The best jokes as Man City win crunch title clash with Liverpool at the Etihad

Goal line technology denies a draw for Jürgen Klopp's side.

Jürgen Klopp won't want to see the tweets and jokes after Liverpool lost 2-1 to Man City in a Premier League title decider
(Image: Thomas Rodenbücher)

Liverpool were millimetres from a draw at the Etihad on Thursday night but it was to be Manchester City who ran out 2-1 winners in a match billed as a title decider for the two sides.

The Premier League’s bigwigs faced off in a hotly-anticipated tie that offered the visitors the chance to extend their lead at the top of the table.

But Liverpool’s 20-game unbeaten start to the season has come to an end and their rivals have closed the gap between them to just four points.

A key moment in the game came in the first half when Man City defender John Stones cleared the ball off the line, preventing an own goal by 1.12cm according to the goal line technology.

These were the best tweets and jokes after it finished Man City 2-1 Liverpool:

Me on the edge of my chair watching the last minutes of the game #MCILIV pic.twitter.com/TJtzMS4Pod

— Charlene (@bellcharlene61) January 3, 2019



Iconic…#MCILIV pic.twitter.com/hzgFJDcRc7

— TREQUARTISTA (@A55KIKR) January 3, 2019


Liverpool winning 1-0 on shadows

— SJ (@jarvtown) January 3, 2019

The conspiracy theories have started. There will be an 8 part true crime podcast about this if Liverpool don’t win the league. pic.twitter.com/aYZYrFys7u

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 3, 2019



Boy: Grandad,tell me about that season we were 7 points clear and unbeaten and City still caught us and won the league.

Grandad: pic.twitter.com/1kJDKT07GJ

— Nick Aumonier (@NickAumonier) January 3, 2019

Liverpool can hardly consider themselves title favourites. They haven’t won a game this year. #MCILIV

— Ronan Murphy (@swearimnotpaul) January 3, 2019




— Hotspur Gent (@Gentleman_THFC) January 3, 2019


Why it didn't cross the line! #MCILIV pic.twitter.com/3HcmCD6knd

— Troll Sports (@TroIISports) January 3, 2019

Lovren couldn't mark a fucking whiteboard#MCILIV pic.twitter.com/qMGKKBxwIf

— Yanni Pap ✌ (@Yanni_Pap) January 3, 2019



Flags will be lowered at half mast tomorrow at sky HQ and black armbands to be worn by all employees #MCILIV

— graham (@grahamroon) January 3, 2019

Quick question : What ship can't make it to Liverpool?
Ans: The Premiership pic.twitter.com/7g3I6MUnZe

— David The King ➐ (@Davidchibike) January 3, 2019

And it happened…#MCILIV pic.twitter.com/mSTH25pncv

— Paschal (@Pasqualll) January 3, 2019

best moment of 2019 #MCILIV #PremierLeague pic.twitter.com/hvw6J0rm2c

— TREQUARTISTA (@A55KIKR) January 3, 2019



I also miss Gomez my brother@VirgilvDijk #MCILIV


— lfc Fans (@lfc_allting) January 3, 2019



#MCILIV arsene wenger enjoying a drink with other Invincible premier league manager pic.twitter.com/JyuTV0PkuC

— The Horse’s Mouth (@THMETFC) January 3, 2019


idk what you’re talking about but I agree

— jennifer (@sparklingstylez) January 3, 2019

Referee Anthony Taylor does not want to see quality knitwear thrown on the floor.#MCILIV pic.twitter.com/HiMdKAg1ga

— standardsport (@standardsport) January 3, 2019

The ball has to cross the line, not the shadow.

— ManCityFans.net (@MCFdotNet) January 3, 2019