Being defeted after a real fight is not a lost #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/JMbUwYYKHJ

— Sohaib (@MrSohaibE) 15 June 2016

What kind of bird is this? #FRAALB pic.twitter.com/AEsaRGaGgP

— Albanischer paco (@der_gepushte) 15 June 2016