The best jokes as Southampton sack manager Mark Hughes

Leaves the club third from bottom in the Premier League.

There were jokes after Southampton sacked Mark Hughes
(Image: Chensiyuan)

Mark Hughes has been sacked as manager of Southampton after a run of bad results saw them knocked out of the League Cup and left in the relegation zone.

Despite going 2-0 up against Man Utd in his last game at the club, the 2-2 final result was not enough to save him from the chop after just eight months in charge.

The former striker now has the unfortunate distinction of being the only manager to be sacked by two different Premier League clubs in the same calendar year.

The rudderless side face Tottenham at Wembley on Tuesday night in their next match.

Here are the best of the jokes as Southampton sack Mark Hughes:

Right before the Tottenham game? Cheers sons crying. Nice one. pic.twitter.com/DKOYrD6rUb

— FPL FRAUD (@FplFraud) December 3, 2018

Mark Hughes sacked after 8 months at Southampton for alleged use of 'fake arms' :( pic.twitter.com/jO2rapwVZG

— Rock 'N' Roll Football (@RnRFootball) December 3, 2018


Mark Hughes becomes the first Premier League manager to be sacked by two different clubs in the same calendar year. Put that in your Christmas cracker. pic.twitter.com/HA1kbbxYwM

— Ben Grounds (@Ben_Islington) December 3, 2018

He's never been the same since he lost his kids pic.twitter.com/OqbCJMslVz

— Degs (@_degs_) December 3, 2018

I was gutted for Mark Hughes when Southampton sacked him. It could all have been so different – I said to him, “If you’d won every match this season instead of just one, you’d be top of the league. Those are the fine margins we’re dealing with.”

— Kevin Keegan (@GalacticKeegan) December 3, 2018

Mark Hughes was always going to be sacked this week. You can't concede two goals to this Manchester United and hope to get away with it.

— Daniel Storey (@danielstorey85) December 3, 2018

Mark Hughes sacked as Southampton manager! He does not look happy. pic.twitter.com/6L10zWX2Na

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) December 3, 2018

That @SouthamptonFC can sack Mark Hughes for drawing with @ManUtd shows the gulf in the level of expectations within the two clubs. It's unacceptable for the Saints , it's okay for the red devils #bbcfootball

— Nick Oluoch (@nickoluoch) December 3, 2018

Smart of Southampton to sack Hughes at a time when it's logistically impossible to panic-appoint Harry Redknapp

— Tom Victor (@tomvictor) December 3, 2018



The French for I accuse myself is je m'accuse. The French for I accuse everyone else is je Mark Hughes

— Tom Victor (@tomvictor) December 3, 2018

How Mark Hughes was sacked:

'Mark, you were 2-0 up against, quite frankly, the worst Manchester United team I've ever seen. You should have been seeing that game out. They even gave up in the second half. It's a bloody shambles. And so, it is with regret, you're fired.'

— Drawty (@DrawtyDevil) December 3, 2018

Best of luck to Mark Hughes wherever he ends up next. pic.twitter.com/KH1E2iZRMD

— Ian G (@IanG1878) December 3, 2018

Mark Hughes had been removed from the St.Marys hotseat. #chancer pic.twitter.com/g5JSUT9CXQ

— Tony Mowbray™️ (@Imtonymowbray) December 3, 2018

It's estimated that Mark Hughes has been paid around £18m in compensation after being sacked by Manchester City, QPR, Stoke and Southampton. Not a bad return

— Ed Aarons (@ed_aarons) December 3, 2018


*Southampton sack Mark Hughes*

“I’m a football manager, get me in there!” pic.twitter.com/tNyE8lE4E1

— Brendan Walsh (@BWalsh__) December 3, 2018