The best jokes as tiny car carries ball onto pitch for Turkey vs Italy in Euro 2020 opener

Remote-controlled toy steals show in Rome.

This is not the tiny car that brought the ball onto the pitch for Turkey 0-3 Italy at Euro 2020
(Image: Marco Verch Professional Photographer)

A remote-controlled Volkswagen brought the ball to the centre circle for kick-off as Turkey took on Italy in Friday’s Euro 2020 opening match.

Roberto Mancini’s Italian side won 3-0 at the Stadio Olimpico to get off to a flyer in Group A, and there were eye-catching scenes during the build-up.


After famous opera tenor Andrea Bocelli had performed “Nessun Dorma”, a tiny car whizzed onto the pitch carrying the match ball for the occasion.

These were the best jokes and tweets about this particular sponsorship stunt:

The car touched the ball more times than Turkey did tonight

— Kurt (@Kurt0411Fifa) June 11, 2021

Match ball delivered by remote control car??????? Who’s driving it #EURO2020 pic.twitter.com/oOhR6ZidP9

— ᴀʟʙʏ ʟᴀᴅ (@ALBY_LAD) June 11, 2021


— Out Of Context Football (@nocontextfooty) June 12, 2021


— ITALIA '92 TRUTHER (@TreborRhurbarb) June 11, 2021


Possession Italy 90%, Turkey 3%, Car 7% #Euro2020 pic.twitter.com/Jev6rQWDov

— Jake Chester Holden (@ChesterToad) June 11, 2021

The history books will simply say the ball was delivered by tiny car, everything else will be a footnote. pic.twitter.com/2dblHRR3Dq

— Tom Whyman (@HealthUntoDeath) June 11, 2021

'and is "tiny car who drove the ball on to the pitch" in the room with us right now?' pic.twitter.com/1s23By6Tse

— Ross Sayers (@Sayers33) June 11, 2021

“provided us with the moment of the tournament so far” <- tiny car erasure

— edie (@multiplebears) June 11, 2021

Nice of insigne to allow his car to bring the ball to the referee pic.twitter.com/c93KaJrGd0

— Matt ball (@mattball22) June 11, 2021

‘That ball in a car? Terrific little player’ pic.twitter.com/irM3JrOqey

— Big Chaza (@BigChaza04) June 12, 2021

Football In A Tiny Car to the tune of Owner Of A Lonely Heart pic.twitter.com/U3V3nK2c07

— The Devil has many bollocks, my friend (@LeonardEctric1) June 11, 2021

Volkswagen: How do we get the world back on side after dieselgate?

Hungover intern: I’ve got an idea… pic.twitter.com/PstiTKhwo6

— Stefan Bienkowski (@SBienkowski) June 11, 2021


Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee Volkswagen pic.twitter.com/9WdXnGQLTI

— Jan Harvey (@TheJanHarvey) June 11, 2021