The best jokes as Newcastle United appoint Steve Bruce as head coach

Move leaves two sets of fans unhappy.

There were lots of funny tweets and jokes when Steve Bruce was appointed Newcastle manager
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Both Newcastle United and Sheffield Wednesday fans have been left upset at the former’s appointment of Steve Bruce as their new manager.

Newcastle supporters have watched in dismay over the summer as beloved coach Rafael Benítez left the club, only to be replaced by the underwhelming Steve Bruce – who, in turn, leaves Hillsborough after just a short time there.


Despite not moving to Sheffield until a little while after he originally got the job, fans have been left angered by Bruce’s decision to entertain an offer from Newcastle owner Mike Ashley less than seven months later.

These were the best tweets and jokes as Steve Bruce becomes head coach of Newcastle:

Thunder storms crack and torrential rain lashes down throughout Tyneside. The weather is wild. Steve Bruce’s appointment seems close…

— Martin Hardy (@mhardysport) July 11, 2019

BREAKING: Steve Bruce has decided to stay with Sheffield Wednesday, due to Mike from Oughtibridge saying it would be disrespectful if he left

— jordan white (@jordsswfc67) July 10, 2019


Does Steve Bruce not realise he’ll be at Newcastle on a zero-hours contract with no breaks and constantly asking people if they’d like a bag for life! #swfc

— Jim Capel (@Jimaldinho1867) July 13, 2019

The only circumstances in which Newcastle United should be paying £1m to get Steve Bruce is if it's 1995.

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) July 10, 2019

Can exclusively reveal that Steve Bruce will be taking control at Newcastle Utd in September, just as soon as the last Ashes test finishes. #Commitment

— Sir Bob (@SirBobLichfield) July 13, 2019

Steve Bruce October 2009.

"I turned Newcastle down twice because the circumstances were not right," he said.

The circumstances are clearly right now, Steve. Never been better. #nufc

— Mike Ashley (@MoneyMikeAshley) July 12, 2019

Lee Charley spent two weeks in Europe to hire Steve Bruce

— Alex Hurst (@tfalex1892) July 10, 2019

He is thinking of the big bucks he will get when they bin him off by Christmas which he can use for another holiday in the Caribbean. #SteveBruce

— Kev Belgium (@ceedawn10) July 14, 2019


Hope Steve Bruce’s Sky connection failed just as that last over started

— Jonny Rep (@TrapitJon) July 14, 2019

June 2020. Sky Sports tracks down Steve Bruce for a documentary on his life after Football, his #swfc walk out mistake and heartbreak of getting boyhood club #NUFC relegated. pic.twitter.com/5gt7PBBlMc

— BartyOwl (@TheBartman277) July 14, 2019


Steve Bruce got sacked from Villa after claiming that no one could do better than him.

Dean Smith came in, and within 7 months had us promoted.

— AVFC won a game of football! (@andrewstone85) July 15, 2019

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Steve Bruce is not only at Hillsborough this morning, but he's just knocked over his Sports Direct mug of tea that Mike Ashley gave him… #swfc pic.twitter.com/t4lZbSxS3X

— SWFC Supporters Club #WearAMask (@swfcsc) July 12, 2019

Can't blame him…I've been to Sheffield

— Ryan Thomas (@wardiaz85) July 15, 2019

I Fu%king Knew it .. #swfc #stevebruce pic.twitter.com/LidfhgrjUL

— Danny Williamson (@whitehill07) July 15, 2019

#NUFC fans when they see Steve Bruce on the touch line instead of Rafa Benitez pic.twitter.com/B8xVqIEGXi

— ‎ً (@TheImmortalKop) July 17, 2019

Steve Bruce’s search history pic.twitter.com/AipJXxc70w

— Den (@OfficialDeniz_) July 17, 2019

Steve Bruce has denied he's an underwhelming replacement for Rafa Benitez, "Sure, he won La Liga, the FA Cup, UEFA cup, Europa League, World Club Cup, European Cup, Italian Cup & Super Cup but in 2004 I got Birmingham to 10th. It's six of one and half a dozen of the other" #nufc pic.twitter.com/BBwk3c2GY4

— Keith Bumdungeon (@HaveScored) July 18, 2019

When Rafael Benitez demanded that Mike Ashley invest in the club, not sure he meant spending £4m on Steve Bruce.

— Daniel Storey (@danielstorey85) July 15, 2019

Please note Steve Bruce is banned from all Metro travel ( including all bus replacement services ) Someone has to make a stand #nufc #ifrafagoeswego

— Tyne and Wear Metro Updates (@northeast_metro) July 9, 2019



I call it the ‘Steve Bruce karma double’ #SWFC pic.twitter.com/oi8cjWuKID

— Adam Thompson (@adam7485) July 15, 2019


Waste of money getting a world class manager in for this shower of shite.

You wouldn’t hire Gordon Ramsey to work in McDonalds.#nufc #SteveBruce

— Mike Ashley (@MoneyMikeAshley) July 15, 2019

Steve Bruce is actually my hero.
Everything he achieved at #hcafc
Beating Sheffield Wednesday in their biggest game of their last 20 years.
Resigning 3 weeks before the season starts – fucking up their season.
To sign for the self-entitled Geordies who don't want him.
Hero. https://t.co/RU8Yjnj4uf

— Elliot (@E_Clifford139) July 15, 2019


Reading the Steve Bruce updates on Twitter pic.twitter.com/1fHMQQJkiq

— GG (@_NE28) July 14, 2019