The best jokes as Stan Collymore joins the Scottish National Party

Staffordshire-born pundit caused a stir by switching political parties.

Stan Collymore joins the Scottish National Party, cuts up his Labour Party membership card and people make jokes - like saying that he wrote this
Stan Collymore probably wrote this

These are the best jokes after Stan Collymore publicly announced that he was joining the Scottish National Party and leaving Labour after parliament voted by a large majority to carry out air strikes on ISIS targets in Syria.

66 Labour MPs voted in favour of proceeding with the attacks and the TalkSport presenter was so incensed at the final result that he cut his Labour Party membership card in half and immediately joined up with the Scots – all the while providing a running commentary on Twitter.

Here are the best jokes as Stan Collymore joins the Scottish National Party following the Syria vote:

"Sorry I'm late for work, I was going to get off Twitter and go to bed at 11:30 and then Stan Collymore announced he's joined the SNP"

— Jess Brammar (@jessbrammar) December 2, 2015

Stan Collymore, SNP candidate for Cannock Chase

— Mele Gavikimaka (@blueliberal1) December 2, 2015

Stan Collymore wants to join the SNP gives a whole new meaning too Women for Independence back handers

— John Stevens (@pzj_1) December 2, 2015

Who radicalised Stan Collymore? Why would he want to join the so called Scottish Nationalist Party or PI' SH as they are now known?

— Brian Spannerovitch (@BrianSpanner1) December 2, 2015

Ok – when I said what would happen as a result of the #SyriaVote I admit I didn't predict that Stan Collymore would join the SNP.

— Pete Sinclair (@pete_sinclair) December 2, 2015

Rangers should get another star on our shirt for annoying Collymore so much he joined the SNP

— Callum Hamilton (@Callum_TH) December 2, 2015

For a moment there I'd forgot about Stan Collymore. Glad to see he's wedged Stan Collymore into the night.

— NUFCThreatLevel (@NUFCThreatLevel) December 2, 2015

Stan Collymore joining the SNP has the making of a documentary even Alan Partridge couldn't have invented #SNP #collymore

— Nick Scarlett (@Nick_S1988) December 2, 2015

Seems that Stan Collymore has turned up at Holyrood with a can of Lager and a fishing Rod .

— Franky (@RangersFranky) December 3, 2015

I, for one, am very excited about Stan Collymore's entry onto the Scottish political commentary scene. pic.twitter.com/pOoa0VGTU9

— Jamie Ross (@JamieRoss7) December 3, 2015

Stan Collymore has joined the SNP on a Bosman… More to follow.

— Paul Ellis (@Paul_Ellis147) December 3, 2015

im confused. is Stan Collymore scottish now? state of scot football he should get a game easy. Colly-beat women not terrorists is that msg?

— paul mann (@atchorley1961) December 3, 2015

When I see Stan Collymore trending I immediately think of car parks

— brian s (@bynackmor) December 3, 2015

The footballer's intelligence has evolved from Johan cruyff holding press conference in 5 languages to Stan Collymore joining the SNP.

— seymour butz (@Dudley__Castle) December 3, 2015

Listen, Stan Collymore has a strong affinity with Scotland. He bought series 1-2 of Monarch Of The Glen and he assured me he will watch it.

— Kevin Keegan (@GalacticKeegan) December 3, 2015

Salmond must be a bit peeved that Stan Collymore is hogging the SNP spotlight this morning.

— Ali Harper (@ali_harper) December 3, 2015