The best jokes as Germany exit Euro 2016 after semi-final defeat to France

Knocked out by French hosts after controversial penalty award.

A thumbs downs as Germany are knocked out of Euro 2016 after a 0-2 defeat to France and the jokes comes in

These are the best jokes as Germany are knocked out of Euro 2016 by their French hosts following a 0-2 semi-final defeat in Marseille on Thursday night.

Two goals from striker Antoine Griezmann, including a controversial penalty award shortly before half-time, were enough to see off the German challenge and prevent the dominant European footballing force from reaching the final of the competition this year.

As Joachim Löw’s side exit Euro 2016, here are the best jokes after Germany 0-2 France:

The French have always relied on their powerful allies – tonight it's the referee… #GERFRA

— Roger Moorhouse (@Roger_Moorhouse) 7 July 2016


— Harry Seaton (@harryseaton) 7 July 2016

"I bet the Referee got a French kiss before the match started" – sister. #GERFRA

— Mishya (@Meeshyeah) 7 July 2016

Mrs Merkel is preparing to send Francois Hollande the entire €35 billion bill for the EU's latest Italian insolvent bank bail-out.#GERFRA

— ((LibertarianRebel)) (@A_Liberty_Rebel) 7 July 2016

It was at this moment Joachim Löw knew he fcked up. #GERFRA pic.twitter.com/eg5n2fWjnG

— Revealed Portugal (@RevealedRecPT) 7 July 2016

If Germanys attack was this weak during world war 2 the occupation would never have happened. #GERFRA

— Gravski (@GRravski) 7 July 2016

#GERFRA: Match Summary pic.twitter.com/gBs2OQu3Ft

— Sir Javed Miandad (@SirJohnRoe) 7 July 2016

It's timeeeee to saaaaaay gooood-byeeeeee#GERFRA pic.twitter.com/PSx1kbX1fW

— Tarkan Detweiler (@detweilerRU) 7 July 2016

Mood #GERFRA pic.twitter.com/RolNcUYLXD

— PACO (@der_gepushte) 7 July 2016

Everyone's saying the ref's on the French's side, but I'm not so sure… #GERFRA pic.twitter.com/qswyirZXHT

— THE DUKE OF SURREY (@samwrite) 7 July 2016

Despair for Angela Merkel as Germany crash out#GERFRA pic.twitter.com/5YNDSNnHpw

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) 7 July 2016

im surprised the referee didnt turn up at my door to hand me a yellow card for not being french #GERFRA

— nicci (@notwnho) 7 July 2016

If only there was some historical metaphor gags I could use for #GERFRA! I just can't think of any.

— Dan Snow (@thehistoryguy) 7 July 2016

Hitler didn't die for this Lmfaooo #GERFRA

— Tisha (@MissRmadrid_) 7 July 2016

The moment you realise you left the immersion on….. #GERFRA #ViveLaFrance pic.twitter.com/AI05IR7ToN

— Pauline Murphy (@RealPMurphy) 7 July 2016

There are ppl in Brazil who can die happy now…. #GERFRA

— Hos Movahedi (@hosmovi) 7 July 2016

Foch. #GERFRA pic.twitter.com/iWiBFzdhZp

— Aga (@_Agatha_AB_) 7 July 2016

Lots of teams copying #Iceland post-match Clapper-Haka celebration.
Not many copying England's?! @BBCMOTD #GERFRA pic.twitter.com/SJt8T81H6a

— Kevin Stokes (@Kevin5LiveChamp) 7 July 2016

AND the match! #GERFRA pic.twitter.com/7U8foPs9eW

— Alice. (@probably_Alice) 7 July 2016

This is by far my favourite one yet 😂 #GERFRA pic.twitter.com/qVtPluMkV4

— noora (@iambintmohamed) 7 July 2016

#GERFRA French Man of the Match pic.twitter.com/D1y0O1fmsh

— Matt (@Rogue_Five) 7 July 2016

When you at McDonald's/ KFC play area and your parents say let's go #GERFRA #FRA pic.twitter.com/6HjjRPngmg

— Braamlord (@braamlord) 7 July 2016

Not the first time Germany have travelled to France to conquer Europe and failed. #GERFRA

— Prince Charles (@Charles_HRH) 7 July 2016

"Don't cry, dear Angela…" #GERFRA pic.twitter.com/0e6vpD5aJv

— Alex de La Fontaine (@aldelafontaine) 7 July 2016

The France NT didn't even thank the referee for helping them throughout the whole #GERFRA game. How rude.

— despoina (@neuerisch) 7 July 2016