The best jokes as Italy beat Spain on penalties in Euro 2020 semi-final

Italy, now unbeaten in 33 games, will play England or Denmark in the final at Wembley on Sunday.

Luis Enrique will not want to see the tweets and jokes after Italy beat Spain on penalties in a Euro 2020 semi-final
(Image: YouTube/WeShow Football)

Italy knocked Spain out of Euro 2020 on penalties in the semi-final of the competition before progressing to the final this weekend.

The Italians won the shootout 4-2 in front of a 60,000 strong crowd at Wembley on Tuesday night after a 1-1 draw following the end of 90 minutes and extra time.


Although he scored the equaliser earlier on in the match, Álvaro Morata missed the last, crucial spot kick for Spain, sending Roberto Mancini’s side through.

These were the best tweets and jokes as Italy beat Spain on penalties in a Euro 2020 semi-final:

Referee :Which of you two is Chiellini? pic.twitter.com/CJ2YHzWYgh

— Jame (@Cjamehk) July 6, 2021


— Ben Machell (@ben_machell) July 6, 2021


swear the italy assistant coach is wearing a disguise #EURO2020 #ITAESP pic.twitter.com/XtWbaRrz0H

— Theo (@7heoTrew) July 6, 2021


I haven't seen Roman centurions look this nervous since Asterix and Obelix were last legging it towards them. #ITAESP pic.twitter.com/5B942lJ5dr

— David Segar (@DavidSegar_) July 6, 2021

Italy supporters right now #ItaliaSpagna #ITAESP pic.twitter.com/tS4GWv0fOq

— LogicalGhost👻 (@LogicalGhost2) July 6, 2021

Albanian pundit maintaining a good degree of neutrality here. 😂 Forza Azzurri! #ITAESP pic.twitter.com/Y4LJTB0jBA

— Carolyn Perry (@CarolynPPerry) July 6, 2021


But Professor, what if Italy scores first?

Professor: That’s when Morata comes in#ITAESP pic.twitter.com/qtesSPfJJw

— Saish (@Saish73079067) July 6, 2021

I’m enjoying the conversation at the next table in the café, in which a dad is explaining to his daughter who must be five, why he wants Spain to beat Italy as England’s midfield could cope with them better if they reach the final.

— Mark Steel (@mrmarksteel) July 6, 2021

The signs were there, Luis… pic.twitter.com/rciTPIfrbb

— Jack Kenmare (@jackkenmare_) July 6, 2021

Well of course Italy won on pennes

— Rhys James (@rhysjamesy) July 6, 2021

Forza Italia pic.twitter.com/FLsor0djLY

— Alexander Brown (@AlexofBrown) July 6, 2021

At this moment, we all knew Spain was out pic.twitter.com/7GYdbGEQnc

— 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕠 (@Theo_mwangi) July 6, 2021

Never has there been a more "he's definitely missing" face walking up for a pen than that of Morata there.#ITAESP #EURO2020 pic.twitter.com/hHGNZFwgUW

— ً (@tyIerthecreatoe) July 6, 2021

Chiellini when he found out Spain had put Morata on the penalty list#ITAESP #Morata pic.twitter.com/XQoYfgNf0B

— 3rdeus🇺🇬 (@KalanJude) July 6, 2021

When I call my teacher “Morata” instead of “Miss” #ITAESP pic.twitter.com/MOjfYvOEHC

— Self Employed FBI Agent (@UziTwoTech) July 6, 2021

Italian man celebrating the victory of the national team with a drink after having several heart attacks and breakdowns during the match, 7 July 2021 color #ItaliaSpagna #ITAESP #EURO2020 pic.twitter.com/Kr5sCZGESA

— LogicalGhost👻 (@LogicalGhost2) July 6, 2021

It's happening, @thisismaneskin #ITAESP #EURO2020 #ESP #ITA pic.twitter.com/wLHs9ACoxs

— Insónias em backup e ke (@DeInsonias) July 6, 2021

Congratulations to Italy #EURO2020 #ita #ITAESP pic.twitter.com/woFb1d6Al8

— Mikkel, Arsoldiino 🇮🇹 (@EscClap) July 6, 2021

"You can release Morata's family now"#ITAESP #EURO2020 #ITA pic.twitter.com/GRGv3qtdju

— Tate_mlongi 📑🖊️ (@Kwambi_man) July 6, 2021

Same energy#ITAESP pic.twitter.com/QQSOTa9OAX

— Blue6oy (@blue6oy) July 6, 2021

Nice try buddy https://t.co/vfPeLCNZOa

— Mr Reload it (@AlexBasz) July 6, 2021