The best jokes as Phil Neville is appointed head coach of England Women

Announcement has split opinion amongst fans.

Phil Neville was appointed manager of England Women despite his tweets and the subsequent jokes
NEW MAN: Neville (Image: Fabio Venni)

Phil Neville was appointed as head coach of England Women on Tuesday following the controversial reign of Mark Sampson in charge of the national side.

The announcement of the well-known, former Manchester United and Everton player has split opinion amongst observers with Neville posessing little in the way of experience in the women’s game.

Mean-spirited people have been digging through his old tweets in an attempt to have him sacked or forced to resign but, for now, he stays – and these were the best of the jokes as Phil Neville was formally placed at the helm of England Women:

BREAKING: Phil Neville has been named England Women Head Coach

He plans to show-off on his first day with this piece of magic… pic.twitter.com/Mg1NppElZM

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) January 23, 2018

Phil Neville has taken over the England women’s team. The only semi they’ll see is the one in his trousers

— Lfc Kev (@Kev1Lfc) January 23, 2018

Lots of criticism for Phil Neville going for the England Women’s job, but let’s not forget the painstaking research he has done pic.twitter.com/jRbB3dhmIp

— Fisted Away (@fistedaway) January 23, 2018

Heard your mcm is looking through Phil Neville’s 6 year old tweets hoping to find something sexist

— Kane (@kanewhelan2) January 23, 2018




@Jimps95 good to see him back in footbal pic.twitter.com/GNeS6ZhOYc

— Josh (@JoshieeLee) January 23, 2018


Weird appointment considering Toby Young’s free now.

— Totoro (@MeAndTotoro) January 17, 2018


Every time Phil Neville discusses new tactics with the team pic.twitter.com/YrVELSzzvU

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) January 23, 2018