The best jokes as Rochdale beat Millwall on dodgy pitch in FA Cup 4th round replay

Game goes ahead despite lack of grass.

There were jokes after people saw the muddy pitch Rochdale beat Millwall on in their FA Cup 4th round replay
Some fans made it onto the pitch at the end of the game

As fans prepared for Millwall’s trip to Rochdale for an FA Cup 4th round replay on Wednesday night, murmurings regarding the state of the pitch they would be playing on at Spotland Stadium began to spread.

There was even speculation about whether the match would go ahead after photos of the distressed ground were shared on social media:


Just been sent a pic of Rochdale’s pitch ahead of tonight’s FA Cup replay against Millwall. I was going to go but…well take a look. pic.twitter.com/r7FNtrKo60

— Matt Somerford (@somerfjord) February 6, 2018

This is a selection of the best jokes after Rochdale managed to beat Millwall 1-0 on a problematic pitch in their FA Cup 4th round replay:


Pitch inspection before Rochdale v Millwall. pic.twitter.com/Ctr9olmbTl

— The Man in Block 11 (@themaninblock11) February 6, 2018

I see Rochdale have turned the sprinklers on before kick off. pic.twitter.com/8T6UUgloMy

— This is Millwall (@ThisIsMillwall) February 6, 2018

I don’t understand how Rochdale’s pitch has got so bad, this was how it looked a couple of weeks ago. pic.twitter.com/x6CK1wT0wE

— brickstand (@brickstand) February 6, 2018

I’ve been missing the beach #Millwall pic.twitter.com/KAfqSYdwIf

— James Van Leeuwen (@jamesvanleeuwe1) February 6, 2018


It's a national disgrace that Rochdale v Millwall isn't on TV tonight with that sensationally bad pitch

— Major Charles Innocent (@JoeStephenson96) February 6, 2018

Hutchinson after making a tackle on the Rochdale pitch tonight pic.twitter.com/sF4uVBOhbf

— This is Millwall (@ThisIsMillwall) February 6, 2018

Rochdale’s pitch held out well tonight I see… pic.twitter.com/YV8RccbRvS

— Colin Wright (@colinwright1959) February 6, 2018


An ice cream van has just turned up on it, fans have ran onto the pitch and are now making sandcastles.

Keith Hill has left the pitch on a donkey!


— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) February 6, 2018

Millwall fans who travelled to Rochdale, what year is it up there?

— Gouldy (@thegouldy) February 6, 2018

Must have been novel for someone from Rochdale to abuse a person over 14 years of age…

— Ben Quickenden (@BQuickenden) February 6, 2018

“C’mon then Rochdale …” pic.twitter.com/dpQy1Q8kXY

— Simon Parker (@ParkerTandA) February 7, 2018


Christ those Millwall fans aren't gonna be happy, the inevitable riot's gonna do thousands of pounds worth of improvements to Rochdale town centre

— James (@James_Halfpenny) February 6, 2018


Fucking Millwall, ruined a nice day of violence and disorder for the whole country.

— Humberto (@HumbertoLDN) February 6, 2018