The best jokes as sex tape emerges of someone who looks like Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson

Lookalike in clip circulating on social media cavorts with three naked women.

There were lewd jokes after a sex tape emerged of someone having a foursome, who looks like Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker
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A clip is being circulated online of someone, who some people are claiming looks like new Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker, cavorting with three naked women.

Speculation has been growing after reports of an unamed Premier League club having to deny that one of their players was filmed having a foursome.

A man who could be perceived as similar in appearance to the £65m shot-stopper can be seen in the video, of which more debauched clips are seemingly being shared.

However the man in the video doesn’t seem to be an exact likeness of the goalie and some viewers have commented the group appear to be speaking German.

The Daily Star claim a source at the club has insisted it isn’t their player and says it is not known if they have even made him aware of the rumours surrounding the video.

The newspaper has apparently attempted to contact the unnamed player’s agent but have so far failed.

These were the best jokes after the sex tape found its way onto social media:

Obviously not him. He's not wearing gloves.

— DAVID BIRKETT BSC (@dave_the_tyke) August 30, 2018


I hate to agree with the scousers but great ball control and footwork

— Kevin Brown (@KBrownShoes) August 28, 2018

That is some pre-season he’s having there.

— Spraguey (@AKSprague) August 28, 2018


— No Sleep (@Sleep97No) August 29, 2018


@bootskeohane some man to have at the back

— Gary (@garcoughlan) August 28, 2018

To be honest that’s the busiest he’s been for a few weeks.

— Nick foxall (@Reddevilfox) August 28, 2018

No clean sheet for him that day

— Steve James (@aphexwig) August 29, 2018