The best jokes as Jamie Vardy runs off the pitch at Arsenal

Social media decides he needed the loo.

Vardy ran off the pitch towards the end of Leicester's loss at Arsenal and there were jokes
(Image: Pioeb)

Leicester’s Jamie Vardy suddenly exited the pitch with a few minutes still left to play of their Premier League clash at Arsenal on Monday night.

There was much speculation as the striker ran down the tunnel at the Emirates with the visitors having already made all possible substitutions.

The score was 3-1 to Arsenal after more than 87 minutes and it’s unlikely that him remaining on the pitch would have changed that.

Social media seems to have decided that he went to the loo.

These were the best jokes after Jamie Vardy ran off the pitch at Arsenal:


Vardy must hate playing under Puel

— Tom Meredith (@meredithlcfc) October 22, 2018

Jamie Vardy took as many shits (1) as he completed passes during Arsenal 3-1 Leicester. pic.twitter.com/QXjA4Beo5q

— Jake Entwistle (@JakeEntwistle) October 22, 2018

We literally scared Vardy shitless.

— AFCVegan (@AFCBeef) October 22, 2018


Jamie Vardy’s last 10min performance…. #ArsLei #MNF pic.twitter.com/GWL2651Dio

— Craig Harrison (@ScunnyWizard) October 22, 2018



Vardy’s fucked off for a kebab #ARSLEI

— Dan Smith (@dan_N_smith) October 22, 2018

Jamie Vardy has left the game.

— Gooner Talk (@GoonerTalk) October 22, 2018

“Always wait until you get to work to you go to the toilet, that way you get paid for it.”

Jamie Vardy

— FPL Partridge (@FPL_Partridge) October 22, 2018

Remember that time when Jamie Vardy shit himself and ran away from The Arsenal

— michael (@mlbchubbs) October 22, 2018

Jamie Vardy 40mins into the second half #ARSLEI https://t.co/8MJhW2z2IZ

— White Boy Ric (@Ajp08Three) October 22, 2018

Jamie Vardy's having a departy

— Duncan Alexander (@oilysailor) October 22, 2018

Puel asked if Vardy ran off down the tunnel mid-game because of a stomach problem. "Yes. He couldn't digest the penalty decision."

— Michael Cox (@Zonal_Marking) October 22, 2018




Vardy left because he couldn't believe that 60,000 people gave a Muslim a standing ovation, his head was gone

— Gav (@NorthBankGav) October 22, 2018

Vardy off to give an interview on how he's glad he didn't sign for Arsenal

— Anita (@arsenaloFka) October 22, 2018

We’re so good Vardy just ran away

— Paddy (@PaddyArsenal) October 22, 2018

Vardy’s last minute poo wasn’t as shitty as that second half performance.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue,
When you’re 3-1 down
Jog off for a poo #LCFC

— Jordan (@jhandford11) October 22, 2018