The best jokes as Man City lose Champions League quarter-final 1-3 to Lyon

Big miss from Raheem Sterling on his 50th appearance in the competition.

Pep Guardiola won't want to read the tweets and jokes from Man City 1-3 Lyon as they're knocked out of the Champions League in the quarter-finals
(Image: YouTube/BT Sport)

Lyon defeated Manchester City in the quarter-finals of the Champions League in a shock result that knocks the English side out of the competition.

Pep Guardiola’s dream of winning the European competition with the club once again lies in ruins after former Celtic striker Moussa Dembele came on as a substitute to restore Lyon’s lead before scoring the winner.

This is what Raheem Sterling's nightmares will look like in the next couple years…#MCILYO pic.twitter.com/bD4Rzv512o

— Ondra Hanus (@ondra_hanus) August 15, 2020

Raheem Sterling has come in for an abundance of criticism after blasting a shot high and wide when faced with an open goal moments ahead of the French team netting at the other end in Lisbon on Saturday.

These are the best of the tweets and jokes as Man City are beaten 1-3 by Lyon in a Champions League quarter-final:




Not a great result for Manchester City but they’ll still fancy their chances in the second leg #MCILYO

— Ian Doyle (@IanDoyleSport) August 15, 2020


Sterling's shot has just touched back down on earth #MCILYO

— ⚽️442oons⚽️ (@442oons) August 15, 2020


"No mate, can't see city's name anywhere on here mate."#MCILYO pic.twitter.com/79GGz17MqJ

— The Satirist (@satirist_the) August 15, 2020

Ronnie Rosenthal to Raheem Sterling #MCILYO #ChampionsLeague pic.twitter.com/YksMdyDOjX

— ZNG AVF'C (@farria_c) August 15, 2020

Pep’s probs switched it to vodka by now #MCILYO pic.twitter.com/CsGWgVKmye

— olivia (@olivia_sandes) August 15, 2020

Pep Guardiola to the Man City board every year: pic.twitter.com/8wpX2B6lWn

— Dabbing Yoda (@Dabbing_Yoda) August 15, 2020

The real reason why Man City can’t win the Champions League pic.twitter.com/0SkUk1YR94

— AA (@PrimeSadio) August 15, 2020

How every Champions League campaign goes for Man City: pic.twitter.com/HgUdK6WxYk

— Adam Petruccione (@AdamPetruccione) August 15, 2020


Pep Guardiola taking Sterling to Nottingham Forest at the end of the game. #MCIOL pic.twitter.com/7oWjuThXm1

— Neymar PR (@BagOfNuts_) August 15, 2020


Ederson on the goal line #MCILYO pic.twitter.com/YTHdLHvMcz

— Saied Samir Esdoudi (@Mrhappy1998) August 15, 2020

You can't get thrashed by Bayern Munich if you don't reach the semis. pic.twitter.com/jnUQeVXavF

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) August 15, 2020

But they won't keep you till you're 48??#ManCity #mancitylyon #ChampionsLeague pic.twitter.com/rzo6aS6TNi

— Nicky Allt (@NickyAllt) August 15, 2020


How will i tell my kids that Begovic scored this, but Sterling missed this. pic.twitter.com/zsz29JBEov

— lfcbilly (@lfcbillyk) August 15, 2020


They have to return this sterling to whatever forex trader got him

— kenna (@kennagq) August 15, 2020


I reckon if Man City spend another half a billion they might make the semi-finals?

— Tom Rennie (@thomasjrennie) August 15, 2020

Harry Kane is sat in his living room shouting "THAT'S WHY I DIDN'T F*CKING SQUARE IT TO STERLING!"

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) August 15, 2020

Man City Owners To Pep When He Asked for Another 200 mill $ #MCILYO pic.twitter.com/NeTwMK7Yyn

— Saied Samir Esdoudi (@Mrhappy1998) August 15, 2020


I honestly didn't think this season could get any better, and yet… #MCILYO

— Rick Edwards (@rickedwards1) August 15, 2020