The best jokes from dull England Euro qualifying clash with Estonia

Made boring work of straightforward European Championship qualifying win.

A man sleeps, probably while watching England's 2-0 Euro qualifying win over Estonia - but he'll wake up after hearing the jokes!
This man made the most of the game (Image: Chad fitz)

England once again made boring work of a straightforward European Championship qualifying win as they defeated Group E rivals Estonia at Wembley – and these are the best jokes to prove it.

Astonishingly over 75k supporters attended the national stadium to watch the match on Friday night, but they were treated to very little entertainment despite the 2-0 scoreline and a couple of late cameo début appearances.

Relive the dullness with this selection of jokes from England 2-0 Estonia:

The moon has more atmosphere than Wembley. #ENGvEST

— Dean West (@DeanWest_) October 9, 2015

Hoddle was a great player and decent manager but his punditry is coma inducing. Like listening to Coldplay while waiting in Argos. #ENGvEST

— Peter Smith (@Redpeter99) October 9, 2015

How is Sterling worth £49 million and he can't even beat Estonia's full back who probably works part time as a butcher #ENGvEST

— Rhys Nuttall (@rwn1992) October 9, 2015

"A face like a melted owl" #ENGvEST pic.twitter.com/RDTQC4FdXI

— Alistair Coleman (@scaryduck) October 9, 2015

Can't work out if it's the ITV commentary that's boring me to tears or the football. #ENGvEST

— Lady Laura (@LawaLaura) October 9, 2015

Did the commentator just say "duh" during this match #ENGvEST

— TONY (@tonyspurs1980) October 9, 2015

My word Clyne has turned crap! Well done Brendan… #ENGvEST

— Dan (@my_nameis_dan) October 9, 2015

I’m nearly at the point of doing a solo Mexican wave ,in my own front room, at this rate . #ENGvEST

— Danny (@qprrforme) October 9, 2015

How many goals do we need to win this by to get back into the Rugby World Cup? #ENGvEST

— Lewis Wiltshire (@LewisWiltshire) October 9, 2015

Pressed a button on my remote by accident and it vastly improved the game #ENGvEST pic.twitter.com/KLNdqaVxfV

— Mr Overlooked (@Mr_Overlooked) October 9, 2015

This game should be sponsored by Night nurse. #ENGvEST

— Josuf (@theonlyjoegee) October 9, 2015

I think my dad has given the most accurate and succinct match report for this game #ENGvEST #England pic.twitter.com/4I3Xi4l7vz

— Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings (@LewisLK_28B) October 9, 2015

6YO: "Daddy, have we seen this match before?" Me: "No, son. It just feels like it." #ENGvEST

— Dave Turner (@mrdaveturner) October 9, 2015

Carry on watching the England game or go and do the washing up….washing up wins! 💤💤💤 #ENGvEST

— Gavin Bowen (@GavinBowen) October 9, 2015

We are the Leeds of the national scene. Once a biggish side that won a thing or two but now just a shadow of ones self #England

— Oljay (@oljay99) October 9, 2015