The best jokes as Little Mix fans and Rangers supporters feud on Twitter over Christmas No. 1

The festive clash football fans are most looking forward to.

There were jokes during the Little Mix Rangers feud over who shall be Christmas No. 1
CHRISTMASSY: Little Mix (Image: marcen27)

Rangers supporters are attempting to get Glad All Over by The Dave Clark Five to Christmas number one but, in doing so, appear to have upset a number of fans of the girl band Little Mix who are also hopeful of securing the festive accolade.

The Scottish football fans adapted the 1960s hit into a song honouring striker Joe Garner and are keen to see the original track take the top spot over the girls’ single Touch.

In short:

The last 24 hours on twitter have been totally surreal. Never did I forsee any of this 😂😂😂 #JoeyGarnerChristmasNumberOne pic.twitter.com/19kJ1zgW9L

— Forza Papac (@ForzaPapac) December 20, 2016

These were the best of the jokes as Little Mix and Rangers fans feud on Twitter over who is set to be Christmas No. 1:


RT – The Dave Clark Five
LIKE – Little Mix#Rangers #JoeyGarnerChristmasNumberOne pic.twitter.com/aM3FMWHyo7

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) December 20, 2016

Anyone else expecting the next song from little mix to be your not rangers anymore

— Del Boy (@Delbud) December 20, 2016

I'm sorry but if that joke football song ruins Touch's chance of being #1, I am deleting my account

— private show (@privateillusion) December 20, 2016

But have you got 54 league titles and a petrofac cup? https://t.co/pzzlrMexXm

— #GladAllOver (@NathC1994) December 20, 2016

@gloriousjerrie @NathC1994 @explicitkp4 Rangers have sold out more venues than Little Mix #fact #JoeyGarnerChristmasNumberOne

— Jack Cranmer (@JackCranmer72) December 20, 2016

Little mix V Rangers 😅😅 pic.twitter.com/xWb9DDM0Js

— RED WHITE AND BLUE (@_R_W_B_) December 20, 2016

@KyleMc_1872 Can those men you're mentioning hold a 16 second note live in front of a 90,000 crowed? Nope #LittleMixChristmasNumber1

— Festive Mix ❄️ (@2k15_mix) December 20, 2016

We will not sell joe garner to little mix

— #GladAllOver (@1994NathanC) December 20, 2016

Jason Holt tackling Jesy Nelson in the Rangers V Little Mix Charity Shield.

No Apology
No Surrender pic.twitter.com/JpgWID4RV3

— Gregco (@Gregco5088) December 20, 2016

Any truth in the rumour that Rangers casuals and Little Mix casuals are organising a rumble??

— H.E. Pennypacker (@HEPennypacker01) December 20, 2016

.@LittleMix pic.twitter.com/bdyoKBVWeZ

— Gregco (@Gregco5088) December 20, 2016

Rangers at Little Mix away.#JoeyGarnerChristmasNumberOne pic.twitter.com/r1a0HeOu5A

— Dean Mackinnon (@DeanMackinnon) December 20, 2016

Even with wires Little Mix didn't stand a chance #JoeyGarnerChristmasNumberOne pic.twitter.com/N6PZ4XakyF

— Rangers FC (@RangersFCFeed) December 20, 2016

joey garner is a disgrace to football even this chick from little mix can play better than him pic.twitter.com/3VxrIeB0cF

— a g (@moonlightaribg) December 20, 2016

Rangers vs Little Mix is a bigger derby than Merseyside

— Big Goian (@BigDorinGoian) December 20, 2016

Joe Garner is live on Loose Women just now promoting his new single & heedering Katie Price #JoeyGarnerChristmasNumberOne

— Joey Pharner (@PhantomL5088) December 20, 2016

Buy the kids an X Box or download Glad All Over 250 times. This is the type of choices folk will face today #JoeyGarnerChristmasNumberOne

— Delberto73 (@Delbert73) December 21, 2016

Number 1 songs on iTunes:

Lionel Messi – 0
Joe Garner – 1 pic.twitter.com/NLPYq8BsUy

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) December 20, 2016

Can't wait to see @realjoeswash performing as Joey Garner on Celebrity Stars in their eyes. #JoeyGarnerChristmasNumberOne

— D'Artagnan (@4thProtocol) December 21, 2016

Live scenes on Sauchiehall Street as the #Rangers fans queue up for their copy of Glad All Over… #JoeyGarnerChristmasNumberOne pic.twitter.com/TNO3tmAMlA

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) December 20, 2016

Little Mix new single

"You let your club die"

July 2017

With Bonus track "You're not Rangers anymore"

— Gregco (@Gregco5088) December 20, 2016

STATISTIC: Amidst the social media war between the two sets of supporters, Little Mix (est. 2011) are in fact older than Rangers (est. 2012)

— Simon Rowntree (@MrSimonRowntree) December 21, 2016

But can Little Mix do it on a cold, rainy night in Stoke?#Rangers #JoeyGarnerChristmasNumberOne

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) December 21, 2016