The best jokes from Brazil 2-0 Mexico as Neymar stars in Round of 16 clash

One goal, one assist, lots more rolling.

There were lots more Neymar tweets to accompany the jokes from Brazil 2-0 Mexico World Cup Russia 2018 Round of 16 clash
CENTRE OF ATTENTION: Neymar (Image: Agência Brasil Fotografias)

Brazil beat Mexico 2-0 in a last 16 match at the Samara Arena on Monday to book their place in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Russia.

For all his playacting, Neymar was the star man for Tite’s side after opening the scoring from Willian’s cross before teeing up Roberto Firmino for a tap-in late on.

The Brazilians had chances to register a more comfortable win, but Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa made a string of good saves.

Despite their disappointment, the Mexicans exit the World Cup reflecting on a campaign that saw them make many friends after winning their opening two matches against Germany and South Korea.

These were the best of the Neymar tweets and jokes from Brazil 2-0 Mexico at Russia 2018:

Pretty weird that Jesus is finding it so difficult to cross.

— Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats) July 2, 2018

We need a miracle #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/dBmbW6kZDe

— kim (@FGSKOOKIE) July 2, 2018

it’s time to bust out the tequila and start crying my friends #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/ejl8n2iSPZ

— maya (@tropicojimin) July 2, 2018


Layun is all of us whenever Neymar drops #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/XmGRhX8HB5

— HM (@70yardrobbo) July 2, 2018

Poor Neymar. He breaks his legs every morning. #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/1WXy5Lb2nm

— Josh Rodriguez (@joshrod17) July 2, 2018

I expect Neymar to be the first human being to achieve the incredible double of winning a World Cup trophy as well as an Oscar.

— Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats) July 2, 2018

On my way to the stadium to give this to Neymar #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/gzbz2YKhlm

— Fatimah (@Ellisande_) July 2, 2018

While watching the match, I accidentally touched my TV screen and Neymar fell! #BRAMEX

— Shrusti Jhawar (@Shrusti_Jhawar) July 2, 2018

If Neymar acts like that when he's barely been touched, the bloke that did all of his tatoos must have had a nightmare #WorldCup #BRAMEX

— Matt Banks (@Matt_Banks3) July 2, 2018

VAR gets it right again. #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/QD5jDtRqx5

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 2, 2018

Every time I look at the screen I feel like this is all I'm seeing #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/aoBQ4vLgob

— Christie (@christiemsia) July 2, 2018

Roll over lay down. #BRAMEX #Neymar pic.twitter.com/OjowTICQsT

— Appie van der Beek (@appievanderbeek) July 2, 2018

me at beginning of this game VS me towards the end of this game #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/WcrsbsZhVU

— cin (@cindica__) July 2, 2018

alright so i’m done #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/m1wOqiW8Nm

— jo loves jungwoo! (@softiejungs) July 2, 2018


— HxH IS BACK ! (@kurtapiika) July 2, 2018

IM CRYING #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/ZhVcp2S2ex

— Caramia (@facethewarrior) July 2, 2018

Most Mexico fans right now and usually me after having ghost peppers…

#BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/5lMlhtXkdm

— Carl Turnbull (@Hotcarlito) July 2, 2018



Well y’all, it was fun while it lasted. See you in 4 years #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/ShyrqDT431

— lil (@sipthisteasis) July 2, 2018

We did something Brazil couldn't do and that's beat Germany so who's the real winners? #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/Un9WzyQqKI

— HxH IS BACK ! (@kurtapiika) July 2, 2018

This is how hard life just hit me #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/Zxtc9iQ9ZS

— Indiana Jones (@JackieeCastroo) July 2, 2018

#BRAMEX Neymar would've die of this pic.twitter.com/DJZmb9uVEJ

— Ververngida (@ververngida) July 2, 2018



It is just me or does Neymar look like he is in several porn scenes with the “Invisible Man”? #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/6fVq9kv5Qu

— The Real Kakistocrat (@RealAfroTrump) July 2, 2018

How to deal with Neymar #BRAMEX https://t.co/CgWp8WTsm7

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) July 2, 2018

So the Simpsons were wrong. Mexico is out after loss to Brazil. 2-0 #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/8qrx8wxykc

— ALT 98.7 (@ALT987fm) July 2, 2018


Maybe he tried out acting and it didn’t work out for him? #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/hpNiNZj0AG

— Hasna Dahir (@HauteBBH_) July 2, 2018

#BRAMEX all the hours they spent bleaching their hair should have gone towards practice pic.twitter.com/MrIHoqK4b8

— jessica (@jlylouis) July 2, 2018


— meli – updating pube au (@flirtjins) July 2, 2018

This is how my best friend tries to cheer me up when I am not in good mood. #BRAMEX pic.twitter.com/u9Opd1zpuH

— Nikunj (@Nikunj_97) July 2, 2018