The best jokes as West Brom ‘part company’ with Alan Pardew

Four-month spell in the West Midlands culminates in eight successive defeats.

There were lots of jokes after Alan Pardew was apparently not sacked, but left West Brom by mutual consent
MUTUALLY PARTED: Pardew (Image: Brian Minkoff/London Pixels)

West Brom have “agreed to mutually part company” with manager Alan Pardew after a disastrous four-month spell in the West Midlands culminated in eight successive Premier League defeats.

He managed just one win in eighteen games at the club, leaving them ten points from safety with just six games remaining following a 2-1 loss at home to Burnley on Saturday.

These were the best jokes as Alan Pardew leaves West Brom:

Pardew's never been relegated. What a manager

— P™ (@SemperFiArsenal) April 2, 2018

Alan Pardew leaves West Brom with his players having stole as many taxis as Premier League matches won under his management. Quite the legacy.

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) April 2, 2018

Exclusive photo of Alan Pardew leaving West Bromwich Albion pic.twitter.com/ajOC602NvG

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) April 2, 2018

Alan Pardew got to be a favourite for the wba job

— mcterrier (@temcterrier1977) April 2, 2018

Alan Pardew leaves West Brom by mutual consent. Only one man can turn this around. pic.twitter.com/w4pCKhs7NG

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 2, 2018

West Brom: "You're sacked."
Pardew: "Fair enough."#mutualconsent https://t.co/TWP5nlmTbB

— Kit Crimes ⚽️ (@KitCrimes) April 2, 2018

The West Bromwich Albion manager of the season award is going to be hotly contested:

Tony Pulis- 2 wins
Gary Megson – 0 wins
Alan Pardew – 1 win

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 2, 2018

Everyone, this was not Alan Pardew's fault. pic.twitter.com/n4z5Ll0soW

— Adam Bate (@ghostgoal) April 2, 2018

🚕 BREAKING: Alan Pardew has landed a new job after a successful Winter trial in Spain… pic.twitter.com/pVLQlj8Qdt

— The Sportsman (@TheSportsman) April 2, 2018


Do NOT hire this man!

If you're a Premier League team that is struggling to stay in the league, you need to be careful of Alan Pardew. A notorious crook who will only make you worse!! 😰😰

SHARE so everyone is aware! #Pardew #WBA #PremierLeague pic.twitter.com/oiKgRkM1ML

— Route One (@Route_One_) April 2, 2018


Wolves should invite Pardew to Molineux so he can get the ovation he deserves…………………

— Steve Plant (@wolvesmatchworn) April 2, 2018

1 – Alan Pardew is the first manager in Premier League history to be sacked on Easter Monday. Unholy. pic.twitter.com/YtaUaV1KxB

— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) April 2, 2018

Alan Pardew, the Brexit of football managers… full of false promise, costs millions, delivers nothing, leaves everything worse than it was, yet is still highly regarded

— 𝔼𝕝 𝕊𝕔𝕠𝕦𝕤𝕖 (@elscouse) April 2, 2018

Poor old Alan Pardew. Still, someone will start next season badly and panic. They always do.

— Andrew Beasley (@BassTunedToRed) April 2, 2018

Can everyone please stop tweeting us about Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew is NOT a #WBA (World Bollard Association) member

We have not agreed to part company with him by mutual consent

We don't even know him

Thank you #WorldBollardAssociation #WestBollardAlbion@wba

— World Bollard Association™ (@WorldBollard) April 2, 2018



"Technically Kammy, they weren't officially relegated until after I left" pic.twitter.com/qnsO0YZJzi

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) April 2, 2018