The best jokes as Marouane Fellaini gives away late penalty against Everton

Short but much-castigated substitute appearance at Goodison Park.

There were jokes after Manchester United's Marouane Fellaini gave away a late penalty in the 1-1 draw at Everton
FLUFFED IT: Fellaini (Image: Ardfern)

These are the best of the jokes after Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini gave away a penalty during his short but much-castigated substitute appearance in their 1-1 draw with Everton at Goodison Park on Sunday.

United looked to be in control of the game when the distinct former Everton midfielder entered the fray in 85th minute, despite only leading by a single goal.

But fans were left fuming when he brought down Idrissa Gueye in the penalty area just two minutes after coming on.

Leighton Baines converted the resulting spot kick and the match finished 1-1.

So now here are the best jokes as Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini gives away a late penalty at Everton:

@fifaruban who are you

— Shizzle 🔫🔫🔫 (@kvngfrancis) December 4, 2016

@ManUtd @Fellaini 100 too many

— Oscar (@Oscar2992) December 4, 2016

Trying to work out how Fellaini is a footballer. pic.twitter.com/vC4H7GN7oc

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) December 4, 2016

35 – Everton have just offered Man United £35 million to let them keep Marouane Fellaini for another season. Assist.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) December 4, 2016

Retweet if you can see Fellaini pic.twitter.com/9v6FoHVcMn

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) December 4, 2016

Fellaini there with the biggest impact since Paul Walker decided to take a roundabout in 5th gear

— campbell (@acampbell68) December 4, 2016

Twitter poll: Who's the better player?

RETWEET for Big Keith.
LIKE for Marouane Fellaini. pic.twitter.com/hUTxuKL5tk

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) December 4, 2016

Mourinho – Don't put Fellaini on. Cool heads needed.

Inner Mourinho – Fuck it, how much harm can he do in 5 minutes? pic.twitter.com/CSPaDVRaIK

— TheODDSbible (@TheOddsBible) December 4, 2016

"And then Jose took me off for Fellaini and he gave a penalty away within 2 minutes" pic.twitter.com/PfuuZzPMWZ

— Evil Mkhitaryan (@evilhenrikh) December 4, 2016

It's an absolute joke that Fellaini has 100 appearances for Manchester United. Should be playing rugby not professional football.

— ㅤ (@TheUtdReview) December 4, 2016

This is one of Fellaini's best performances….for Everton.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) December 4, 2016

RT if you think Fellaini biggest cock-a-sucker in Manchester.

— Evil Kagawa (@evilkagawa) December 4, 2016

Should Fellaini be released from his contract? #MUFC

— MouGalacticos (@MouGalacticos) December 4, 2016

I feel for Fellaini. It's not his fault he keeps getting picked.

— Doc Joshi (@Doc_Joshi) December 4, 2016

Big fellaini running about like a stolen lorry

— Si Ferry (@siferry8) December 4, 2016

Fellaini leaves the field smiling. How does that make you feel?

— Pilib de Brún (@Malachians) December 4, 2016

If mourinho did not sack fellaini, fellaini will sack him https://t.co/GacI1YHSBg

— suhail hamisu (@cadet_suhail) December 4, 2016

Don't think we'll be seeing Fellaini again for a while…

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) December 4, 2016

If you rearrange the letters of Fellaini's name it actually spells shit bastard

— Evil Mkhitaryan (@evilhenrikh) December 4, 2016

When Fellaini was warming up, I was like "here we go." and indeed, there we went.

— Red (@ThatBoyGiggsy) December 4, 2016

Ask yourself this..

Do you really want to bring up children in a world where Trump is president & Fellaini can make 100 apps for Man Utd?

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) December 4, 2016

Should Fellaini be publicly hung?

YES 100%

NO 0%

4,523,385 VOTES

— Jordan (@JordySloan) December 4, 2016

Who's the better midfield general?

RT for Big John
Like for Fellaini pic.twitter.com/ayZHHGYvvO

— Sunday League (@SundayShoutsFC) December 4, 2016

Fellaini offers about as much protection as Reeva Steenkamp's bathroom door

— Simon Dawkins (@simondawkins23) December 4, 2016

We should loan Fellaini to Chapecoense. But then I feel they have suffered enough.

— AN. (@VintageUtd) December 4, 2016

When Manchester United fans meet Fellaini 😡😒 😭 pic.twitter.com/kfTsATJIOi

— Sнувσι ∂є Oмєgα🇬🇭 (@ShyboiSconyPB) December 4, 2016

A quick message from all United fans to Fellaini for when January rolls around. #MUFC pic.twitter.com/v6OoqLg383

— Manchester United (@ManUtds_News) December 4, 2016

Man Utd : We have these 3 Points in the bag. Let's keep it together for 5 more minutes
Fellaini : pic.twitter.com/tSibm7WxYR

— Costa's Son (@Nuwaha17) December 4, 2016

Listen kids, if Fellaini can make it as a professional footballer anything is possible. you can also become anything, even an helicopter

— David (@Degeaod) December 4, 2016

Mourinho watching MOTD like "I don't understand where it all went wrong, all I did was sub Fellaini on" pic.twitter.com/zzyYBKXfEN

— Lucy (@littlelegslucy) December 4, 2016

Fellaini: I should do something good on my 100th Man Utd appearance

Also Fellaini: Nah, concede a last-minute penalty pic.twitter.com/q8nF6iYYK7

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) December 4, 2016

@RafaelH117 this would be Fellaini's perfect job imo pic.twitter.com/edmfieAZyv

— Gabs (@leo_ney_suarez) December 4, 2016

Fellaini: Gonna come on run the clock down and help United to a win!

Inner Fellaini: Up the blues. pic.twitter.com/QUkHktRkS1

— Callum (@Cal_EFC) December 4, 2016

Never change @Fellainipic.twitter.com/32MLeXVtX4

— TerryAFC⭐ (@TerryAFCx) December 4, 2016

Good morning everyone, except @Fellaini

— #Festive (@ashnefdt) December 5, 2016

Marouane Fellaini hiding from the angry mob in Manchester this morning 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/jEIn9SqdsJ

— Freebets.co.uk (@freebetscouk) December 5, 2016

When you've just had enough of Fellaini: https://t.co/8ViYWBzQ3z

— Coral (@Coral) December 5, 2016

Save Trees. pic.twitter.com/lzyApjFvY0

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) December 6, 2016