The best jokes as Neymar makes Liverpool “look like butchers” in Champions League clash at PSG

Damaging 2-1 defeat means Klopp's side need to beat Napoli to progress.

There were lots of jokes as Neymar starred in PSG 2-1 Liverpool in the Champions League
(Image: Antoine Dellenbach)

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp said Neymar made his team look “look like butchers” in a 2-1 Champions League group stage defeat at Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday night.

The Brazilian scored what turned out to be the winning goal of a fiery contest at the Parc des Princes, starting and finishing a counter attack for the hosts in the 37th minute.

With his reputation preceding him, Liverpool fans were angered by what they saw as playacting from the player who won a series of free kicks in the Group C clash.

Klopp’s side now face a deciding match against Napoli next month if they are to progress in the competition.

These were the best jokes as Neymar is the centre of attention in PSG 2-1 Liverpool:

Scouting neymar, heard he is a good actor.

— Bob (@bobharkous) November 28, 2018


Any game involving Neymar I find really difficult to watch without shouting ‘absolute twat’ every few mins at my tv. #PSGLIV

— Paul Stephens (@paolostep) November 28, 2018


PSG’s physio has covered more yards than James Milner.

— Tony Barrett (@TonyBarrett) November 28, 2018

I really just want Van Dijk to grab Neymar by his neck, lift him up by a couple of feet and smash him into the ground. Id rather have that than us winning the CL.

— Cani (@CaniSports) November 28, 2018


The last time I hated someone as much as I hate Neymar pic.twitter.com/9hTSXLpw38

— Dylan (@dylanaulsberry) November 28, 2018

I have yer da levels of disdain for Neymar

— John O'Sullivan (@NotoriousJOS) November 28, 2018


Half time and walking down the tunnel will officially be the closest Henderson has gotten to Neymar in this match

— Karl Matchett (@karlmatchett) November 28, 2018

Standard 45 minutes for Neymar pic.twitter.com/JZC3visV7S

— aidan o'hara (@oharaa) November 28, 2018

Neymar when he doesn’t get a free kick after throwing himself pic.twitter.com/AAbXVlGVlQ

— Analia. (@nayaalayaa) November 28, 2018

Neymar has just been given a free kick for falling over after shooting. Genuinely.

— Joel Rabinowitz (@joel_archie) November 28, 2018



Elite shithousery from Neymar. Has wasted nearly 6 minutes on his own.

— EiF (@EiFSoccer) November 28, 2018

Just saw PSG – Liverpool. In my career I’ve fell on ice less times than Neymar in 90 minutes#PSGLFC

— Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (@TuktikLiza) November 28, 2018


I'm not always the most gracious in defeat but gotta hand it to Neymar. He proved so important for PSG's gameplan pic.twitter.com/lvAYLz9T2Y

— Pa (@papengwn) November 28, 2018

Leonardo DiCaprio is at PSG vs Liverpool tonight, and he's still not the best actor in the stadium. pic.twitter.com/wblLGCQEH1

— Zlatan Facts (@ZIatanFacts) November 28, 2018



No complaints apart from PSG’s cheating.

— Jim Beglin (@jimbeglin) November 28, 2018