The best jokes after Manchester United captain Harry Maguire arrested in Mykonos

"One of the detainees then tried to offer money so that the trial against them would not be completed."


There were tweets and jokes as Harry Maguire was arrested in Mykonos

Manchester United’s Harry Maguire has been arrested following ‘an incident’ on the island of Mykonos.

The club captain is said to have been on holiday in Greece when he apparently got into difficulty with the law.

Maguire has reportedly been transferred from Mykonos to the island of Syros in a police boat and is set to spend a second night in custody.

only transfer we will be making this year

— Luke (@UpexLuke) August 21, 2020

On Friday, the Syros prosecutor’s office confirmed “three foreigners” had been arrested following an alleged series of altercations with locals and police officers in Mykonos.

Man Utd have also released a statement:

The club is aware of an alleged incident involving Harry Maguire in Mykonos last night.

Contact has been made with Harry, and he is fully co-operating with the Greek authorities.

At this time we will be making no further comment.

These are the best of the tweets and jokes as Harry Maguire is arrested in Mykonos:

So Harry Maguire was arrested last night. Early reports are saying that he fell over in Greece and headbutted Cyprus.

More to follow.

— Ian Mc (@McGlynnimino) August 21, 2020

Harry Maguire arrested, penalty for Man Utd. pic.twitter.com/rQULlwZzm2

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) August 21, 2020

Maguire’s played 55 games this season for United, hasn’t missed a match.

He just wanted arrest.

— Drawty (@DrawtyDevil) August 21, 2020

Sources claim that Bruno Fernandes has arrived in Greece to help Harry Maguire with the penalty.

— TihoR (@ORohitO) August 21, 2020


Live images of Harry Maguire being arrested pic.twitter.com/jRU5TQZfwE

— Baba_Yaga (@7_haz1) August 21, 2020

Harry Maguire has reportedly been arrested for fighting while on holiday in Greece.

Lawyers will use footage of his defending against Sevilla to argue that he has no awareness of his surroundings and couldn't possibly react quick enough to be involved in a fight.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) August 21, 2020

Attackers of the other 19 PL teams plotting to rescue Maguire. pic.twitter.com/Nn6NZF0iYQ

— Ruttwick #FreeMbappe (@Hazxrdszn) August 21, 2020


Harry Maguire still in police custody as Manchester United express reluctance at paying the entrie bail fee this summer. They prefer to spread the cost over two years with a series of add-ons.

— Si Lloyd (@SmnLlyd5) August 21, 2020

“I shouted 'THIS IS SPARTA!' and booted the rozza into some scooters-for-hire. Didn’t spill either of my WKDs." pic.twitter.com/2NT4TqpgIP

— Rick (@BanditNanna) August 21, 2020


Harry Maguire on the strip in Zante after a couple of Amstels https://t.co/ogDCMz1ygJ

— Scott (@ScottFyles) August 21, 2020

Harry Maguire has been knocked out in Europe twice now in the space of a week.

— Spion Kop (@TheKopHQ) August 21, 2020


If the Greek police have watched Harry Maguire play CB this season I highly doubt they're gonna believe he's capable of self defence

— Pøgba Senior (@TheSaItIsHere) August 21, 2020

Live scenes from Greece as Harry Maguire faces assault charges. pic.twitter.com/AuFvTBip99

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) August 21, 2020

Just off the phone to a mate who reps in Mykonos. Gave some details on #harrymaguire incident. Said Maguire was attacked from behind on Wednesday night so he went to defend himself. Trouble is, by the time he’d turned around, it was Friday morning & he hit an innocent bystander.

— Biggies Malls (@MoMoneyMoSaIah) August 21, 2020

Maguire after eating prison food for a year pic.twitter.com/2XApYfmGlt

— ramesh heshimmiya (@futbolpogs) August 21, 2020

Greek Police transferring maguire from Mykonos to Syros pic.twitter.com/IHxhqeOuLx

— Trentaa (@lfctrenta) August 21, 2020

He's not even a Smart Fridge

— . (@QuicklyOrigi) August 21, 2020

Maguire’s last meal on Death Row pic.twitter.com/ysmQdzIas2

— You (@isaacshiloo) August 21, 2020

Maguire charged with attempted bribery, you say? pic.twitter.com/gn0cOOcR80

— Alex Mansfield (@el_mansfield) August 21, 2020

Roy Keane on Harry Maguire’s arrest in Mykonos… pic.twitter.com/kgqC8GwFcK

— FPL Pyskick (@FPL_Pyskick) August 21, 2020

Man united spending more money on Maguire’s bail than they have transfers smh..

— Conn (@ConnCFC) August 21, 2020

Ole when he’s finally gets his hands on Harry Maguire pic.twitter.com/ycdPdlt9rX

— Jack (@Wilson_090) August 21, 2020


Maguire is gonna have PTSD whenever he wears this kit pic.twitter.com/AfQ8bnVPLG

— Andrson (@BallerSancho) August 21, 2020

Only person that can save Maguire now #FREEMAGUIRE pic.twitter.com/YK64Md9I5e

— Hamza (@unitedteig) August 21, 2020


Harry Maguire and the prisoners of Mykonospic.twitter.com/ppxdO3UMmV

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) August 21, 2020


The only Silverware Maguire's touched his entire career is the silver handcuffs put on him yesterday… https://t.co/lawkczhGYY

— Yahya (@CFCYahya) August 21, 2020



Bit late to be showing some fight in Europe Harry… https://t.co/R7RBcJzhC3

— J P (@JP10n) August 21, 2020